Create a high-value snow and ice gaming PC

The love of beauty is human nature. Although it is superficial to say, no one in the world does not love beauty, but everyone has a different understanding and idea of ​​beauty. Just like the editor, I usually wear the same thing as unemployment. I have no taste, but I have my own insistence on computer hardware. I have my own beauty, not just a casual person.
Recently, everyone has been broken at home, and today I will assemble a PC host to solve the boredom for everyone. Now coincides with the end of winter and early spring, let’s come up with a silver-white theme high-value gaming PC, and then talk about the hardware configuration by the way, not much nonsense, go straight to work.

The picture below is the accessories we will use today:

CPU:Intel Core i7 9700k
Radiator:ENERMAX Symphony Crystal 240mm
Motherboard: ASRock Asrock Z390 STEEL LEGEND
Memory: G.Skill Teident Z neo 8G x 2 3600Mhz
Graphics:Gigabyte RTX 2070 Gaming OC white 8GB
Computer Case: Lianli LANCOOL II
Power supply:ENERMAX REVOBRON 750W

The price of this assembly is about 10000-12000, which is basically also a mid-to-high-end gaming PC. It can meet the level of smooth operation of all 3A masterpieces under 1080P, and meet the hardware requirements of most 2K games. The most important CPU and graphics card this time is the classic combination of Intel + Nvidia. Now let ’s introduce the same.


When it comes to the silver and white theme, the most important thing is the color of the accessories. The first one is the chassis. The Lianli LANCOOL II white model I chose here;


The next part is the CPU. I7 9700K with 8 cores and 8 threads is used. The frequency of 3.6GHz can be up to 4.9GHz. 9700K is still a very good CPU for gaming at present. The 8 core can guarantee Have enough multi-core performance, and the advantage of Intel’s high frequency can also be reflected on the 9700K. It is really easy to get the 9700K to full core to 5GHz, and the price is not as expensive as before. In terms of average performance, Intel’s performance is still slightly better than AMD’s. AMD also has 3700X to choose from, which is cheaper and more cost-effective. It also has more advantages in multi-core performance than Intel’s, so this depends on personal Need to choose. I choose intel for pure gaming, anyway, I am more inclined to intel.


Next, the radiator part, since it is necessary to suppress the overclocked 9700K, it must be water-cooled. Here, the integrated water cooling of Animei Symphony Crystal Butterfly 240 is selected, which is enough to overclock the 9700K. Select it The reason is also very simple, because there is a pure white cold row, it is really beautiful. Then it also has a silver logo on the side, which fits our white theme.

Then its water-cooled head looks simple, it is a piece of black paint, but after the power is turned on, the atmosphere of that lighting effect comes out immediately, there is a kind of iridescent gradient special effect, which is undoubtedly the first choice for tricks.

Then its fan is also very special. In addition to a circle of RGB lights on the outer frame, there is a vortex fan frame on the other side to make the overall airflow more concentrated, and then the holes in the outer circle are for another RGB light. Effectiveness comes through. The original factory called this a diamond light effect, and Animei’s umbrella design is still very special.


Next is the matching motherboard. I use ASRock’s Z390 Steel Legend. The silver and white tone of this board is very suitable for our theme. I hope that silver and white heat sink design. The whole board has The style of silver and white camouflage is believed to match the overall color this time.

The reason for using the Z390 board is very simple, because this time it is an unlocked 9700K, so you can use the Z390 to overclock, and you will also use an overclocked memory module. Although this Steel Legend is relatively entry-level in the Z390 series, the materials are still of a certain level. It uses 8-phase digital power supply, which requires 9700K and a small supercharger is enough. And its heat sink is very large, which can provide good heat dissipation for Mosfet, and the workmanship is also very texture.

The memory supports a maximum of 128GB, two M.2 slots that support PCIe x 4 high-speed SSDs, and one M.2 slot that supports WIFI. Friends who need it can install a wireless network card. Two PCIe x16 and three PCIe x1 slots.

In the output port part of the backplane, a total of six USB interfaces are provided, one of which is type-c, and one HDMI and one DP interface. The overall scalability is basically sufficient.

“Graphics card”

The next part is the graphics card. This time I used Gigabyte’s RTX 2070 GAMING WHITE OC 8G. Needless to say, everyone knows that you need to choose it for Shenma by looking at the appearance. This card really feels white and beautiful. The front is the entire white radiator, with a bit of silver embellishment on the edges. Coupled with the sharp design of the radiator itself, it is a perfect combination of snow white and gaming.

The backboard is made of pure white metal to strengthen the backboard. If it is white, it will definitely fall in love with the appearance of this card.

