Mercedes-Benz AMG A35L unboxing video

The price was announced in December for a deposit. The car is required to return to Japan the following year in January. The red basic version was not installed with any optional 370,000 naked cars. The original factory will add the mode switch of the steering wheel and the TRACK PACE system. Other modifications are already on board.

Simply talk about feelings.

The production version is very different from the engineering prototype that was tested at the racing track at the time. The original factory tuning is as hard as the sports car but does not lose its toughness. Especially the rear suspension feels very tough. When the back row is fast when driving over bumpy roads, people inside the car will jump. But because the rear suspension is tough, the rear has more flexible dynamic performance. Personally I like this, after all, I can’t sit in the back row several times a year.

Because the rear space has been extended by 6 cm in China, the front and rear space has become very large compared to the overseas short axis version. During the Tokyo Modification Show in January, I went to the Mercedes-Benz booth and sat down on the hatchback short-axis version. However, the drag of the longer wheelbase was not felt at all during the manipulation. This is one of the reasons why I am very satisfied with the original chassis tuning. Although the suspension will be changed later, the purpose is just to make the car lower. The overall tuning will still retain the original factory setting style.

The rough look of the interior is still invincible. The recognition rate of human-computer interaction in the front row is also very high. After saying “Hello Benz” to activate human-machine interaction, let the computer perform such as navigation, switch the color of the atmosphere light, switch the sunroof, switch the air conditioner, adjust the gear speed and temperature of the air conditioning fan, etc. can have a high recognition rate. At least more reliable than Apple’s silly SIRI.

In terms of sound, the original factory is equipped with a valve for exhaust. Turn it on in S + mode, but it’s still better than modifying the exhaust sound. Will definitely change later.

In terms of braking, the original configuration is still very conscience for walking the street. The four-piston braking system plus Michelin’s PS4S tires, 235/35/19 front and rear, can be used freely on the street.

Soundproof a shit! When I took the car back and opened the hatch, I always felt something missing. After watching for half a minute, there was no soundproof cotton on the cover. No wonder the cabin is loud when idling. The original sound of the Berlin Voice is more than 5,000 yuan. Regardless of the sound, just looking at the brand and price is very conscience, but for such poor sound insulation and later I want to change the exhaust, I still do not choose.

Official 0-100 score of 4.9. The actual measurement is 4.7. not bad.

In summary, although a lot of keyboard utterances are not one person, one machine fake AMG, etc., but in terms of performance, I don’t think it has insulted AMG’s name. At least this price is worth it.

Finally pick up the car video.


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