Simple test run of the Porsche 911

The most satisfying point is that it is very high. The charm of the 911 is not cool and domineering, but it is calm and profound. There is no other suitable sports car for middle-aged people (of course, it is not to say that Ferrari and other inappropriate 233). Of course, the workmanship is absolutely reliable. The same plastic parts are used, and BMW’s cheap plastic rush is absolutely invisible to broken shoes.

The most unsatisfactory point is that it is extremely annoying to have to choose everything, especially the luxury car tax sticks. Buying the S version is very disgusting. If you don’t want to spend money unjustly, you must make a choice … These are not the points I care about. I hate the rear window wiper that can not be canceled in the domestic version. Except for the GT series and convertible in China, other 911 rear wipers are also drunk. I do n’t want to cancel the option. The term, the entire tail line is nuclear-level destruction.

Motivation: The foundation of 911 is there, the black technology PDK, of course, it is definitely more than enough for daily use, but this station is not equipped with SC components, or the basic version. The parameters are placed there. I really want to talk about what suffocating power. It ’s called pretending ….. I stepped on the accelerator a bit to make a comparison. There is no SC bonus, and it ’s the same as the start. It ’s half as heavy as the M4, and it ’s so fast that it feels more powerful than the M4. There is no huge advantage. Of course, as expected, although the 911 has the advantages of vehicle weight and transmission, the parameters are still dead. After all, 450 horsepower and 385 horsepower. If you change to an S version, the gap will be obvious.

The feel when turning at high speeds is definitely much better than that of the M4. Of course, this overwhelming advantage still needs to be off the track in order to fully realize it. The speed of everyday streets is climbing 233

Interior, nothing to say after the replacement, perfect, of course, must choose leather interior.

Space. The space to discuss sports cars is all hooligan, but the 911, as a rare thoroughbred sports car with a rear row, is okay to talk about. The conclusion is very simple. If the rear row of the M4 is too large to burst, the rear rows of the C63 and RS5 It is barely available. The back row of 911 is completely useless. It is barely crowded for children. It will definitely be uncomfortable if it is a little larger. Adults are fine.

Fuel consumption, it feels similar to the M4 after driving for a day, but pays little attention to fuel consumption.

Cost-effective, domestic talk about 911 cost-effective, itself is nonsense, but relatively speaking, personally do not recommend the basic model, it is not interesting, although the price of the basic model, there is no choice when choosing, but it is better to add hundreds of thousands of S Version. For the S version, optional SC components, exhaust, leather, others are optional.
Of course, I feel that the most cost-effective domestic version must be the GTS version that has not yet been released in this generation. According to the previous generation GTS, it is tens of thousands more expensive than the S. The power is improved. It comes with SC components, sports exhaust, central locking wheels, and sports kits. Wait, wait, the price is very high, but the GTS version quota is scarce …

Summary, good car, buy buy buy

However, if you also buy a base with 911, it is almost the same price. It is recommended to buy an AMG GT (of course not the four-door one, which is a junk). It has a large V8, which is more cool in appearance and has a significantly higher configuration.

If you choose the S version, the 911 has a great advantage, after all, the replacement model

The basement took two photos at random, the license plate of other people’s car was covered, and the interior was not taken. Many personal items in the car were 233, so your car didn’t matter.


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