Top 10 most anticipated games in 2020

I don’t know if you have any fun games in 2019. If you don’t, be careful, because with the arrival of 2020, many highly anticipated new works will also be waiting in line for players to experience.

Like the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14” that hasn’t been seen for a long time, and the interesting parkour zombie game “Dying Light 2”, these new works will officially meet us in 2020. In addition to these works, in this next-generation console will be in Coming out at the end of the year, which games are worth our attention in the year of the upcoming change of dynasties?

Today, the editor has specially prepared the top ten anticipation games of 2020, and I will preview the major works of this year with you.

“DOOM: Eternity”
Platform: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

For players who like shooting games, this year’s must-miss must be this postponed “DOOM: Timeless”.

This heavyweight game series, which restarted in 2016, was well received by all circles when the previous game was launched.

In addition to the new engine created by id software, this new work brings more beautiful and hardcore graphics, and also adds more new weapons, new armor and more than twice the number of new demons. Players can On the map such as Phobos, experience the new adventure of the demon killer DOOM Slayer.

In addition, the game will also add multiplayer gameplay such as “Chaos Mode” that can transform into demons to chase other players’ games, and “Battle Mode” of asymmetric confrontation, bringing more fresh experiences to the game As long as it is a player who loves shooting games, “DOOM: Eternity” must be your must-play this year.

“The Last of Us 2”
Platform: PS4

Developed by SONY’s Naughty Dog Studio and sold more than 17 million units, the “The Last of Us” orthodox sequel to “The Last of Us 2″ is definitely one of the most anticipated games in 2020.

In addition to the continuation of the previous story’s high-profile storyline and the description of Ellie’s new adventures as an adult, this game has also significantly strengthened the action and hiding elements of the game, not only adding new moves such as forward and dodge, but also It also improved the listening system of the previous game, making the game more challenging.

In addition, the manufacturing and upgrading routes will be more intuitive, allowing characters to be more developmental. Although the official has stated that there will not be a multiplayer mode, the videos and information released so far have already let you see the amazing game performance of “The Last of us 2”.

Despite the announcement, I believe that the final results of the naughty dog ​​will definitely not disappoint us.

“Cyberpunk 2077”
Platform: PC / XboxOne / PS4

If you like the twists and turns of the bizarre and freely developing storyline, then the new work “Cyberpunk 2077” developed by CD Projekt RED of “The Witcher 3” will definitely be your first choice in 2020.

An open-world action adventure game adapted from a board game of the same name, using a first-person perspective, players will play the illegal mercenary V, dealing with several forces in the huge sci-fi city “Night City” and playing with Keno Levis “Silver Hand Johnny” unveiled the secret of the biochemical chip inside the protagonist.

The game has a rich custom system. In addition to its own appearance, even if the skills are going to develop intellectually or physically, or what special abilities should be given to weapon transformation, all the details can be determined by yourself, even the official emphasis on the game There will be no “professional” framework to constrain players, and everyone can decide their own game style as they wish.

In addition to the superstar Keno Levis, the game also has a rich line of story choices like the “Wizard”. Every decision made by the player, even the choice of skills and gender, may affect the plot. Development, coupled with CD Projekt RED’s golden signboard, can’t be expected.

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake”
Platform: PS4

In addition to major European and American manufacturers, the most exciting thing for RPG fans must be “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”.

This remake of this heavyweight work that was exposed as early as 2015 is arguably the most watched work by Square Enix in recent years.

Not only redesigned the entire game with the latest graphics technology, but also redesigned the original ATB mode into a new combat system exclusively for this game. Not only can you freely switch roles and movements, the operation feeling is also very different from the original. And, in order to extend the original worldview more deeply, the game also adds many scenes that are not in the original work, as well as additional story content, so the game must eventually be sold in separate chapters.

Although the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” officially launched on March 3, 2020, only contains adventure content in Capricorn Midgar, but I believe that players should still be eager to join Claude and Tiffa, etc. Let’s meet again.

“Nioh 2”
Platform: PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC

In addition to the iconic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14” of the Japanese manufacturer Glorious Tecumor, they will also bring us the rising star “Nioh 2” of their action game in 2020.

This new work by Team Ninja not only inherits the unique action methods of the previous generation, but also has evolved many details. In addition to being able to customize the appearance with the new story background, the original guardian spirit and skills The system has also been integrated, introducing a new “monsterization” and “monster skills” system, and adding new weapons and more upgrade options, etc., all kinds of factors make the battle style more free and changeable, if you feel alone If the fight is too difficult, the new work also designed a new partner AI “Yi Totsuka” and allows players to challenge the level together with up to three people, not only reducing the difficulty, but also taking into account the needs of multiplayer entertainment.

“Nioh 2” has also added more generals, more monsters, and more unique weapon and equipment attributes. Players are ready to brush a dark place again.

