What to do if I can’t buy NS fitness ring? Third-party iine fitness ring review

For well-known reasons, people will spend more time at home in early 2020, unable to go out, unable to exercise, and feeling upset. Of course, the brothers who play the game will think of the somatosensory game for the first time. Now the hottest thing is the fitness ring adventure by Nintendo. I went to Taobao to take a look. The genuine fitness ring adventure started from a few hundred dollars, and now it has gone up to 1,000, so let’s see if there are any alternatives, because I bought a iine NS charger , I feel the quality is good, so I saw a iine and also bought a fitness ring, the price is $39.

(Sorry, because the box was thrown on the day I started, so I borrowed two pictures with boxes on the Internet)

Because I have never used the original fitness ring, but this ring feels good in the first hand.

Let me talk about the advantages:

First of all, after taking it out of the package, there is no strong plastic smell like some third-party products. The ring of iine no odor. It is still good from an environmental protection point of view.

Secondly, the fitness ring feels very smooth to the touch, has a texture that touches the skin, and the workmanship is good overall, the metal card slot is very fine, the metal slide rail is very smooth after inserting joycon, and it is installed with a click.

Third, the joycon is tightly attached to the leg strap, of course, a cloth bag, and it does not hurt the handle.

Finally, after entering the game, the operation feels very smooth, there is basically no delay, and the accuracy of hitting the enemy with an air cannon is OK.

After talking about the advantages, let’s talk about the disadvantages.

The first is which two plastic handles on the ring are of poor quality. I have played it about 5 times, and the advantages are not sticky, and it is easy to open the line. I hope the manufacturer can revise it in future versions.

The second is the leg strap. I have never used the genuine version, but this net bag feels the size advantage. It is very narrow. I have to insert joycon into it. It feels like I have to break this net bag. If your joycon usually has a silicone protective cover, then it basically cannot be put in and must be removed.

Because I have never used a genuine Nintendo fitness ring, but as for the iine of this product, there is no problem when playing games. It can perfectly support the fitness ring game. In the game, there is no problem whether you choose to press, push, lift, or lower.

It is also very convenient to connect the NS system, connect joycon to the leg band, and then follow the game prompts. The fitness ring will be automatically recognized without compatibility problems. As for whether the ring is durable, I started it for one month and it takes a long time to test it.

In general, this fitness ring can be a perfect replacement for the original ring, especially when the original ring price is so high in the market.


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