Health flow keyboard experience

As people age, their ideas do change. In the past, playing the keyboard was very manic. I thought that the strong King Kong refers to the heavy taste. The black axis and the white axis are the best. At least they must have the green axis crackling. Now, I only pursue the keyboard for health, quiet and weak. No, the sound is a little louder, and the keys are not a bit heavy, and a word of emphasis is highlighted.

In the middle of last year, Logitech Logitech’s red-axis keyboard was inexplicably glorious and sacrificed, and the picture was changed to Vortexgear’s silver-axis keyboard. This silver axis has a short keystroke and quick trigger. It is softer to press than the red axis, but after a few months I still feel that the sound is too loud, so I find the keyboard again.

In your country, because the evaluation community is generally weak, good news is not reported, and direct comparison with PK is the most difficult, so it is difficult to find a keyboard suitable for you by crawling the text. Water, not all the information you want. People who want to be real are better off asking others than themselves, and go to battle with their bare shoulders.

So, in accordance with the principle of silence + gentle health, several seed players were brought in: Realforce 45g PFU, Realforce 30g silent version, Niz 35g, Leopold mute red axis. I belong to the Keyboard Street Fighter Party, and have always ignored the small keyboard and wireless. These are all 104 full-key + wired connections. In actual use, Realforce 45g is an accident, the other three are very good. The following is a brief talk about experience, not evaluation, think of what to say, for keyboard enthusiasts who have the same health needs reference.

First, the difference between electrostatic capacitance and mechanical shaft

Feel. The electrostatic keyboard is the same as the mechanical keyboard. In fact, it is both a shoulder and a head. It is not a legendary beast who will kneel and cry. The biggest difference between the two is the feel after the bottom of the button: According to the feeling on the plastic bowl, Q bombs, and the mechanical shafts are hard to hit. The Q bomb is a characteristic of electrostatic capacitance. It is determined by the physical structure. The mechanical axis cannot be reached, but on the other hand, the mechanical axis feels more tough. The mute red axis is considered to be the closest mechanical axis to the static capacitance. At first press, it is simply the static capacitance, but there is still a difference at the bottom. In short, if the ultimate comfort is long-term typing, static capacitance is king; as for short-term typing or gaming, I think it ’s okay.
noise. Realforce <Niz <Leopold. Capacitive noise control is generally better than mechanical shafts. Realforce’s mute performance is very outstanding, and the large key tuning is too good. If the sound is too loud, then don’t use the keyboard; Niz is centered and the performance is acceptable; the mute red axis and Niz are actually not much different, and even can barely be said to have different tones. Different, each has its own advantages, as a mechanical axis, I really do my best, much quieter than ordinary axes.

1.Realforce 45g PFU joint edition

“The key pressure of the red shaft is 45g, so the Realforce 45g is about the same as the red shaft.” Many reviews say that. It looks reasonable and I certainly believe it, but when I press it after unpacking, I rely on this. It is the strength and rebound of the red axis, which is clearly the black axis … In fact, Realforce 30g is slightly heavier than Niz 35g, and Realforce 45g is close to the black axis, and “gentle” does not touch at all. As for the Realforce 55g, it is impossible for me to try it … the important thing to say again: the standard of the Japanese electrostatic capacitors is different from other places.
Adjusting the APC function of the trigger key travel, I personally think it is of little significance. Turn it to the shallowest, I feel that the typing response is too fast, and I don’t follow the hand. After all, the capacitive keyboard is used to touch the bottom to feel the Q bomb. Turn it to the deepest, and the response is obviously slower, so it is best to use the default middle gear. As for the game, I just play the simulator. The speed advantage brought by a few tenths of a millimeter of key travel may only be needed by professional e-sports players with outstanding response …

2.Difference between Realforce and Niz

Let’s start with the conclusion: the biggest difference between Realforce and Niz is actually the price.
On the feel of Q bombs, Realforce is stronger than Niz; on solid stacking, Realforce is stronger than Niz; on the effect of silence, Realforce is stronger than Niz. However, the price of Niz is only one-third of Realforce, and the difference in quality between the two is definitely not three times. It can be said that Niz realized about 80% of Realforce’s experience for one third of the price, which is fully available and cost-effective.
Vignette: Someone sprayed Niz’s keycaps with burrs on the edges, but they did, but I saw Realforce, and I knew what the king of burrs is … Is this a genetic disease of the electrostatic capacitor family?


Today’s mechanical keyboard market is basically the world of dunmaru brand. In contrast, the rigorous Cherry keyboard produced by rigorous Germans has become a model of sillyness and roughness. Whoever buys it is rigorous … The mute red shaft was originally intended I bought Filco, but Filco was also unkind. More than a thousand keyboards were unwilling to use even a PBT. The white color I wanted was still out of stock and there was nowhere to buy, so I stopped. Speaking of Leopold’s mute red shaft, the workmanship, materials, and feel are almost perfect (it is said that the tuning of the space key is almost worse than Filco), but it is not without regrets: First, the interface is too soiled, and it is still using Mini USB. Micro USB is not, and it is not universal with other cables on the table; the second is that the design of the indicator is too rough and too savvy, the light is directly under the key, the color and brightness of the light can not be adjusted, it can be said to be light pollution at night, Wasting a lot of space in the upper right corner of the keyboard in vain, wouldn’t it be good to make a few low-key indicators …

4. Summary
Realforce: Key Emperor. The stacking is solid and strong (the burr of the keycap needs to be reduced but has nothing to do with the overall situation). The actual comprehensive experience is the best, but the price is ridiculously high and the cost performance is not high. If you don’t pursue the ultimate, you can ignore it directly; if you feel itchy and want to be in one step, it doesn’t matter to buy one, after all, there is no more powerful than it.
PS: The 30g silent version does not currently have a volume adjustment button, which is very inconvenient. Maybe it will be solved by firmware update in the future.

Niz: King of price. The sense of cheapness has not been completely shaken off, and there is still room for improvement in craftsmanship, materials, and feel, but the overall level is quite good, useable, feature-rich and complete, and macros.

Leopold: Who said that “with the use of electrostatic capacitors, mechanical keyboards are all slag”? The first one on the mute red axis indicates dissatisfaction. Although the sound is a bit louder, although the bottom is a little harder, the feel is quite good. It is self-contained, soft and with a rigid feel … not to mention the workmanship of this keyboard is also of the highest level. If you are not a long-time typing and coding worker, static capacitors are definitely not a substitute and terminator for mechanical shafts, but can only be regarded as “another option”. It is the happiest to change.


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