RK 987 mechanical keyboard review


What I want to introduce this time is a cheap mechanical keyboard RK987. Last month, the author’s studio was equipped with a new computer. When I chose a keyboard for the host, I chose this wired / bluetooth dual-mode connection, the keys are LED backlight, and the mechanical keyboard is only priced at $25. The purpose is to verify that this “bargain”, which is far below the average price, is good to use.

On Amazon website, rk987 keyboard, multi-clock layout, and black and white color options for matching. The author chose the 87-key white model. At the same time, the merchant comes with colorful ctrl, alt, and space keys to meet the needs of personalized replacement. The author simply replaced the ESC key as an embellishment.

When you first get it, you will find the font on the RK987 keys a bit awkward. At first, the author believed that the manufacturer pursued artistic effects, but later learned that after learning, the reason for using this typeface with openings was to make the buttons transparent. As for whether it is beautiful, it is a matter of opinion. The author said that after using it for 1 month, I also slowly got used to it

The keycap part, according to the publicity knowledge on the Internet, will say that the PBT material is more wear-resistant and is a symbol of high-end keyboards. This cheap keyboard is also equipped with PBT keycaps, and for LED light transmission, the font of the keycap is not simply printed, but a layer of transparent plastic inside, plus PBT white plastic on the outside, inlaid.

On the back of the keyboard, there are a pair of retractable support feet. The feet are also equipped with soft silicone material, which feels good to the touch and does not have the slightest sense of cheapness.

As mentioned earlier, I bought the RK987 version of Bluetooth / wired dual-mode, and the keyboard cable interface is the latest USB type c. This is very positive. I found that many keyboards on the market are several times more expensive and still only equipped with the old-fashioned mini USB interface. In contrast, this cheap keyboard adds a little more favorability to the interface. The keyboard comes with a 1.2-meter usb-type-c cable. The wire is of uniform thickness and feels good.

For the Bluetooth part, I read the manual carefully and found that this keyboard supports connection to 3 different Bluetooth hosts. So I paired this keyboard with a macbook, an ipad, and an iphone Bluetooth at the same time. In actual use, this keyboard is completely competent as Apple’s three-piece wireless keyboard. Switching between devices is smooth, and Bluetooth lag is not felt when typing. It works the same as wired mode. Continue to praise extra points

Another highlight of this keyboard is the white LED backlight. At the same time, in addition to the normal constant light and constant light, the backlight can also have a variety of effects, some of which are not very clean, cut, and blow. For example, when a key is pressed, the light on the key will turn off, and the light will turn off after the key is raised Xu Xu lit up, isn’t it very exciting? I like it very much, the backlight effect still points.

When I wrote this, I thought about talking about the shaft of this keyboard. This keyboard uses the “Chinese-made green axis”, I don’t know which brand is made in China, but from the actual use feel, in typing, the stroke of the descending stroke is obvious, and the feel is very good, which is in line with all the green axis machinery. The keyboard is as expected. In addition, this keyboard is very heavy with a hand held in it, and it must have a steel plate built in. This excellent feel should also be attributed to the steel plate.

Normal use for more than 1 month, the rebound of the keys has not significantly decreased. I am not a serious mechanical keyboard enthusiast, I don’t realize the slight difference between domestic shafts and German shafts. However, on Taobao’s website, the manufacturer also provides a version of the original German shaft, which costs about $15 higher than the author’s.

So far, I have talked about the advantages of this keyboard. If we must say the disadvantages, I think that the typing noise of the green axis mechanical keyboard is still too loud. Only suitable for use in the studio alone. It is not suitable for use in student dormitories or multi-person office space.

By the way, the battery time under Bluetooth + LED status. I use Bluetooth mode, with the backlight turned on, and use it for 2 hours a day, so I can easily charge it for 1 week. Of course, the author is not a literal worker who writes 4D characters every day. The specific battery time is also related to usage habits. But the battery life of at least 2×7 = 14 hours, I am satisfied, continue to praise extra points.

The trend of mechanical keyboards should be said to have been popular for several years. As a text worker who came over from the 1980s, the author has always been less cold about mechanical keyboards. The reason is very simple. Old-fashioned computers are all mechanical keyboards. When mechanical keyboards were gradually phased out, no one saw it.

Another point is that some mechanical keyboard brands respected on the Internet, ranging from as little as 5,600 pieces to as many as $150, are more expensive than cpu peripherals, I think it is an insult to the entire computer industry.
Tucao finished

Excellent typing feel, backlit keys, dual wired / bluetooth mode, and a price of less than $29. Recommended for everyone who wants to experience the special feel of a mechanical keyboard without wanting to waste too much money.


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