After giving up for many years, purchased SONY music player NW-ZX505 again

I haven’t played with the player for a long time, and the ZX300 I bought earlier has suffered for many years.

I feel that the requirements for sound quality are getting lower and lower. It’s not that the ears are degenerating, but that they are getting lazier and lazier ~ too lazy to toss! Too lazy to find lossless! Too lazy to copy!

The more time you spend listening to songs on your mobile phone, you can search for a keyword~ a large number of playlists, and collect and download them at any time. The earphones use noise reduction beans and airpods pro, the sound quality is also compromised, just be able to speak!

The opportunity to buy ZX505 this time was all because of my wife. My colleagues snored too much during the lunch break at their unit, which affected her sleep! Just ask me to buy a noise-cancelling headset!

It requires strong noise reduction, comfortable wearing, and wireless! Just in time for the company to purchase a batch of audio products, WH1000X M3 just right! When I looked at the list, I suddenly found XZ505, generally in-app purchases are old products. I remember that XZ505 is a new product at the end of last year, but I didn’t expect it to have it.

Check the evaluation, very few ~ most of them say it is an upgraded product of ZX300, the sound quality is not improved much. Low cost performance, no need to buy! But my fancy is the Android system! Sound quality like ZX300 is enough for me! Better than a mobile phone! !

Plus the price is really awesome! It is about 1K lower than the lowest price of salted fish~~ Take it straight away!

About sound quality:

It is indeed similar to ZX300, not comparable to black bricks and gold bricks!

With the 3.5 jack, I feel that it is not as effective as the iPhone. But by changing to the 4.4 balance line, the gap opened up!

One ear difference, the level of detail is much better! It seems that this time the Kung Fu has been down the left 4.4 interface~

Using Zenith 8020D external amplifier, the effect is not as good as expected. It is much worse than using the Apogee Duet sound card~ It seems there is no need to use this to connect speakers!

About the system:

Android 9.0, commonly used music clients are supported, and Android src is bypassed globally.

The actual available space of 16G is less than 8g, and a few apps space is not enough. TF card is a must!

The system feels that the card is not as good as a thousand yuan Android phone, and the VIP visual effects of NetEase Cloud Music cannot be opened, special card!

Opening a few more apps will cause severe fever and consume electricity like diabetes!

The battery life is not good~ Listen to NetEase without any damage, it will run out in 5-6 hours.

Generally speaking, it meets my requirements. Android+ has better sound quality than mobile phones! sufficient!


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