Porsche 992

Porsche 992 test drive experience

Fortunately, I met my friend’s face last weekend and participated in the 992 test drive experience event held at the Porsche Experience Center in Shanghai. It is indeed the world’s number one bicycle profit brand father’s event.

Porsche 992
Porsche 992

The welcome dinner is skipped. Jiading Hyatt Regency should be a five-star high enough standard that can be found near the experience center. HW father also sponsored a Mate30 RS as a prize.

The brand test drive experience activities that the landlord has participated in are not many. They are limited to the BMW M Carnival and the AMG Driving Academy. They are basically half-day activities and various projects cannot be experienced in depth. Although this Porsche test drive event has a long history, 8:30 to 5 pm, but the time schedule is quite compact, the ratio of people to vehicles is sufficient (two for one car), the set items are very rich, and the coach gives enough space for individuals to play based on observations, and the day’s activities are over After that, it was still full of fun and quite enjoyable. The name of the Test Drive Plus event deserved it.

Porsche 992

The test drive experience was grouped. The first was the off-road experience of the Cayenne and the Cayenne Coupe. The first one was an appetizer. The size of the cross axis set in the experience center is also no pressure on the Cayenne that focuses on highway performance. (I remember correctly) The ups and downs were a little panicky when they started to operate, but in the end, they were in shock.

The highlights of the 992 test drive are S and 4S. The powertrain H6 3.0T / 450PS / 530nm is equipped with Sport Chrono. Individual models are equipped with rear wheel steering. The following five items are arranged for experience:

  1. Understeer and oversteer on slippery roads. The circle-shaped venue in the experience center is equipped with water spraying facilities to simulate low-grip road conditions. According to the instructor ’s instructions, the body ’s dynamic response under different throttle openings is finally stabilized when the Porsche is closed. After trying to bleach the circle after managing the system PSM and turning on the manual mode, the horizontal slag can only float a maximum of 1/4 circle.
  2. The second should be a link that is not experienced in other manufacturers’ activities. It simulates how to save the car and avoid obstacles when the rear wheel suddenly goes out of control on ice and snow. It is understood that only the Shanghai Porsche Experience Center has a set of such simulation facilities in Asia. When the vehicle passes through the facility at a fixed speed, there will be a set of sliding plate-like devices that randomly interfere with the left or right of the rear axle of the vehicle to cause the vehicle to oversteer. At the same time, water jets from the left and right will simulate obstacles. In the direction of passing the obstacles in front, the coach will instruct to experience at 40/55/55 KPH. At the end, I also experienced the powerlessness of the rescue car after the body suddenly lost control after turning off the PSM. There was no extreme reaction and the experience was really difficult.
  3. In the track section, the experience center arranged a small track measuring more than 1 km in a limited field area. Although it is short, the high-speed straight and various curve combinations are quite fun. The car that the landlord has experienced is limited. The understanding of the 911 was limited to various evaluations and the 991.1 GT3 RS that had only been played for half a day. After the 992 lap of the track, the M4 … was left behind. Real experience To the difference between the high performance models derived from the FR sedan platform and the exclusive sports car platform RR, precise and delicate steering, PDCC brings just the right dynamic support, shifts the center of gravity before the turn, and feels more confident to push the limit. Bit to understand.
  4. The starting control, if you remember correctly, M and AMG’s activity coaches will not let it go. After evaluating the personal driving experience, the Porsche coach stated that he wanted to try a few times and tried a few times. 3.5 seconds, emergency avoidance is a piece of cake with confidence.
  5. It should be the side that best reflects the 911 driver friendly. The degree of getting started is very simple. With the support of various auxiliary systems, it can easily run a good lap speed.

As mentioned before, the whole day of the test drive is still overwhelming, and the experience of Porsche Dad’s blood cost has also made me firm to take 992 as the next goal after M. Well, now I’m running a lottery …

Porsche 992


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