Rare experience: feelings about using 8-inch tablet as the main mobile phone

As a big-screen enthusiast, compared to the current flagships that are basically 6.67 and 6.53 inches, the few remaining 7-inch phones on the market can not bring any quality improvement, and the 10-inch, 12.9-inch and the like that have been used for tablets. The span was too great, and I suddenly thought that the m6 full Netcom version released by the prison factory last year would support calls. Then I entered the 8.4-inch high-power version and experienced it for 1 week.

The mobile phone is mate30pro and has been used for almost a year, although it is not a level thing, it is still a bit interesting to compare.

As a heavy user of mobile phones, watching b-sites, microblogging, WeChat work groups, etc., screen size is the first intuitive experience, personally think that the priority is much higher than the screen quality, such as ppi, AMOLED, high refresh, etc. Perception is crushed by size (at least I personally think so, I don’t want to agree), just like the 65-inch Sony, no matter how powerful the first impression is, it is also dried by the 98-inch Redmi, maybe I don’t have a strong perception of high-resolution etc. . And it’s strange that I don’t have this feeling when I switch from a mobile phone to an ipad pro. Maybe the 12.9-inch is too big to be another level of things, and the 8.4-inch tablet and mobile phone can essentially be considered the same kind of experience. The screen quality of the m6 high-power version must be ordinary. After all, it’s at this price. But if there is no comparison, I don’t think it is bad. The mate30pro curved screen gimmick is bigger than practical. It was shocked when I first bought it, especially when I changed it to a live wallpaper. Looking at the water like sea water flowing down the waterfall screen, I do feel that it has a sense of the future, and the visual effect of almost borderless front view is a bit of a Xiaomi surround screen; but after a year, I still feel that dazzling skills are more than practical, not to mention When the picture reaches the edge, it will be distorted and affect the viewing. Sometimes when retouching the picture, important information is exposed on the edge ==. If the curved surface is not displayed, the screen size will be reduced, and the trouble of filming will be annoying, so use The m6’s candy bar screen really felt like “back, all back”. . . . And there are no nasty bangs, and there is no trend of longer and longer mobile phones, and it’s not as square as the ipad. It’s 16 to 10, and it’s very friendly to watch photos, videos, and comics.

Dual speakers kill the mate30pro, which is the most intuitive aspect like the screen size. Size and sound are the two most important feelings. A cheap tablet kills six or seven thousand mobile phones.

This should be the primary reason why few people use tablets as mobile phones. One-handed operation is definitely impossible, but in fact, mobile phones can’t be operated 100% with one-handed in many cases, so the impact is not big. Of course, some people just like small size machines, such as Apple se. As for the trouser pockets, now I wear some IKEA trousers, self-cultivation and exercise. The trouser pockets are not small. Anyway, I can fit them in. I don’t even hold my legs when I sit down and squat. When I got home, I took it out and put it on the table. I didn’t think it would affect the portability. Of course, 10 inches would not work.

Answer the phone:
This should be the second reason why many people think that using a tablet as a mobile phone is inconvenient. Because a brick is attached to the ear with extremely sb, and there is no earpiece, some people used to connect a 3.5mm earphone when using a tablet to call. Of course it is troublesome to drag a line all the year round, but in the past few years, airpods have driven the popularity of Bluetooth earphones. When answering the phone and listening to WeChat voice, the Bluetooth headset can be answered immediately. I use the freelace to hang around my neck. It’s not as hug as Sony’s halter earphones. It’s light and doesn’t flick around when it’s magnetically closed. When you call or watch a video, you don’t wear two of them separately and connect in seconds. It’s easy to lose like earphones in a box. It’s very convenient to plug in the type-c of the tablet and charge it directly.

People who wear iron every day really don’t care how much more than 300 grams is heavier than half a catty of mobile phones. Anyway, I didn’t feel uncomfortable after watching a movie on the plane. As for the problem of smashing my face while lying down. However, I usually lie on my side and watch.

I said that one-handed is definitely not as good as a mobile phone, but when typing is too cool, the screen is big, two thumbs rushing, almost never accidentally touched, it really feels like the physical buttons of the Nokia t9. I’m back, all back…” And the vibration can be adjusted, yes, the flat plate also vibrates and it sprays.

mate30pro is a wireless car charger. It will automatically turn on and put on the wireless charger when you get in the car. It is convenient and convenient, but the back of the phone is very hot every time you take it off. Now use the tablet to replace the large bracket with an extra cable The action must be troublesome, but the itchy innovation of mobile phone wireless charging doesn’t feel like you can’t go back when you use it. On the contrary, the tablet navigation is really refreshing and you can see too much clearly than the mobile phone.

