Is mobile gaming a retrogressive tumor of the gaming industry?

Since the rapid development of the mobile game industry, it has now become a trend in the game industry. However, this trend has also brought dissatisfaction among some computer and console players. They despise the existence of mobile games, look down on mobile gamers, and even think that this is an industry chain that makes the game industry retrogress. I really don’t like this kind of discrimination between players, after all, playing games is for fun. But what are the reasons for this phenomenon? Let’s check it out today!

Mobile phones, like computers or consoles, are just one of the carriers of games. But the problem with mobile games is not the carrier, but the content. The content of most mobile games is indeed not good. The reason why mobile phones have been criticized is that there are a lot of inferior works in them. They are low cost and low quality. Although many well-made mobile games have appeared in recent years, these good works are often overwhelmed by more vulgar and crude works.

The performance of the mobile phone at this stage can’t be compared with the host computer and the computer, but the performance of the mobile phone is not bad. However, in order to cater to the majority of players using cheap mobile phones, mobile games have many restrictions on development, so mobile games have to reduce the quality of game graphics, reduce content, and simplify operations, resulting in reduced gameplay and relatively simple mobile games.

Another problem is that many mobile games have a very large proportion of the elements of spending money. The more serious ones are MMORPGs such as Paradise M, or some so-called “Gachat Card Game”. Players can use the Gacha system in the game to draw rare characters, but of course they can also use real money. For example, games such as “Fate Grand Order”, “Monster Pinball”, and “Tribal Clash: Royal War”, which are currently at the top of the global mobile game revenue rankings, are full of cards and gold. Although you don’t necessarily need to spend money to play, the key to this kind of gold is the “Pay To Win” that foreign players often talk about, that is, paying money to make you win.

Paradise M card extraction system

In fact, most players in Asia can accept this Pay To Win element. But in Europe and America, in fact, many players are very disgusted with this Pay To Win game. And many European and American players are also players of competitive games and console games. These games are pre-paid entry purchase games to enjoy the complete content, which is very different from the mobile game charging model.

Take the speed field or Paradise M as an example. These mobile games are marketing strategies for online games: games are free to get you started, and then use the players’ vanity and vanity to let them use the gold system in the game. You can play without money, but spending money can give you more in-game advantages than free players, and you can show off with friends. The elements of this Pay To Win have just caught the appetite of most people. Mobile game players can spend thousands of dollars for a game character. The development cost of mobile games is relatively low, so mobile game manufacturers can get rich overnight. As a result, many mobile game companies are making games with a mentality of taking care of themselves, which is also contrary to the philosophy of many computer and console players on the game.

Super P2W Game “Watching Dawn”

And the low cost of mobile game development, but the exceptionally large revenue situation has also changed the landscape of the game industry. Many established game companies have chosen to shift the company’s main marketing direction to the mobile game market, which has also led them to reduce their computer or console game development budgets. For example, the Japanese manufacturer Square Enix who created the Final Fantasy series, or Konami, the manufacturer of Metal Gear Solid, has chosen to focus on mobile games this year. One thing to talk about here is that this company, Blizzard Entertainment, was also an indicator of quality in the minds of many computer players, but an event occurred at the 2018 BlizzCon Carnival: an sequel to the release of Diablo was created After the atmosphere, the person in charge announced in front of all computer players in the audience that they would release a Diablo mobile game. This also directly shocked all the players in the audience, booing constantly. The person in charge even asked the players below the stage: “Do n’t you have a cell phone? … Yeah, you all have cell phones!” In fact, this incident itself is a public relations disaster. How can you be a computer player? At the celebration, a mobile game developed by someone else will be announced as the finale? And also selected NetEase, which is not very good in player reviews. This public relations disaster also caused Blizzard’s stock price to plummet after the press conference. Players believe that Blizzard has abandoned its belief in developing quality games and has become a game company just for money.

Diablo launch event that caused Blizzard’s stock price to plummet

At this stage, mobile games are indeed not mature enough. Although there are many fun game games, there are no mobile games that can compete with computers and console games in the true sense, so some computer and console players naturally do not see these mobile games. Close eyes. But these mobile games have disguised the game market of computers and consoles, and also affected these players. The mobile game has also become a cash cow for game manufacturers, and the concept of the ninth art is also difficult to discover on mobile games.

In addition to gold and skilful games, this year’s mobile games also began to release many competitive games, such as the Moba mobile game such as King of Glory and Legend Duel, or PUBG mobile, and the upcoming Call of Duty Tour version. However, this kind of competitive games transferred to the mobile platform will over-simplify the operation, on the one hand to meet the hardware form of the mobile phone, on the other hand, to take care of some mobile phone players with poor operation. Although such a simplified operation mode has increased the audience of the game, the console and computer players have also abandoned this oversimplified competitive mobile game. In order to promote the game, these mobile game manufacturers have also launched professional e-sports leagues. Regarding the live pictures of players on the field using mobile phones as carriers, many people laughed that they were cleaning the glass during the game. But in fact, I think this is a preconceived idea. For example, every year the Pokémon Games world championships are operated using handhelds (because Pokémon is only released on handhelds), this is actually just a kind of Difference in personal opinion. But for some computer and console players, because of the high difficulty of operation of competitive games, their e-sports events are interesting. For gaming players on the computer or console, mobile gaming is like the gap between Gomoku and Go.

