Amazfit Stratos watch

Xiaomi’s Amazfit Stratos watch used for 2 months review

General comment: I feel that the appearance is very similar to Garmin’s 935, but I have not played 935 and I don’t know. Stratos is bigger and thicker than Garmin’s new 645 and 735XT. The overall feeling is to copy Garmin, but it is a lot easier to use.

Amazfit Stratos watch

Battery: Sprint all running watch with music function in the world; I ran a horse and a horse for 1 hour and 53 minutes at the longest time. Bluetooth music + heart rate + GPS used 30% of electricity, which is better than Garmin’s new 645 music. Less (645music half horses basically require 50% electricity, 233max has been refunded). Not to mention that compared to fruit, Samsung, LG, and other smart watches, these smart watches can not keep up with music + GPS + heart rate basically 15k.
I basically charge it once a week: I listen to music for about 35 kilometers, run, commute to work from week 2 to week 5, and fly automatically in normal time.

Amazfit Stratos watch

Music: The US version of music transmission has basically remained at the iPod level of 2006, and even worse, I upload a symphony and need to rename the file in order to play in the order of the movement
…… It’s impossible to automatically synchronize the playlist with Google play or iTunes

Sports: Running and swimming are good. But the biggest problem is that the heart rate statistics are inexplicable. They are both photoelectric, but the algorithm should not be as accurate as Garmin, but they support heart rate bands.
In addition, I once reset the distance when I met 19 kilometers (a 1.32 kilometers run in the picture below). I found that many people have encountered 233 on the Xiaomi Forum; when I swim, the lap count of the short pool sometimes does not quasi-

Amazfit Stratos watch
Amazfit Stratos watch

APP: There is no comprehensive function of Garmin connect, and there is no computer interface, but the better is that many settings of the watch are done in the app, which is much stronger than Garmin; you can customize interval running, training, etc .;
However, the US version can only be synchronized to Strava. It cannot be synchronized to the sports statistics of Fruit and Google.


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