Waterfowl 1250GS 10,000 kilometers heavy use experience

The car mentioned in January of this year, the cause of the epidemic only started to ride in April, and I have been 318, Ali Zhongbei Line, Gannan

At present, 10,000 kilometers are in the early years, of which the original tires traveled more than 1,000 kilometers, and after changing to 50:50 off-road tires (Karoo3), they ran 9,000 kilometers. Various types of roads have been walked on, which is considered to be relatively hard in the waterfowl.

First of all, it can be said that the waterfowl is a very well-balanced car with no obvious shortcomings. It is a hexagonal warrior in a motorcycle. In addition to the well-known road driving ability and comfort, the waterfowl’s off-road performance is not bad. Many people think of the waterfowl. It is far worse than KTM, largely because the owners of waterfowl are mostly middle-aged long-distance parties, and few cars are spared. In fact, the mechanical quality of the car itself is sufficient for traveling, and it is the worst that may be encountered in the country. As long as it is still a road, water birds can easily pass

The pasture road in the depths of a pasture in Gannan, the slope is not small, there are many groundhog pits on the ground, the second gear is easy to pump oil

There is a big slope on the south side of Mount Gnei, and there is a big soil slope before coming up. The companion F150 hesitated for a while to get on. The water bird unloaded his luggage and went up

It is worth mentioning that the unsprung quality of the waterfowl suspension structure is relatively large, and the grip on bad roads is worse than that of the KTM non-double, so you must dare to give oil uphill and cannot rely on grip.

Through the mud pit

A big boulder in a mountain in western Sichuan went downhill, and melted water from the snow-capped mountains along the way flowed down, and I was mentally prepared for a crash, but it swayed over

There is an extremely slippery icy and snowy road on the Rocky Road, about 5 kilometers away. Our two waterfowls and two 502X and 502X both fell, and the waterfowls did not fall, which shows the excellent electronic control.

The high-strength washboard road on the North-Ali Line, which lasted for hundreds of kilometers, came back and found that the front shock absorber was a bit leaking, but I think it’s understandable because it’s too bumpy. It’s too bumpy. Some off-road vehicles have their roof frames uncovered. Disruption, as far as I know, there are three 502x suspension shock absorbers here

There are often shallow ponds and silt roads nearby in Zharinam Co. As long as it is not too deep, the off-road tires are equipped with the enduro pro mode, and the electronic control system will calculate the best rear wheel slip rate. No need for precise throttle control

In addition, the car crashed many times during this section, because I walked this section alone, and no one helped to help the car, so I can speak very responsibly. The waterfowl is the best one in the heavy rally, loaded with luggage. I can pull up directly with both hands, without backing up the car. This is because of the low center of gravity that is horizontally opposed. On the other hand, because the protruding cylinder head supports the car, the reverse angle is only half that of other cars, which saves a lot of effort.

Originally, the first choice was 790adv and Xinfeishuang, because these two models were late on the market and could not get the car before the trip. Waterfowl, which is the next best thing to mention. Under these 10,000 kilometers of various road conditions, I think the reason why waterfowl It’s selling well all over the world, and there is a reason for it. If no accidents happen, this car will always be kept until it is scrapped.


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