The robot that can wash the mop-narwal mopping robot is simple to use

Because of a well-known event at the beginning of the year, my family decided not to hire an auntie, so I have to do it myself to clean the room. The sweeping and vacuuming are all good. I have already entered the pit of irobot 790 and dayson dc45 before. Let’s briefly talk about the sweeping robot. The main problem is that it’s too noisy, so it didn’t take long after it was used. Later, I bought dyson and used it for several years. This kind of wireless vacuum cleaner is actually suitable for users with small houses, dc45 Ordinary suction is about 15-20 minutes, which is basically enough to suck the house again, but after a few years, the battery is obviously not working, so I started with the wireless vacuum cleaner of Ruimi, which is mainly cheap, 1k in the early days, usually just wash it Dust, the price of dyson is meaningless. The old dyson was used directly in the car.

That’s all for vacuuming. Mopping is still very tiring. First, the kind of mop that I used is clamped on the mop, and the kind that needs to be washed by hand when it is dirty. Later, I changed to a disposable disinfectant mop and went to costco to buy a full box of mop, but I was still tired. Later I saw that Narwal had produced a robot that could wash the mop by itself, and I looked at the evaluation, clean water tank and grey water tank. They are all very big, I feel that this is very suitable for my current needs, I started immediately.

Domestic sweeping and mopping robots are sold at a price of more than 4,000, which is not cheap. It depends on whether the mopping function will work. The sweeping function feels like a tasteless and useless. At the beginning of the month, Taobao placed an order and sent it to Shanghai two days later. It was sent by Debon Logistics. Because of the rain, I drove to the logistics park to pick up the goods in the rain at night.

After almost 3 weeks of use, this mopping robot basically solved the problem of mopping the floor in our house. The main advantage is that it is written in the title. It can wash the mop by yourself, and the sound is very soft when mopping the floor. I can hardly hear it. I often Let it drag our living room in the middle of the night, close the door and sleep in the room, without any sound.

Let’s briefly review this sweeping robot from narwal

  1. What is the difference between narwal and other sweeping robots
    The robot products currently on the market are dazzling and diverse. However, the only robot that can wash mop automatically without human intervention seems to be narwal. Taobao also has a very copycat-looking wali sweeping and mopping robot. The water tank is small and it feels very unreliable.

In addition to the LDS laser composition, intelligent path planning and super suction power of the conventional products on the market, the narwal sweeping and mopping robot has the most important function of washing the mop by itself. It is truly fully automatic and has reached the sweeping and mopping robot market. One of the few pain points.

Here are some features and highlights of the narwal sweeping and mopping robot

  1. One machine with two functions, it is both a sweeping robot and a mopping robot
    Narwal supports both sweeping and mopping modes at the same time. By replacing different sweeping or mopping components, you can complete the transition from sweeping robot to mopping robot, one machine with dual functions.

The mode can be changed by replacing different modules. The sweeping and mopping modules are magnetically fixed, and quick installation can be completed without tools

  1. Rotate +10N pressure to mop the floor, making it cleaner
    The narwal mopping method uses a rotary triangular mop. During the mopping process, the mop rotates at a high speed of 180r/min. The body and internal springs continue to exert pressure on the mop. Compared with the conventional reciprocating mopping robots on the market, the cleaning effect is Much better.
    In addition, the front of the ordinary sweeping and mopping machine has an integrated roller brush with rubber wool, which does not avoid water inhalation in the air duct and damage to the machine. Arrange the water tank and mop behind the fuselage. This layout provides little downforce for the mop and cannot mop stubborn stains. The narwal mopping machine puts two high-speed rotating mops in the middle of the fuselage, plus 10N downforce, so that some stubborn stains can be wiped clean.
  2. The mopping robots of other brands drag a piece of rag from the beginning to the end, and the mop needs to be manually replaced when it is dragged halfway, which is very tasteless. The biggest highlight of narwal is that it will automatically recognize the cleanliness of the mop, and then automatically return to the base station for cleaning. Ensure the moistness and cleanliness of the mop.

The base station of narwal is relatively large, and a space of about 10cm should be left on both sides of the base station. This is something you need to pay attention to. The reason for the large base station is that narwal has two very large water tanks for clean water and grey water.

The gray one is the gray water tank and the blue one is the clean water tank. The base station will use a turbo-type cleaning mop to drain the dirty water into the gray water tank.

Cleaning the mop…

The clean water tank can add up to 5L of clean water to the Max water level. 5L cleaning can drag up to 300 square meters of room. And narwal comes with a small bottle of detergent, just pour a certain proportion of detergent into the clean water tank according to the instructions.

4.Automatic air drying

As a fully automatic mopping robot, narwal will not only thoroughly clean the mop after cleaning, but also automatically air-dry the mop, so the mop does not have to be removed after mopping, which greatly improves the user experience.

5.Intelligent route planning, mopping the floor by room

Narwal uses the LDS laser composition and navigation system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the map construction. It uses intelligent algorithms to calculate the optimal cleaning route, automatically divides the room, and supports functions such as custom cleaning of the room. You can also use the included magnetic stripe to set up a virtual wall to enclose some places you don’t want to drag.
Maps must be created for the first use, that is, the robot runs through the LDS laser scanner to produce a digital map in the machine. So first download the narwal smart app.

The first time you use it, the new firmware will be upgraded after opening the APP, and the upgrade will be completed directly. Then start building the map. It is best to place the chairs and small furniture at home when building the map. If there are pets, it is best to keep the pet on the balcony or the like, otherwise it will affect the effect of the map. It took 3 times to build the entire house.
After the drawing is successfully built, narwal will automatically plan the room, which is basically reliable, but if you want to modify it, you can also plan manually in the APP, but the manual planning may not be very good for some room types with long aisles. Complete planning.

After the rooms are automatically divided, the number of sweeps and moppings can be set separately for each room, up to 3 times.

This narwal can also customize the mopping humidity of each room. For example, if the room is laid with solid wood floors, you can choose to be slightly dry, and the living room is covered with floor tiles and choose wet mopping. Very convenient.

  1. Floor sweeping mode
    After installing the sweeping module, the base station switches to sweeping mode for the first time. The suction power is 1800Pa. The sweeping mode is used to roughly clean the room. The robot has bilateral brushes on the left and right sides, but there is no main brush and can only vacuum, so the cleaning effect is average. However, its sweeping function is not valued originally, but if there are friends who have requirements in this regard, they should consider it.

Open the top cover to see the dust box of the robot

Using HEPA filter, the filter supports washing, which improves the life of the filter!

  1. Quiet

The mopping mode is really very quiet, there will be a little noise, but it is very small, which causes me to mop the floor often in the middle of the night, which will not disturb the neighbors


This narwal mopping and sweeping robot is currently the best one that can meet my needs for mopping. The LDS laser navigation has the highest effect in planning routes, supports breakpoint continuous sweeping and other conventional functions, and comes with clean water and waste water tanks. , Each cleaning of the mop is automatically completed. The most important thing is that you no longer need to manually clean the mop after each mopping.

However, the functions in the mobile APP can actually be better. Narwal currently does not support mobile virtual walls. If these functions can be added through OTA upgrade, it will be a perfect machine.


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