Logitech G new G933s Wireless Headphones unboxing can connect to host devices such as PC, NS

Logitech G ’s new Wireless Headphones G933s is a new headset enhanced based on the model G933. Its technology is upgraded to DTS Headphone X v2.0, which can analogize sound in 7 directions and 1 bass, bringing players 7.1 The sound effects can be identified by the sound channel, and it is also equipped with LIGHTSYNC RGB. Players can customize the lighting effects according to various games and synchronize the lights with other Logitech gaming peripherals.

 The product box is mainly black and blue
Headphone body
After pulling up the middle compartment, the headphones can be taken out. The instructions and two external wires are placed in the compartment.

When I saw the headset body, I felt that it was lighter than expected. The large part of the earmuffs could completely cover the ears and not be too heavy to wear. The headset is equipped with a foldable microphone, which can be conveniently stored if you want to carry it out. In addition, the microphone lever can be flipped and muted, and has an LED indicator to understand its use status.

Headphone front
Storage microphone, and the microphone can be pulled out
Above the headset is a G LOGO representing Logitech G
Back of headphone
There are several function keys above the left ear cup, including switches, mute keys, volume adjustment keys, etc.

This product also has an external 3.5mm audio cable and USB charging cable. Through the 3.5mm audio cable, players can connect to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or mobile devices. After each charge, the backlight can be used for up to 12 hours of use with a 2.4 GHz connection (the 12-hour battery life is calculated without using LED lights and the headset microphone volume is set to 50%), and After connecting the USB charging cable, you can use the headset while charging. In addition, the USB receiver that connects the headset wirelessly to the computer is hidden behind the left ear cup, and the new product can see a blue label indication. After opening, you can see the USB, just plug it into the computer.

3.5mm audio cable
USB charging cable
USB receiver storage

The light-emitting design is on the back of the headset. When the power is turned on, you can see a variety of lighting effects. After that, players can also set it according to various games.

When shutting down


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