“Ghost of Tsushima”
Platform: PS4

It is the last first-party masterpiece of SIE in the PS4 era.This open-world action game depicting the Tsushima Island samurai “Jin Sakai” stands up against the invasion of Mongolia.

In addition to having an epic story, the game also made a deep depiction of the natural environment, not only with exquisite scenes displayed by the cutting-edge engine, the production team also went to the local source to try to create the original Tsushima Island Scenery.

Beyond the scenes, the game also has a battle system full of samurai and ninja atmospheres. In addition to playing gorgeous swordsmanship, players can also use special avoidance and blocking systems to counter Mongolian soldiers, and there are diversified sneaks in the game. Elements such as assassination, as well as equestrianism will surely be able to offer players a grand swordsman game.

“Xenoblade Ultimate Edition”
Platform: Switch

The “Xenoblade”, which caused a sensation on the Wii platform, will also be resurrected in 2020. The “Xenoblade Ultimate Edition”, which is expected to be launched on the Switch platform, is a high-quality enhanced version based on the 2010 version.

Players will once again play the protagonist Schulke who can see the future, and use the power of the Excalibur Monado to launch the adventure of saving the world. This game will present the vast world of alienness with the quality of the next generation.

At the same time, seamless fighting will continue to be used, and many details will be optimized. It even added a Chinese version that did not exist so that domestic players can enjoy the plot and the original game experience. No matter if you played the original Wii version at that time, as long as you like JRPG players, you can’t miss the enhanced version of this classic.

“Tales of Arise”
Platform: PS4 / XBOX ONE

A Japanese manufacturer BANDAI NAMCO holding many heavy-weight anime IPs. The RPG game “Tales” series also has a large number of die-hard fans. The latest work of this series “Tales of Arise”, the story will focus on two opposite planets Describe the magnificent journey of the heroine Alphen and the heroine Shionne.

In addition to using the Unreal engine to improve the screen performance to the next generation level, the gameplay is also richer in action than previous generations. Although detailed system information has not been officially released, the gorgeousness can be seen from the real machine screen. I believe that the continuous skills and avoidance operations will definitely bring a brand-new operation experience to players. Whether this new “Legend” new work can create a classic Japanese RPG, let us wait and see.

“Hollow Knight: Silksong”
Platform: PC / Switch

With sales of up to 3 million units, it can be said that it is a sequel to the “Hollow Knight” sequel to the “Silksong” of modern independent games. Since it cannot be launched in 2019, it will naturally become the top ten games in 2020.

This “Hollow Knight: Silksong” is a new chapter featuring the highly popular female NPC Hornet in the game. Continuing the previous gameplay, players will play the Hornet and go to a new kingdom controlled by silk and songs. Fight with unknown threats and explore the secrets of your past.

The game not only composes a larger story than the previous one, but also has a new mission and artifact production system. At the same time, it also designs 150 new monsters and bosses, which will definitely make the players’ wait worthwhile.

And in order to love the players who challenge the limit, this game will also strengthen the original “Steel Heart” mode, and designed the “Skik Soul” mode for players to challenge. If you only talk about the most anticipated “Galactic Warrior Castlevania” game in 2020, it is definitely not the original game.

“Trials of Mana 3”
Platform: PS4 / Switch / PC

In addition to “Final Fantasy 7”, Square Enix has another classic game that will be reborn this year, which is “Trials of Mana 3” that has been separated for a full 25 years.

In addition to inheriting the luxurious six-line plot of the year, the game ’s background and shape will also be re-created in full HD 3D mode, allowing players to play the next-generation console ’s screen performance again. Experience this acclaimed classic.

In addition to the screen, the game ’s action gameplay has also evolved significantly, not only retaining the previous combat system, but also adding more flexible operations such as jumping and serial skills, and also changing the bird’s-eye view to an over-the-shoulder view. Give players more flexibility to experience the unique combat charm of this game.

In addition to the games described above, there are many works that have not been included.

Including the sequel to the legendary masterpiece “The Legend of Zelda Wilderness Breath”, which is related to whether the classic game can turn over again “Diablo 4”, players look forward to finally launch a new work “Era of Empire 4” , And “Blue Fantasy Relink” adapted from mobile games, and even “Angel Witch 3” which has not been heard further since its release.

Judging from the current news of these masterpieces, the probability of their coming out this year is not high, so they are not included in the expectation list here.

In addition, there is the “Watchdog Freedom Legion” which has been postponed to ensure the quality of the game. Microsoft’s first work “Halo: Infinite” has completely changed the gameplay of “Dragon 7: The Fate of Light and Darkness”. And games like “Minecraft: Dungeon” are all worth looking forward to.

More noteworthy is that both SONY and Microsoft will launch next-generation game consoles, so it can be expected that in the second half of 2020, more works that will be released on the next-generation consoles will be announced. Presumably, there are still many manufacturers The unboxed Baobao treasure is worth the expectations of players.


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