In the side part, there is also a silver and white color shape, and there are GIGABYTE’s LOGO lights. The power supply part requires 6 + 8pin, and the output has 1 HDMI, 3 DP, and 1 TYPE-C interface.

3 fans with 4 heat pipes, I believe the cooling performance will be good. In terms of the performance of RTX 2070, it is no problem to play most games smoothly at 2K resolution, and the price of 2070 has recently fallen to a suitable point, and even Some are cheaper than the 2060s. If your budget is near this price, then the 2070 will be a good choice.


Then come to the memory. This part uses Zhiqi’s Firelight Halberd 8G x2 group dual channel, and the frequency is 3600MHz CL16. Although the color of Firelight Halberd is a little different from silver and white, but it looks at its beautiful heat sink and light effect. The other tops are also silver-white matte, which also matches our theme. That 16GB of memory is enough for playing games. Although the current price of memory has slightly increased, it is still within the range that can be started. If the budget is sufficient, you can directly add 32GB in one step, and save it for future expansion. Then 3200MHz is a more cost-effective specification at present. If there is no special overclocking requirement, then the price-performance ratio of 3200MHz is very high.

“hard disk”

The next part is the hard disk. Here, the WD SN750 1TB is used, and the read and write can reach 3470MB / s and 3000MB / s. Now that the PC has reached this price, the SSD also needs high specifications to match the overall performance. This SN750 uses the main control developed by Sandisk acquired by WD, supports the NvME 1.3 protocol, and has a 1GB Hynix DDR4 cache to provide stable read and write performance.

It is a pity that this time, because the motherboard comes with an SSD heat sink, the original heat sink is useless this time.

“Power supply”

The last part is the power supply. This time, I used the REVOBRON 700W bronze power supply TUF co-branded model. The 700 watt power supply is suitable for pushing 9700K + 2070. Everyone must be wondering why you should choose this power supply. The reason is actually very simple, because I did not find a power supply that meets the requirements…. And the power supply is hidden in the case anyway, so we just show it a little bit.

“DIY process”


The white theme is really beautiful this time, it should be one of the most beautiful PCs I have assembled, and white has the advantage that it will reflect visible light of all wavelengths, which means what color you take, what color it is .

If you look at the back panel of the graphics card, you know that the color is completely synchronized with the lighting effect. Compared to black, I think white is more suitable for RGB.

Then the front panel light effect of this Lianli chassis is also very special. Its principle is to use the RGB light bar in the panel to hit the light on the internal dust cover, so that the light can be diffused from the mesh. The design is very clever.

“Performance Testing”

Next test the performance of this computer. The CPU has been overclocked to 5GHz, the voltage is 1.28v, and the memory is also XMP turned on.

The first is the temperature test, using AIDA64 and Furmark to bake the CPU and graphics card. After a period of time, the CPU rose to 77 degrees and the graphics card was 71 degrees. The overall system temperature performed well, but I noticed that the CPU did not run on all cores. On 5GHz, there are regular frequency reductions, so the CPU temperature is not very accurate. Then I checked it online. The main reason is that this motherboard has a self-protection function. After all, it is a mid-grade motherboard. It uses an 8-core motherboard. i7 does this kind of high load AVX pressure test, the burden on the system power supply will be great for a long time, so the protection mechanism will be used to avoid the motherboard power module overload.

However, later in testing daily use and games, because the CPU load will not be as heavy as the test, so it is basically maintained at 5GHz, and there will be no frequency reduction. That temperature part is also ok. During the game, the CPU and GPU did not exceed 70 degrees, so using this 240 cold row is sufficient.

“Game Test”

First test with “Witcher 3”. At 2K resolution, the special effects are fully turned on. The overall frame number is about 80 frames, which is very smooth. The CPU usage is not high and there is no frequency reduction. The graphics card is completely full.

Next is “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, with the same 2k resolution and full effects, the frame rate is above 50 frames, although it is less than 60 frames, but it is smooth. The CPU is not underclocked.

Finally, the hardware killer “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, with special effects turned on at 2k resolution, and ray tracing turned on. This game has a very beautiful picture after turning on ray tracing. But also eats hardware,The entire game basically ran at 70-80 frames and the CPU did not reduce the frequency, but the graphics card’s video memory was basically used up, and I looked at other reviews. This game can be used with 4K graphics fully open. It is really expensive to lose more than 10G of video memory. It seems that only the 2080Ti alive Radeon Vii need not worry about insufficient video memory. But our 9700 + 2070 runs at 2k quality. For games that are not so demanding, it is not a big problem to reach 4K.


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