Finally get the ITX PC + Hackintosh! Hard journey!

The machine was actually installed before November, and it took more than 2 months to use it ~ It’s stable, sum up the experience!
The installation process is difficult, in general, it is ~ never want to engage in ITX machine ~ never want to engage in Hackintosh again! !!
Early summary: Because I have been a little fascinated by studying arrangement recently, I want to use a desktop computer for the company. The desktop computer at home was installed 3 years ago, 7700K + GTX1080x2, the case is huge, it is not practical to use it.
The notebook is 17 macbook pros, the ssd is only 1T, and the sound source sampling is full. And often mobile to use, connect sound card, midi equipment what trouble. So I decided to build a small ITX machine. Looking at Laifu, it is not difficult to take it temporarily!
As for the configuration, in addition to learning to arrange, some 4K films, Da Vinci color correction, AE, C4D, etc. may be edited in an emergency. Although not the main task, we must be sober. What games are not pursued ~

The system must be a Mac os. FinaCut and Logic Pro are only available under OSX ~ Davinci is more efficient on Mac than Win. In addition, the arranger’s MIDI device is hot-swappable at any time under OSX, and the host software must be restarted under WIN, which is particularly unpleasant!
Why not buy MACMINI? Because the configuration is too low! Why not buy MAC pro? Because it is too expensive and low cost performance! Plus I love tossing ~ so I decided to plan ITX!

First look at the configuration, basically all are purchased by Amazon.
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390i Wifi $217
CPU: boxed i9-9900K $536
Cooling: Cooler Extreme ARGB 240 water-cooled $72
Memory: Corsair 16G DDR3200 $87 (miscalculated ~ memory bought small)
Memory: Corsair 32G RGB DDR3200 $188
Hard disk: ACER 1T Nvme warehouse disk of main hard disk, Lenovo SATA 1T SSDx2 block, a total of $275
Graphics card: Gigabyte RTX2080 super $847
Power supply: FSP $91
Chassis: GEEEK A60 + custom line $101
Network card: disassemble Apple free drive BCM94360CS / 2CS $31
Secondary 2 sticker: $11
Total: $2456

Talk about configuration and pits!

  1. Because of the Hackintosh, AMD ~ CPU is not considered! (AMD Hackintosh cannot be Turbo Frequency) So use 9900k
  2. Motherboard: 9900k on z390 for sure, more than 2,000 ASUS, I have no faith, do not need the eyes of a prodigal! ASRock has a Thunderbolt 3 ~ I thought it was the first choice. Who knows that this Thunderbolt 3 is a castrated version that can only be half-speed, and the Hackintosh system cannot drive it!
    In the end, you can only choose Gigabyte Z390I, 1500 ~ It is said that the Hackintosh is highly compatible!
  3. At the beginning, I wanted to use owls for heat dissipation. I passed it because of the height of the case. I chose a 240 water-cooling model.
  4. The memory is too small to buy ~ a little regret, the motherboard has only 2 slots. To upgrade, you can only change it all (it is really small, just changed the order for 32G)
  5. The hard drive was initially bought by Samsung, but later learned that there may be conflicts in Hackintosh. I bought Acer 1T, which is very cheap ~ It is divided into 2 district installation systems, one win and one OSX! The warehouse disk originally wanted to buy Guangwei 1.5t ~ it has been out of stock, 2T SSD sky-high price ~ so I bought two 1T ones.
  6. The graphics card is too pit, and you have placed an order without careful study. Later, you learned from sputum that the Mac os does not support 20 series N cards at all! So this card is useless ~ Only one old GTX1080 can be installed in the end
  7. There is no choice of power supply, pirate ship and FSP ~~ just buy a cheap one
  8. The overall size of the configuration of the chassis, the tangled choice of GEEEK A60. This box is a bit pitted, except for a few aluminum tubes, which are all acrylic and worthless. ~~ Fortunately, the design is more reasonable, and the installation is not too difficult!
    9.Because I usually use Apple ’s family barrels ~ I often use relays ~ Airdrop delivery of these functions, so I need Apple’s original network card to achieve it! The network card protocol of the 300 series motherboard has changed. You cannot directly change the network card! Need to use NVME M.2 port to transfer
    Apple BCM94360CS / 2CS network card, fortunately the motherboard has 2 M.2 ports ~ one hard disk and one network card.

Installation process:
The case arrived first, and it was installed with itchy hands ~ I thought that I could get a few screws to remove a panel ~ I didn’t expect to receive a bunch of acrylic plates and aluminum tubes, all need to be installed by myself!
Later, the accessories came together only to find out that you need to take apart the case, and install it a little bit! I have read other people’s posts before saying that ITX machine debugging is difficult, and there are a lot of things to dismantle if there is a problem ~ so I keep my mind.
First connect the parts naked and light up to make sure there are no problems before installing them in the case.
The graphics card needs an extension cable to be connected to the back of the case. It is said that there will be a performance loss ~ I have not tested it ~ leave him alone, it is enough!
Customize the power module cable. The original cable is hard and long and cannot be plugged in! Later, it was discovered that the power supply did not have its own cable. Fortunately, I bought a short-term cable in advance! Very soft ~ very well loaded!
The graphics card 2080 cannot be used because of the Hackintosh. So I unloaded a desktop 1080 and wanted to make use of it. After dismantling it, I found that the Hall of Fame graphics card is too big to fit in!
In the end, the original external graphics card docking station that I bought can only be removed. It is also a 1080 ~ but a knife card, small size!
Installed in and found that the fan is too big and stuck. Damn ~ Use a drill to cut off the part (acrylic) blocked by the case! Just barely pretend!

System installation:
WIN10 will not say anymore ~ ​​mainly Mac os!
I researched for 2 weeks myself ~ I installed it ~ I installed it again! Various debugging ~ various drivers! Maybe ~! !! Spend the money in minutes!
Tell me about experience and precautions!

  1. Check the hardware compatibility on tonymacx86 before installing, please buy it if you are optimistic!
  2. Hackintosh must buy Intel CPU, AMD Turbo is abnormal!
  3. The graphics card must be A card. The RX590 VEGA64 ~ N card support can only reach OSX 10.13.6 and the highest support is 1080ti, 20 series is no longer supported ~ it is estimated that there will never be a driver!
  4. If you want to enable airdrop delivery and relay function, you must use a white apple to disassemble the drive-free network card. If you are a 200 series motherboard, you can remove the wifi that comes with the motherboard and replace it. The 300 series can only cost one nvme port for conversion. !!
  5. The use of imessage and facetime requires injection of white Apple hardware information. Tutorials are available online-you can check it yourself!
  6. If you have an iPad Pro that wants to achieve the same screen function with navigation, you need OSX version 10.15 or above. The DUET app to test the Hackintosh is not easy to use!
      In addition, 10.15 does not support 32-bit applications, which causes many old software to fail to run. In addition, 1080 cannot be driven, so I give up!
    7.BCM94360CS / 2CS This network card needs a built-in USB2.0 interface to enable the Bluetooth function. Space and relays cannot be used without Bluetooth!
      The onboard Bluetooth will conflict with the Bluetooth of this network card, causing the Bluetooth to fail! Since there is no option to disable Bluetooth in the motherboard BIOS, you can only customize the USB driver to disable onboard Bluetooth!
  7. USB3.0 and WIFI interfere with each other very seriously, try to use an external WIFI antenna, stay away from USB!
  8. Light pollution should be installed and debugged under WIN10. OSX cannot be adjusted ~


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