After driving the Type R for 2 years, I finally sold it for a family car

Unknowingly, it has been more than two years since I started with the DC5 Type R that I posted before. At that time, I thought I had grasped the tail of youth, but now I look back and find that youth has already run away. I thought about running a track day and going to jdm parties every day before I bought a car, but I didn’t know that my wife moved in just a few days after the car arrived, but nothing was done in the end. In the middle of this year, my wife was pregnant and had to change the car. Let me record the feeling of driving DC5 in the past two years. I am afraid that one day I will forget…

First experience two years late:
My first car is the legendary Fit GK5. I won’t say much about this car, everyone who is familiar with it.
I remember when I stood next to the DC5 for the first time, looking at the low body, the original recaro bucket chair, my palms started to sweat. When I opened the door, it was the first time that I, who had only driven SUVs and Fit, experienced what the seniors meant to get into the car. When I was fully seated in the car, my shoulders, waist, and thighs were firmly fixed, not to say that I could not move, but there was a sense of security that I had never experienced before, and my hands were placed on the steering wheel very naturally. Start the engine, the original exhaust is not annoying, and even the red head is a 2.0 na machine after all. I dare not say that the sound is thick, but at least it sounds more powerful than the Fit. The left foot is clutched and stepped on, fucking, so much heavier than Fit? ! (Later, I learned that the former owner changed the Exedy large single-chip clutch) The left-hand shift lever is tight, but very smooth and very comfortable. It immediately ignited a feeling of middle and two, and started Jackie Chan pinching the stopwatch in the thunderbolt. Practice the shifting action, start from the first gear and finally fall to the R gear, lift the clutch and prepare to reverse.

“Bang”, it turned off.

Okay, it’s wrong for me to think of you as a fit. I just fill up the gas… Finally the car started moving, with a direction and the feel, which is inseparable from my imagination, very showa! To put it simply, it is as heavy as my dad’s first car, Southeast Fulika, when there is a problem with the booster pump.

I put up the first gear, gave it oil, and patted the back of my head directly on the chair. A release of oil is like stepping on a foot brake. I heard many people say that the K20’s low torsion is pitiful, but no one told me that the type r gear ratio is so abnormal. Of course, you can’t force it to accelerate from 2 thousand rpm in 6 gears…

On the night of picking up the car, I took a friend of 170 kilograms and ran on the mountain road. The most impressive thing was the surprisingly fast steering response. As long as the steering wheel was moved, the front of the car would directly point to the past, and the rear of the car followed up very quickly, completely absent. The kind of delay that waits for the spring to compress, the car body rolls, and the center of gravity shifts to start turning.
Thanks to the low center of gravity, the confidence in the corners is also very strong. When I drove other cars before, my body was like an inverted pendulum when turning. The more I swing my head, the greater the swing. The body feels like a centrifugal force acting on the upper body above the waist, and my body keeps doing an inverted pendulum movement. When the type r is turned on, the centrifugal force felt in the bend is completely horizontal. The entire upper body is a hard cylinder, and the centrifugal force acts on it evenly. The actual feeling is that you can feel the buttocks sliding slightly outwards on the cushion and the outer thighs. Squeeze the side support cushion of the seat cushion, and the pressure of the waist and shoulders on the bucket chair is the same as that of the thighs. I personally like this sense of unity very much, like a sense of unity between people and cars.
In terms of suspension and shock absorbers, the original shock absorbers are at least not as rigid as the competitive shock absorbers, but want to say they are comfortable? Impossible…just provide maximum support and feedback on road conditions on an unrelenting basis. It can be said that I felt every crack, patch, height difference on the road that night with my hands and buttocks. The very direct feedback on the steering wheel makes me feel like driving a kart, very passionate and hard-core.
The legendary vtec, in fact, does not have the turbulent turbulence of the big turbine pressure, it is more like the feeling of taking a higher level on the basis of the already very active 4k to 6k revolutions. Especially for those who are used to driving turbo cars and are used to shifting gears at around 6k, their hands are ready to be upshifted by putting their hands on the handlebars. When the vtec opens suddenly, the back is pressed on the chair, as if it is opened. The door of the new world-Fuck, I thought that there was still a hole in it after it was inserted to the end! The slight suffocation lasted from nearly 6k revolutions to 8k4. It is estimated that many people will discover their M attributes during this period.
As the saying goes, it’s cool to open tec for a while, and it’s always cool to open tec all the time. If you are familiar with the route and have a hard toe, you will unconsciously acquire a “tec” skill. As long as the speed is kept above 6k, each acceleration will be at a climax, just like driving a car that is completely different from that in the daytime. It gives people the illusion of associating with the virtuous and virtuous girl during the day and the unrestrained and unrestrained girl at night.