These competitive mobile games mentioned above are officially authorized, but more mobile games are copied from computers and console games. And this is another problem of mobile games: it is full of plagiarism. To compare, in fact, there is a very suitable example in reality: computer and console games are like boutiques and famous brands in clothing, and they will be copied by clothing brands for reference. But do you know that popular clothing brands such as H & M and ZARA are actually made by copying famous brands? They copied the clothes of brand-name clothing, launched cheaper versions to attract customers to buy, and even had a special legal department to fight lawsuits from brand-name brands. Although they incur tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars in infringement costs each year, they earn more than that. You saw a star wearing a new dress at the concert, H & M could immediately copy his clothes, and it may not take a week or two for the design to ship. And many mobile games are like this. Seeing a very popular computer or console game, immediately develop a very similar mobile game release. These skin-changing games are also disgusting to computer and console players, and they also lead to the third problem: mobile game players.

With the development of the mobile game industry chain, a number of generations different from previous computer and console players have emerged, that is, the mobile game generation. They are different from traditional players who first came into contact with consoles, PC games or consoles. They started with mobile games. And this has created some ignorant mobile game players. There is no need to overturn a boat with a single pole. Note that the editor said “some”. The mobile game generations are usually of low age and have little knowledge of games, but this group of people will comment on things with their knowledge of the game. Imagine that when you were playing League of Legends, they ran over and said, “Hey, this game looks like the glory of the king!” Or when you see PUBG on your PC, you say, “There is a computer version of chicken!” Thousands of dollars for a free entry mobile game, but feel that spending money to buy games is expensive and stupid. These people really like the game in their hands, but they don’t understand the emotions that can be moved by the game, the inspiring excitement, and the feeling of touching the things. Unlike those computer and console players who regard games as works of art, these mobile game players only use games as recreational props. Recently, a well-known foreign live broadcaster Dr. Disrespect tweeted: “Mobile gamers arent real gamers (mobile players are not real players).” Here I want to say that Player and Gamer Chinese translation are “players”, but The meanings of the two are quite different. Player refers to people who play games with one finger, while Gamer refers to those who love games and regard games as a part of life. Of course this tweet caused a debate among players.

From the point of view of the editor, this tweet is indeed too discriminatory for mobile game players. The love of games does not distinguish the carrier. Whether you are a host, computer, or mobile game player, you should not discriminate against each other because of different carriers. However, it is not impossible to understand the feelings of computer and console players, because mobile games are still in the development stage, and they are inferior to computer and console games in terms of graphics, gameplay, quality and content. For example, the emotion brought by the legend of Zelda, the enthusiasm of competitive games such as Dota2 and CSGO, are not the areas that mobile games can reach at this stage. However, the revenue of these mobile games is dozens or even hundreds of times higher than them, which also makes computer and console players have a sense of disagreement. Why do these mobile games make so much? So popular? They also can’t understand why the so-called gilt gambling games immerse so many people. In their eyes, they have been exposed to games that are more fun and sophisticated and can be called artworks, so they look down on mobile games even more.

Once the United States in the 1970s because of the rise of Atari consoles, the game market grew rapidly. At that time, because there was no complete game review system, there were a lot of inferior games on the market, and every manufacturer wanted to catch the trend and become rich overnight. In the end, these junk games dragged down Atari and the US game market, and the game industry entered a dark period. With the excellent game review system established by Nintendo in the United States, the entire American game industry has slowly recovered. In fact, this history is very similar to the current stage of the mobile game market. In recent years, the mobile game market has been flooded with a large number of games created for money, but these money-earning games can all make good profits, and this ecology has also made the mobile game industry go awry.

Atari, North America’s most popular game console in the 1970s

One is willing to hit the other, and more and more gold mobile games. Although it is said that the limitations of mobile phone hardware will definitely break through with the advancement of technology, this ecology has led to those excellent independent games rarely appearing on mobile phones. Hollow Knight, Celeste and other games are not considered top-level graphics, but rich game content and good operability can capture the hearts of players. This type of game can definitely run smoothly with the current mobile phone performance. But unfortunately, the marketing model of many mobile games now is to produce a free game with many gold elements in it. How many manufacturers are willing to develop a “game” that can really move you on the mobile phone? The problem with many mobile games now is that they are all typical online games. They are works that only exist to make money. They are not the ninth art behind the commercial interests. If many mobile game manufacturers are like businessmen, those excellent traditional game manufacturers are more like artists and craftsmen. The trend that mobile game players are willing to pay for these free games, but are not willing to pay for games, has also led to little known mobile phone games that are paid for entry and enjoy game content. “The Witness” producer Jonathan Blow mentioned that the choice of the player will affect the game itself. If many people love an indie game, it could become a 3A masterpiece. Therefore, your choice is crucial! This is the same for mobile games. Players’ choices will affect the direction of the entire mobile game industry. Games actually exist for enjoyment, so whether you are a computer player, console player, or mobile game player, you actually have fun through the game, so there is no need to hostile to each other.

Indie Game “Hollow Knight”

In the early 2000s, console players also looked down on the computer games of the time, but as the times progressed, these barriers were gradually wiped out. In fact, this is a happy era for players. After playing the masterpiece, you can immediately turn on your computer to play online games with friends. You can also use your mobile phone to enjoy the game when you are away. I believe there will be more well-made games in the future, so why not do it?


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