Top 10 mobile games to watch in 2020

2020 is here. How many mobile games do you expect to launch in 2019? How many have been postponed?

Let’s take a look now. What other mobile games are expected to launch in overseas markets?

“League of legends”

Waiting until the tenth anniversary, I finally want to launch the mobile version of “League of Legends”, I believe that many players have already rubbed their hands.

The game will faithfully restore the original map of the end game. The red and blue Buff, the real 5V5 fair play and the classic branch of the legacy end game will wait in your familiar position. The heroes on the line will include Galen, the power of Demasia. The lingering place and the ice arrow that Icy can turn and so on.

Although it is estimated that some heroes that are not suitable for mobile phones will not be available, but the official estimate is that when they are on the shelves, there will be more than 40 heroes. Do you feel excited when you think you can go to the middle of the game with your friends?

“Path of Exile PoE”

In addition to the mobile version of Diablo, PoE is also determined to wait on the mobile platform.

It was also produced by the original Grinding Gear Games. The producer emphasized that it will not include the current common designs in mobile games, such as micro-transactions, etc., and it is necessary to bring the mobile game experience to the mobile phone, whether it is a hundred The changed talent trees, scriptures, maps and other designs will be fully retained. The classic gameplay of eight skills and five blood bottles will be exactly the same, except that the overall game time will be slightly reduced according to different platforms. You will be able to experience the most authentic “Path of Exile PoE” on your mobile phone, which is really exciting.

“Warhammer: Odyssey”

The epic MMORPG “Warhammer” changed from the classic board game will also be released on mobile.

Starting from a fantasy-style board game, “Warhammer” has a large overseas fan base, and its unique worldview and race have also affected many subsequent works.

This “Warhammer: Odyssey” takes the medieval world as the background. Players will be able to take risks with other players or mercenaries in the vast world. At present, the game only announces the characters available in the order camp. Can the Shadow Warrior, the Human Witch Hunter, the Battle Priest, the Dwarf Slayer, and the Dwarf Engineer let the players play in the chaos camp? Let us look forward to more follow-up news.

“Pokemon: Sleep”

After “Pokemon go” successfully integrated into the daily lives of many overseas players, Pokemon company then announced that it will launch a new sleep-catching game “Pokemon: Sleep”. To allow players to walk sweetly for a day, they can still have a sweet dream. Pokemon is accompanied by a moment-to-moment adventure.

The game will be co-developed with Select Button, the developer of Carp King, to make sleep also an entertainment, because “Pokemon go” has set a record of 23 billion kilometers for players around the world. I do n’t know this How long will Pokemon: Sleep set players’ sleep records?

“Project sekai “Colorful Stage”! feat. 初音ミク”

For players who like to play music games next, it will definitely be super looking forward. “Project sekai “Colorful Stage”! feat. 初音ミク” is a new mobile music game jointly developed by SEGA Games, Craft Egg and Crypton Future Media.

Players and characters will go to another “world” and meet virtual singers such as Hatsune. At the beginning of the game, there will be 5 groups with very different styles. The members of the members have been made public and many popular voice actors will participate in the performance According to the currently released videos, the gameplay is similar to the current mobile music game. During the process, the background will also play MVs for players to enjoy, but there will be an important new original feature in the game, but the official has not yet officially Announce what exactly it will be. Interested players may wish to add this as a tracking list first.


The open-world adventure game “GENSHIN”, which has caused a lot of enthusiasm before it was launched, has attracted a lot of attention. It is also expected to be officially launched in 2020.

Produced by the developer of “Honkai Impact 3rd”, “Mihoyo”, players will come to a continent called “Tiwat” to play “travelers” and experience a wonderful adventure with many companions. Each companion will have exclusive weapon moves and unique attribute skills for players to freely match.

The production team stated that in order to make an open world game with a truly stand-alone immersion, they decided to learn from classics such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and GTA. After all, this will be another game that restores the masterpiece? Or, as Mihoyo said, “a brand new work on the shoulders of giants”? Let us wait and see!

“Octopath Traveler: The Overlord of the Mainland”

The role-playing game “Octopath Traveler” on Switch is a new series of mobile games originally scheduled to be launched in 2019, “Octopath Traveler: Overlord of the Mainland”. In order to provide a more complete mainline story, it was postponed to 2020.

Using the same visual effects as the previous work, 3D CG is merged with retro pixels to create a “HD-2D” stereoscopic world. A few years before the storyline came to “Forked Traveler”, players will be able to choose one of the characters representing “Fortune”, “Power” and “Fame” to start your adventure.

Currently, “Octopath Traveler: Overlord of the Mainland” has confirmed that it will be launched as a free download. Is it possible to get good results on the mobile platform this time? Let us wait and see!

“Devil May Cry mobile”

Licensed by CAPCOM Genuine, the mobile action game “Devil May Cry mobile” produced by Chinese manufacturer “Yunchang Games” has begun closed testing at the end of 2019 and is scheduled to go online in 2020.

The game inherits the high-definition fighting style of Devil May Cry, refreshing combo skills, and even the English dubbing of the characters. There are also core elements such as classic weapon switching, floating combos, and demonization. The combo in the game must be matched with light and heavy attacks. There is no such thing as a brainless combo. The plot is also a new plot overseen by CAPCOM. Players will receive commissions from the Demon Hunting Society. What kind of sparks will the two groups of men and women who are competing for each other have? Let us look forward to the official launch of the game!

“APEX Legends Mobile”

One week after listing, the number of players in the battle royale game “APEX Legends” exceeded 25 million. In the fourth quarter of 2019 earnings call, it was confirmed that a mobile version would be released. Although no details and videos have been disclosed yet, I believe that the mobile version will also inherit the original fast-paced style and unique skills system. Let many players be able to invest in an exciting sci-fi shooting game anytime and anywhere.

After confirming the news of the mobile version, the EA CEO also immediately stated that the “APEX Legends” mobile version plan is to be launched as soon as October 2020. Everyone can look forward to it!

“Nikke:The Goddess of Victory”

A well-known Korean artist “Kim Heng Tae” who has drawn many soul figures for “Son of Destiny”, a new fragrant mobile game “Nikke:The Goddess of Victory” scheduled to be launched in 2020, will challenge the attention of men.

Using “Live2D” and “2.5D PAPER FOLDING” technology, the “jump” of battle scenes has been greatly improved. The gameplay is a third-person shooter and supports real-time online battles with up to 4 players. In order to regain the earth, players have to fight against steel life forms. However, it is believed that, compared to defeating the enemy and saving the ruined world, the bottom left of the screen is the place that players most want to save!

In addition to the above 10 models, there are actually quite a few announcements of upcoming mobile games. Mobile versions of works such as “Slay The Spire”, “Tales Weaver”, “MO: Astray”, a continuation of the classic music game “DEEMO” As “DEEMO II” and so on. Get your phone ready and wait for these works to arrive!


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