The happy time flies very quickly. After a few days of fooling around, I got busy with work. It didn’t take long for my wife to move over, and DC5 also entered the grocery shopping mode. Don’t try or know, the concept of diligent and thrifty household is definitely engraved into the bones of the fit/civic/integra car series (only before the eighth generation Civic). If Takumi is giving away one box of tofu every night, I will give at least three boxes per trip! Putting the back row aside, two soft-tail mountain bikes and a bunch of equipment can be stuffed.

It even saved me money for moving the company.

But when it comes to daily life, all of the hardcore features mentioned above will be lined up to teach you to be a new person…especially when you are not enjoying driving, such as driving a long distance with your wife and driving on the shit-like highway in New Zealand. , Always hold the steering wheel tightly, fight against the direction of the road caused by various uneven roads, and keep an eye on every small hole on the road, otherwise the lumbar spine will suffer a heavy blow. The various low-speed U-turns and reversing in the urban area made me bid farewell to the gym, and my left leg recurred from time to time. In the past two years as a Fit, I even drove it to a fuel consumption of 8.3L per 100 kilometers. The dignified K20 is not too bad for me…

Back to this year:
Two years have passed in the blink of an eye. As mentioned in the previous article, life has changed a lot. Finally, I have to talk with my wife about changing the car. Finally, after various considerations and discussions, I changed to a 4-door sedan…

At the beginning, the requirements for choosing a car were quite simple. The basic requirement was to have 4 doors. Then I had manual transmission obsessive-compulsive disorder, so I could only buy manual ones. Taking into account that I usually play a lot of outdoor sports, the weather and road conditions in Yangcun Complicated, let’s add four-wheel drive. If the horsepower is 220 horsepower, the type r should be at least 250 horses up. Considering the fuel consumption, the displacement should be within 2.5 (inclusive). After visiting the second-hand market with these requirements, I found that there are only a few options that meet the requirements:
Subaru sti 10 (sti 1.5w can buy the car in good condition, good price/performance ratio)
Mitsubishi evo 10 (the 9th generation car source is too few, and the price is too high. It is indeed a global wealth management product. The 10th generation car is in good condition, about 2.5w can be won)
Subaru sti 11 (because the years are too new, there is not much stock in the second-hand market, about 4w~5w)
Fox rs (large cabin space, full four-wheel drive with drift mode playability, nearly 350 horsepower is really enough, so I am a jdm diehard. It is newer in the same year as sti 11, and the minimum is about 4w)

In fact, I also considered wrx 11, but the price is not as good as sti 10, and compared to wrx’s fa20, I still prefer the ancestral ej of sti.

Then I started discussing with my wife…

Me: The STI 10th generation is very cost-effective. It is only 1.5w. You can get it by selling Honda and adding a little money. When I was in college, I often told you about that one. Han Han had already opened it.
Wife: It’s not good-looking, it’s like a large Mazda 3.
Me: sti 11 costs 45,000.
Wife: Look at the lines of the 11th generation. The 10th generation is round like a Toyota.
Me: To a certain extent, it is indeed a Toyota… Then the evo 10 looks good, the lines are similar to the sti 11, and it can be won for less than 30,000.
Wife: It’s not good-looking, but I don’t like it.
Me: How about the same Fox rs of your male god Azu? The car can be put in the car very well, the front line is also fierce, the horsepower is the largest, and there is a second-hand online only in the early 40,000.
Wife: Why did you choose another car that looks like a Fit? It’s not good to choose three boxes. Didn’t you say jdm and sti are awesome?
Me: These 11 export versions use ej257 instead, which is not strictly jdm.
Wife: Just the 11th generation sti. Besides, I bought an automatic XV so that I can also drive it.

