It’s not as good as expected-a brief review of AirPods Max out of the box

After seeing the news released by AirPods Max, I immediately opened the App and prepared to place an order. As a result, the favorite blue will not be available until December 30. After hesitating, click to buy directly into March next year, shouldn’t you be so exaggerated? As a veteran member of a budding party that doesn’t start immediately, Panda gave up the plan to order online and was ready to try his luck in a physical store on the day of the sale. In the early morning on the 15th, the panda came to the door of the Apple store. There were already a dozen people in line. It seemed that there were mostly girls. In the past few days, the magic capital began to cool down, standing trembling in the cold wind. After waiting for almost an hour, the door finally opened. As a result, as soon as I entered the genius, he said that there were only black and white in the store, and his interest suddenly diminished. After a few minutes, the bad news came, and it was sold out. There were only 8 units in stock. The panda observed it, except for a small couple who bought it. They were basically rounded up by the scalper. Finally, they had no choice but to open the Xianyu…Half an hour later, the panda just started to sit in Jiangshuangniu brushing the Shouxi pot, and the seller put the blue one. When the earphones were delivered to my hand, I felt complicated for a while, lamenting that this era is still capable of making money. It feels like life is just a COC, either spend money or time.

Open the box immediately after returning home. Apart from the earphones and magnetic sleeves, there is only one charging cable. Everyone understands environmental protection. Not to mention, the earphones look like a small handbag when they are in the case. No wonder there are so many girls in line. The headset needs the latest IOS14.3 to complete the link. After the upgrade, you only need to take the headset out of the magnetic sleeve and close to the phone to complete the pairing, which is very convenient. In addition to protecting the earphones, the magnetic sleeve is also a low-power switch, and the earphones can be kept in standby for a long time by putting them in the sleeve.

The headset has a good wearing comfort. The retractable folding brackets on both sides and the wide gauge design on the top make it feel comfortable even for pandas. The earmuffs are made of nylon-like materials, which not only soundproof and keep warm, but also don’t feel stuffy. It is much more comfortable than the skin-friendly material. You know that the material is used for a long time. The weight of the earphones is a bit heavy, and it’s okay when I’m sitting, but I can feel duck power when I’m walking. There is a mode button on the right side of the headset, short press to switch between noise reduction and transparency mode, long press to enter Bluetooth matching mode. There is also a multi-function knob next to it, users can use the rotation to adjust the volume (the adjustment direction can be set), press play/pause once, press the next song twice, and press the previous song three times. For this kind of retro design, the panda feels less technological than the touch, and it may be because of reasons that are not used to it, the volume knob will always be accidentally touched when wearing and removing the earphones, resulting in various sonic booms, which is a bit scary. The headset supports wearing detection, and it will pause when one ear is removed, but I still like the quick response mode of Dafa’s ear covering.

Panda went to a noisy shopping mall to try to reduce noise, and it felt similar to Dafa’s M3. Most of the noise is cut off, and even the human voice is weakened a lot. In contrast, this headset will not feel particularly obvious ear pressure after turning on the noise reduction. I don’t know whether it is the characteristics of the earmuffs or the chip algorithm. After the transparent mode is turned on, the effect is very good, all sounds are transmitted into the ears as if they are not wearing headphones, and even clearer. Panda tried to make a phone call, and it was also very clear that this aspect was still quite effective.

In terms of sound quality, Apple continues its consistent style-APTX and LDAC are not supported, and SBC is displayed after connecting to the BRIC, and the whole person is not good. Although everyone says that the Bluetooth headset sounds loud, but it’s almost 2021, there is really no need to be so autistic. If the device does not support AAC transmission, the playback effect may not be as good as the mobile phone. The sound effects personally feel quite satisfactory. The resolution, sound field, and tri-band performance are all good but not at the top level, especially if the low frequency is not booming, I am afraid that some rock lovers will be disappointed. Panda listened to it for half an hour, and found that the background noise was relatively large. I wonder if it can be optimized in the future. In addition, this headset supports spatial audio when watching videos. Head twisting does not affect the relative position of the sound source, so it is worth a try.

To sum up, this headset has a stylish appearance, exquisite workmanship, comfortable wearing, good noise reduction, ordinary sound quality, and no cost-effective price. It is not recommended to buy at a premium. As the guinea pig who bought Homepod for the first time, Panda feels that this headset will embark on the same official price cut in less than a year. After all, compared with competing products, the doubled price does not bring about a technological leap. Consumers will soon calm down from the frenetic mood and re-examine this product objectively.


  1. I mainly use AirPods Max with 12pro, because the mobile phone needs to take pictures so I can’t take a group photo. I used the BRICS to test the link method mainly because the link method will be displayed, and I haven’t seen anyone doing similar tests in other reviews. I have a lot of balanced headphones, I really don’t need them to build gold bricks…
  2. The breathability of the earmuffs is very good. The previous giant-eared pandas felt sultry after wearing them for a while, and started to sweat after an hour. Wearing this pair of headphones did not feel anything in the afternoon.
  3. Spatial audio is not supported at station b. Tested with Tencent Video + Women’s Federation 4, it feels that the sound is coming from the front mobile phone. You turn your neck to the left and someone is talking in the right ear, then turn right and ran to the left ear. That is, the sound does not change with the head rotation at a fixed position.
  4. The earphone shell is very cold outside in winter, so people don’t even have the idea of ​​touching it. No wonder the touch operation is not used. But on the contrary, the earphones completely wrap the ears, and the effect of keeping warm is better. It is also good to open the transparent mode as earmuffs when you go out.
  5. The headset uses the l interface instead of the c interface. The battery life is roughly estimated to be more than ten hours (30% of the electricity in one afternoon), and the charging speed is relatively fast. Wired links need to buy a new conversion cable.


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