Comparing the endurance of a tablet to a mobile phone is a bully. . . Even with such a large screen, watching station b did not drop a few percentage points after 1 hour

There is nothing to say about it, mate30pro 40w, full charge in more than 1 hour, and 18w that kills m6. The latter has a large battery, which takes more than 2 hours to fully charge. It goes back to Apple’s five good and one safe era in seconds. Fortunately, the battery life is very vigorous and not needed. Frequent charging, this is actually a short but long-lasting but short-term question of who is better~

Taking pictures:
There is nothing to say. The estimated camera value of more than 6,000 mate30pro is two to three thousand. Fortunately, it is not very strange to use an 8-inch camera to take pictures. I went into the bedroom at night and my wife was asleep. I took a photo with the tablet and tried it. The darker the live is, the darker it is. Although there is a night scene mode, the test is all noisy; the mate30pro is too fierce. In the daytime, even the pores can be seen in the night scene mode, which is completely slapped. Of course, the zoom is also used. The tablet is not available at all. Later, I thought about the epidemic situation. I don’t know the year of the monkey and the month of the monkey. I didn’t use the night scene 20 times. Of course, I fully understand that it’s not crazy when I really need it, but I personally choose the latter in front of the big screen that I can feel every moment. And I personally think that there is another very important point: they all know that taking pictures is very important, but many people ignore that looking at pictures is also important. Nowadays, not many people will lead the photos to the computer to watch and sync them to the tablet. Often when people come to see something, two or three people huddle together around the phone to zoom in and zoom out, which is extremely inconvenient. Enhance feelings), and although the tablet is badly shot, the screen area is more than twice as clear at a glance. Now the baby is not so worried about hurting his eyes when he squeezes to look at the photo.

The forehead and chin frame are all aircraft carriers according to the standards of mobile phones, but once compared with the antique shape of ipadmini, they are very capable. If they can be as narrow as mobile phones, it would be better.

Although Kirin 980 is not as good as 990, it is not too weak. UFS should be 2.1. Anyway, I don’t think it is slower than 990+ufs3.1 in daily use. It is much faster than the 660 of the other Mi 4plus. It can’t play with pesticides and eat chicken. , Installed a hurricane (8-inch machine is really suitable for game operation), anyway, not stuck. Install a light start to kill the app to start the ad and open everything in seconds, and 6g ram is enough. Anyway, the 8g background of the prison factory’s system is not wrong.

Both are EMUI 10.1. They have all the basic functions like mobile phones. There is also a parallel view. Unlike the Xiaomi tablet, which castrates a lot of things, it is extremely inconvenient to use. Of course, the parallel view needs to be 10 inches.

No, please return to the remote control, put it in a convenient position, and you can accept it.

nfc: It’s gone. During the epidemic, the mobile phone nfc punch card was very useful, but now it is no longer needed. The Shuhua treadmill at home was originally connected with a mobile phone, but now it is a Bluetooth connection to scan the code to change the tablet, but I don’t think it is inconvenient.

The screen is not oled, it can’t turn off the screen display, but there is a breathing light! “I’m back… all back”; mate30pro is very uncomfortable to use knuckle screenshots or extremely two and dazzling gesture screenshots are not easy to use, now you can use m6 directly with three fingers, “I am back… It’s all back”; As for the castrated holster mode, it doesn’t matter if you run naked. By the way, there is a problem with large-screen devices that should be privacy. For example, everyone in the elevator is looking at the mobile phone. If I also pick it up and look at it, the person behind the content in my hand will be clear at a glance, so now unless I stand in the corner, who are in the elevator I won’t watch it for ten seconds. Of course, posting a privacy film can solve the problem to a large extent.

The most brain-dead:
The so-called turbo button designed for the game on the side is really the most sb design. If you accidentally touch it, you will directly enter the game preparation interface, and the background will be completely killed. After you dial it back, all software must be restarted. It is too brain-dead.
The most lacking feature of being castrated: fingerprints, or getting a side unlock, now either a password or 2d facial recognition, only forbearance, the key is not even double-click to wake up the screen, grass

In the face of the first appeal of the large screen, other weaknesses are acceptable, and it is not completely painful and unacceptable like the early call tablets. Compared with the flagship mobile phone after a year, many functions are gimmicks and dazzling. Excessive, except for the real use of taking pictures, it feels like you can’t go back when it’s useless. On the contrary, it’s too uncomfortable to look at the big screen for a week and then look at the phone as if the screen was cut twice. Considering that the price is more than 2k and more than 6k, it is fragrant. I plan to continue using it like this at the moment. After mate30pro comes out, it can regain 3k blood and it is more expensive than this.


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