Then I went to the car dealer for a weekend and cut 1k, spent 4.4w to recharge my childhood belief…

After that, the type r was put on the second-hand platform, and it was sold out at a small loss of 1k5 within a few days. Foreign buyers contacted the trailer and came to the door, and when it finally came time to separate from it, they were reluctant and unwilling, but it was so natural. My wife took me the last photo of Xiaolan.

It has been three months since the sti has been driving, and I was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of the change. Especially when I was in the sti, I felt like driving Dad’s 08 Forester. Comfort is my biggest feeling when I drove the sti in the first week. The multi-angle electric adjustable seat can be said to be my wife’s favorite. It also has a sunroof that I have always disliked. Even if it is hydraulically assisted, I don’t have to compete with the steering wheel anymore. There is also a fixed-speed cruise for long-distance running, and the shock absorber finally has the function of filtering shock, saving my lumbar spine. The fuel consumption is also acceptable. The grocery shopping mode is adjusted to the most loose gear with dccd. The daily commuting is about 10L for a hundred kilometers, and the long-distance 100 kilometers can be within 8L. And the only thing that makes me feel like driving a performance car is the clutch, which is about the same weight as the big monolithic type r.

Another major change after changing the sti is that it is equipped with a towing ball, which can be pulled by a trailer to transport goods, and there is no need to worry about moving and purchasing.

You can also install a bicycle frame on the towing ball, and go to the bike park to save half an hour before and after the time of disassembly and assembly. The full score is really good.

The same-sex dating attribute of sti is not covered, and within a few days I hooked up with the local circle of playing leopards, but my sti, which is currently and will be in the original state for a long time, does not seem to have enough attitude…

Passing the mountain road on the weekend, to see if I can find the first love passion of driving type r, switch the si-drive to chicken blood mode, the throttle becomes very sensitive, and the car will rush forward with a light touch of the throttle. But compared to the type r’s line-pull throttle, sti is like turning on its own throttle accelerator, and the response is slightly exaggerated, which reminds me of the moaning of some technicians. Regardless of true feelings or falsehoods, the 300 horses are real. Unfortunately, they are 300kg heavier than the Type R. With the additional resistance of the four-wheel drive system, the acceleration is not as violent as imagined. It’s a pity that just as I was reminiscing about 8400 fucking her happy hour and preparing to climax, the 6600 red line had arrived, and a sweet female voice suddenly sounded in my mind: “Boss, add a clock.” If the car is equipped with the jdm version of the 8000 rpm ej207 engine and the close gear ratio gearbox, it may be a different story.

Speaking of the gearbox, I don’t know if it’s my rp problem or Subaru’s mt. When the 3rd gear enters the 4th gear, the gear bar will snap at the neutral position to pull it into the 4th gear. For the type r, it can be moved by just a light pull. 3 enters 4, no hindrance. If the gk5 shift is loose and smooth, then Type R is tight and smooth, while Sti is tight but slightly stuck.

Turning into the corner, the long-lost sense of roll came back. Although the original shock absorber has sufficient support, the natural center of gravity is still not comparable to the type r. The comfortable seat and the tough shock absorber make people feel safe, and the body speed is much slower than the actual speed. Unlike Type R, even if you know that you are still far from the limit of the car, driving around 80 on the mountain road is already tight (si) and full of wang.

To finish this mountain road at a comfortable pace, it takes the same time as the previous type r, or even a little faster, but there is still a sense of emptiness in my heart. I always feel like I didn’t run when I ran. It was obviously 10 minutes ago, but the impression has been blurred. I habitually wiped the palms of my hands on my pants, only to find that my back and palms were all dry.

“My lord, times have changed…”

I suddenly remembered that at a car gathering a few years ago, an old man eloquently told me his 76 Corvette C3, 5.7 displacement and about 200 horsepower. I asked him why he didn’t build a new C6 or something, the horsepower was more than doubled, he was very proud to say that this machine is running a carburetor, especially raw (wild? Pure?). At that time, I felt that he was brainwashed by the cult.

But now, I just want to wait for my children to grow up quickly. When I no longer need a family car, I will find a Type r from around 1997, a Subaru type r, and be an old man brainwashed by a cult.


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