Hisense A5 ink screen phone experience

In November last year, the Hisense A5 reading phone recommended by many people in the quagmire was out of stock. I found an item when I went to JD.com for an accidental opportunity a year ago and immediately placed an order. It has been used for more than a month now. Let me tell you about the experience.

Shape Design (6):

To tell the truth, this shape is really average. Let’s talk about the front panel. As an ink-screen mobile phone whose main function is to read books, I personally feel that no front camera is needed (the rear scan code is used), unless you use it as the main machine. Therefore, subsequent models can consider removing the front camera to further increase the screen ratio. Besides the rear panel, this one surprises me. Although it is plastic, it uses skin-friendly materials, which feels very smooth to the touch, and it feels more and more difficult to touch. As an officially announced HIFI mobile phone, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack to be praised, but the charging port is micro-usb, which is a bit … Isn’t Lei Jun said that it costs more than a dozen dollars to change the C port, this money should not be Save it.

Workmanship (8):

Many people on the Internet can’t work, and some even say that the volume button is broken when I buy it, but I think the workmanship is still very good. At least the buttons I use are still good. This phone comes with a matte film out of the factory, it feels good to use, and it is not intended to tear. It’s a bit fascinating that the A5’s 3.5mm headphone jack and charging port are not designed in the middle of the bottom of the phone, a little back shell, which makes people feel a bit puzzled, and also makes this work a bit fake.

Reading experience (8):

Let’s talk about the main function of this mobile phone-reading. I installed three reading apps: Kindle, WeChat reading and palm reading. It feels good to use it. The screen refresh of this phone has two modes: clear mode and smooth mode. 2 frames in clear mode and 7 frames in smooth mode. It is recommended to use smooth mode, the page turning is smoother, and it is clear enough. The app can be set to turn pages with the volume key, which is more convenient than sliding by hand. Usually, there are some afterimages on the screen when you turn the page more. This system update adds a function. Double-clicking the Mozhi button on the left side of the screen can eliminate the afterimages, which is very convenient. Compared to reading devices such as kindle, this phone is small and portable enough, and because it is an Android system, it is very scalable. The point of Bai Yu’s slight flaw is that when you read it carefully, you will find that the font is slightly illegible, there is no kindle clarity, and it is not known whether it is an issue of the app or the machine itself.

Other (2):

In addition to reading, I also tried other apps. The glory of the king is not very stuck, but because of the ink screen, I can’t tell the enemy at all. The video screen software is installed at station B, but because of the refresh rate, watching the video screen is almost blind. WeChat QQ can be used normally, which is good. In addition, this phone’s 4000mAh battery also supports reverse charging, but the problem is that it is not a C port, which has a hair use, and you have to buy a cable. So, apart from reading and social apps, other functions are basically not very useful.


This is a mobile phone not to be missed by reading enthusiasts, it is very good as a slave. But if you already have kindle and you don’t care about portability, you don’t necessarily buy it. This phone is a good attempt at Hisense, and I hope to do better.


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