IOS indie games worth playing in the past year

Looking back at the mobile games launched last year, it can be seen that many major manufacturers continue to push their IPs on mobile platforms by means of migration, licensing or cooperation. In addition to the big manufacturers, many independent games have also emerged. Together with Apple Arcade, an in-app purchase and free-to-play subscription service launched by Apple in September this year, it can be said that the number of games launched on the iOS platform this year is so big Year. Where do you start with so many games? Let’s start with the 2019 must-play mobile games compiled by Xiaobian.

「Dead Cells」

With 95% praise on Steam and sales of more than 2 million units of the hard-core action game “Dead Cells”, it is definitely a high-quality game that successfully transplanted mobile phones.

Not only simplify the operation of mobile phones, but also add the option of automatic attack and dying drinking water, so that players can smoothly experience the thrilling death reincarnation adventure when operating with a mobile device. Each MOVE of the role is completed in a continuous stream.

And just like the central theme of the game-“Death is just the beginning”, each time in a new round of adventure, in addition to learning lessons, players can also get equipment and moves, and freely play their own genre. The rich game content and smooth operation experience are definitely one of the top ten must-play this year.

「SKY:Light Awaits」

Launched the artistic “Journey Launch”, and the producer of the amazing game circle “Chen Xinghan” brought us the latest work this year: the beautiful and romantic social adventure game “Sky:Light Awaits”. The game creates one dreamlike scene after another, drawing players into a beautiful world, soaring freely, walking with the clouds and resonating with love.

The game removes the gap between text and language, so that players can make many friends who can communicate with each other through the action expressions of the characters, and work together to adventure in the vast kingdom. The social game created with a new gameplay method successfully allows players to regain the warmth of interaction between people. It has also won the best game of the year in the AppStore and the recognition of the best game of the year in the iPhone. Deserved.

“Hyper Light Drifter”

If you are an action-adventure player, you must not miss this indie game that has been nominated for numerous awards: “Hyper Light Drifter.”

The game is designed with many small and compact battle scenes. Players will be locked in a place like a Colosseum, fighting a bunch of monsters, and freely wielding their blades and guns. Match it with a sprint to ensure that the enemy advances and retreats, enjoying the pleasure of starting and falling like a knight. In the map exploration design, the placement of hidden elements and the planning of the route, and the delicate pixel drawings make the adventure on the way.

The simple and smooth action design and delicate scenes have successfully combined the two elements of exploration and battle, which is definitely a must-play work.

“Sayonara Wild Hearts”

“Sayonara Wild Hearts”, which won the best game of Apple Arcade this year, is a fantasy and intense rhythm music game. With smooth transitions and changes in the rhythm of the music, it can be said to be slender. The two are intertwined, making the process of dreaming like a dream.

In terms of operation design, various arcade games are played. But when the music sounds, the player’s fingers can naturally keep up with the rhythm, relax the brain, and dance with the level. There are almost no thresholds for learning, which is quite pleasing.

Impressive scene changes, strong and distinctive rhythms, and intuitive operation design create a new rhythmic action game experience. Players are highly recommended!


In recent years, there have been more and more works that incorporate real-life shooting into game content, and this narrative real-life survey game “Telling Lies” that incorporates the elements of mystery has created a new way of playing for this type of game. Players need to use special keywords to search the computer’s video data and investigate the stories between the four main characters.

There are live-action performances of up to five hours throughout the game, and they are also creative in plotting. Each video leaves a little clue, clever guide players to find the next keyword. The special puzzle-solving gameplay and well-designed dialogue show the unique reasoning gameplay. It can be said to be a very successful story game that incorporates live-action shooting.


To say that this year’s lowest-key and most plain-bodied good work is this “Into the Depths” developed by CAPCOM.

The game creates a rich and vivid underwater world with high-quality “underwater” sound effects. As the character dives deeper into the ocean, players will gradually reveal the secrets of the “sea”. In addition to driving a submarine to explore the sea floor, you must also use the ore of the underwater world to upgrade your equipment and weapons to cope with different terrains and unknown creatures.

The exquisite and dreamy scene designed in the game contrasts with the loneliness of deep sea exploration, successfully creating the human unknown and awe of the “sea.” Definitely one of the games you can’t miss this year.


The debut work “GRIS” brought by the Spanish independent game team won the GDCA Best Visual Arts Award this year, and the TGA’s most impactful game awards.

Players will follow the girl and walk through the beauty and sorrow of a period of life together. Excluding textual narratives, the game simply expresses the change of the girl’s state of mind with pictures and music. From simple black and white lines to colorful rendering scenes; from clean and monotonous piano sounds to majestic melody, and at the same time in the horizontal horizontal scrolling gameplay, incorporate some ingenious puzzle elements, from time to time Surprise players.

Elegant and refined game design, with artistic visual and auditory feasts, is definitely one of the games not to be missed this year.

“Various Daylife”

When Apple Arcade’s service was just launched this year, “Various Daylife” is the most eye-catching new JRPG brought by the “Octopath Traveler” development team. The game adopts the upright gameplay that is most suitable for mobile phones, but the screen is divided up and down, which is very retro.

Players will come to the new continent to play the pioneer, and follow their partners to explore all corners of the continent. In combat, the turn-based system is simple and easy to use, with the strategic “three CHAs”.

Diverse career development, meticulous picture presentation, and original combat system, “Various Daylife” with comprehensive elements are definitely worth playing.

“GWENT: The Witcher Card Game”

Popular all over the world, making the hunter so busy that he forgot to find his daughter’s card game. “Quent” is also coming to the mobile platform this year. Different from the fierce collision of ordinary card games, “Quent card” emphasizes the sum of combat power. Players must use all their powers to master each card in their hands, and find a way to bring down their opponents to win in a match with three wins and two wins. In addition to counting the cards, up to 36 different commander skills are designed to make the game unpredictable and elusive.

The novel gameplay, multiple genre choices, and exquisite card design make the charm of “Quente” successfully reproduced on mobile phones. Of course it is one of the must-play mobile games this year.

“NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED”

It received overwhelming praise on Steam and even received the favor of Nintendo. In cooperation with “The Legend of Zelda”, it launched the “Crypt of The NecroDancer” of “Cadence of Hyrule”. This year, it also released the “NecroDancer on the mobile phone, which added the prequel DLC: AMPLIFIED “. The gameplay is the same as before, but this time it contains the full content of this biography and additional DLC. Let players have all 14 characters and levels unlocked at once.

The game contains original and dynamic dance music, allowing players to move with the rhythm in a variety of randomly generated dungeon, and the monsters come to a wonderful match. Creative rhythmic battles, multiple dynamic listening BGMs, plus all DLC character levels packed away at once, so rich content, how can you miss it?

Because of the launch of Apple Arcade, there are many excellent games this year, which are exclusively launched on the iOS platform. If you are an Android system player, don’t be sad, Xiao Bian also compiled a completely different Android must play games. Remember not to miss it!


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