Porsche 718S work

The configuration and model of the 718 are two distinct orientations.

Cayman model, the original factory appointed a stronger performance route, so there is the most advanced GT4 version. If you are pursuing performance to play on the track, you should choose Sport Chrono, 20mm pdcc, sports exhaust, and large wheels in order from weak to strong. Manual seat, ptv, pccb, roll cage… the harder the core is the farther behind.

Boxster model, the original factory appointed an elegant and comfortable route, the top only is GTS, so playing boxster is convenient and luxurious for the driver, keyless start, automatic anti-glare mirror, reversing image, multi-function with heated steering wheel, bose Sound, cruise at fixed speed. As well as various leather interiors and decorative panels of various materials… These things are detracting from performance, but for normal road driving, I want to say that the more the better!

So in fact, there is no difficulty in choosing between the two models.

Let me talk about the shortcomings:

  1. There is no physical display on the left and right turn signals. When the turn signals are turned on, I can’t see that I feel a little guilty.
  2. The liftable rear wing control cannot be seen when the owner is driving, and it is a bit illusory when the button is pressed. These two are actually things that reflect the sense of ritual. I think it is very important for the owner to see physical changes.
  3. I want to deduct one point for the pick, which is not as good as the z4’s pressing and catching buckle.
  4. This car loses a lot of points at low speeds (under 20km/h). U-turns, gear shifts, and reversing will all have points deducted. The ratios of direction and weight are different, and the ratio of throttle gear shift is different, and there is no linear consistency at all. Sex, as a Porsche, should not be. But once the speed is up, everything is perfect.
  5. The window edge is a bit high, so you cannot put your hands on it.
  6. There is no place to put the mobile phone. It is better to have a slot on both sides of the central control that can hold the mobile phone vertically, combined with wireless charging and wireless carplay, even if it is optional.
  7. I’m sorry for the price of bose audio, which is the level of Mercedes-Benz C-class 8000 yuan, which is obviously not as good as Volvo’s b&w. The image is not clear and lacks the pure and transparent feeling of BAUER Weijian’s crystal version. I know you want to say that this is a Porsche. If it is expensive, I will recognize it. If it is not good, I am stupid to buy the expensive one?

Let’s talk about the advantages:

  1. The suspension support is too beautiful, I give it full marks! Perfect daily transportation, full of toughness, not hard at all, just like ordinary family car settings. When cornering, you can’t feel the roll of the vehicle at all.
  2. The dynamic response is beautiful, and I also give full marks. Except for the start, there is no turbo lag at all. This is only for 2.5T boxster s with vtg, because I have seen other people say that 2.0T still has turbo lag.
  3. The convertible opens and closes quickly and can work at normal speeds. Back then, the embarrassment of having to stop for 20 seconds and turn off the convertible when it rained on the elevated z4 is still vivid, but now the boxster does not have this embarrassment.
  4. The heat dissipation reliability is really strong. The same is true for my 3.0T Z4. After ten minutes of intense driving, the oil temperature is immediately 110 degrees, and the boxster s is stable at 90 degrees.
  5. I have bought both electromagnetic suspension and air suspension cars, but this is the first car that allows me to feel that there are indeed differences in different suspension modes.
  6. In the sport mode, the sound of the exhaust cannon and the ratio of the brake can be perfectly combined, and the setting is perfect.
  7. I have to deduct 1 point for the pdk gearbox. Like the dct of the z4, the 1-2 gear still has intrusions. It’s all at this price. It should be done well. (Note that this one is classified in the advantages)
  8. I want to deduct one point for the cup holder. It does reflect the beauty of the design machinery and the differentiation of other brands. However, it is still not compatible with cups and bottles of various sizes. The practicality needs to be improved. (Note that this article is also classified in the advantages)

Finally talk about horsepower
I used to think that horsepower is the money in your wallet. You don’t need it, but you can’t live without it. Now I understand better, this sentence is wrong.

The Boxster s has only 350 horsepower, which is not comparable to the C63, but it gives me the feeling that the car is stronger than the human. I have bought several cars with more than 300 horsepower. They all have sedan sports cars. They will be wild and sweaty when driving intensely, but I feel that the car is at its limit, people can control it, and it is exciting. But this car is different. No matter how you drive it, it makes me feel that it can be faster. It hasn’t reached the limit. The whole car gives me the feeling that there is still more energy to show, but I am not good anymore. Go to the bottom to test where the limit is. If you have ever played diving, it is exactly the same as you look at the deep sea bed.

If you haven’t played it before, you’ll know if you play it once: cheap

Finally, talk about the optional reference that I suggest

  • The Pdls+ of the four-point LED, this is the brand symbol, to be.
  • Full leather interior, the grade is improved obviously, it is necessary.
  • Others involve a variety of internal and external colors. Here and there, black and white color embroidery labels, matte carbon trims, etc., can be used free of charge (straight male thinking…:er:) But combining the above two, there are actually The most perfect ordinary white + full leather red option.
  • Keyless start/bose/automatic anti-glare/smart interconnection/reversing image/multi-function steering wheel with heating/fixed speed cruise. These are very useful for improving comfort and convenience, so you should try your best.
  • Big wheels + sports exhaust is not recommended, this is a more upside-down/noisier choice, students who are not on the track can be Ye Gong, don’t have trouble with yourself.
  • The SC varies from person to person. I did my homework seriously. This is just a throttle shift logic, or a driving mode of other brands. Porsche has now added a catapult and sold it separately. It’s really fun. I haven’t tested the catapult at the beginning. I intuitively do it for you according to the model’s transmitter configuration (anyway, there are only a few combinations). It is not the maximum value calculated based on the tire grip. Anyway, the price is really matched. No (just a driving mode 2w…), but without SC, you will find that there is no physical watch to see the time, and you can’t say that the Porsche really doesn’t have a watch. After all, there is this option, and you can’t stand it…


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