Unboking of Ducati 939S

Said why suddenly thought of buying this car. When I went to buy Kay for my Kawasaki 650 in October last year, I saw a red 939S retrieved from the field in the store. I looked around for a long time at that time. I said that the car is so beautiful. In fact, the actual car looks average now, far from the amazing feeling at that time, it is estimated that because this store is full of some BMW RT1200 and waterbirds, I think the car is ugly, a comparison looks like this street runs too Handsome.

Of course, I didn’t even think about buying this car at the time. After all, when I asked about more than 2,000 kilometers of used cars, I received 135,000. I think it’s a bit expensive and I can’t buy it.

After the epidemic, I have been a little restless. I ca n’t ride a car at home all day and I have to watch the video every day. I run the mountain, review, and handsome seven or seven. I just watched the 939S evaluation of the fifth. After reading the long grass index, I I feel that this is too suitable for me. The shape of the sports car and the riding triangle of the 821 are almost non-tailored for my sports car, which is a short-distance commute for one or two months of daily commuting. I started to look for the target with the salted fish in the eighth classic-I do n’t think about the new car, it ’s not that I make excuses for my poverty, even if it ’s a pain of 150,000, the key is to pay the local dog more than 10,000 taxes. , Doesn’t this help abuse?
The On the secondary market is all about the price of killing pigs, regardless of the car condition, it is generally more than 130,000, and there are those who change the parts to sell for 160,000 or 70,000. When blowing water in the group, I vomited a few words. At this time, Luo Bureau @robroys came on the colorful Xiangyun, and gave me a screenshot.

As soon as I looked at the price mileage, the 222-kilometer potted plants only sold 12.X. That was so fragrant, I quickly asked Luo Ju to ask the car dealer WeChat.

Asked the net price, 128,000, X is quite big. After spending a week with the car dealer, the boss deserves to open the Lamborghini, not giving up a point, so I can say that I have finally included a logistics and transfer.

Then there is the long process of waiting for the Shanghai card to transfer.
Daqian crane has finally arrived, but this time is the rainy season. I didn’t catch up with the sun in the last few days of last week. I can only ask logistics to drag it to a friend’s repair shop and ask him to help me change the oil and tires.

I read the weather forecast yesterday and said that it was a cloudy day this morning. I was so excited that I didn’t sleep well all night. I drove to the store early in the morning to get my beloved pigeon out of the car to get a license.

I didn’t ask HUANG COW to go by myself for the first time. It turns out that the efficiency of GUAN is already so high. I got the license in one hour and it cost 45 yuan. The two cars used to be so white that they made money

PS: The original tool bag is too stingy, there is no wrench.

Share the riding experience:

  1. The car is very light, it feels too light, the weather is cold, and the soft and casual pressure is twice (it is estimated that the three bending lines are pressed to the uppermost one). It is obvious that the steering is oversteered, the throttle output is stable, and the rear wheel has a slight The feeling of actively sending out to the outside of the bend. KTM is also very light and thief, but the rear wheels do not feel this way. Luo Ju said that this is the effect of back suspension, I guess yes. In short, compared with this car, I instantly felt that the Kawasaki 6F I used to ride was a big iron camel.
  2. Olins is so handsome before and after, although I clearly know that in the eyes of passers-by this is no different from the two batteries, but I feel very good when riding. Get value.
  3. Downshifting and refueling will fart, the sound is very loud and obvious, especially when the brakes stop quickly, let the rider unconsciously raise the corner of the mouth.
  4. The fast shifting gear is too easy to use. I am afraid that I will get used to this car. I will forget the correct way of shifting gears after riding other cars, especially forget to refuel.
  5. This car can’t be put into neutral after driving. I tried 7, 8 intersections and finally gave up. After waiting for the red light, I can only hold the clutch, so tired. . . Asked to get off the car, Ducati is a set, served, and feels very dirt.
  6. How is this oil pot different from the brembo oil pot I have seen before? There is a pole on the side. The cover of the oil pot I bought in advance is deformed and sprayed.

Finally, the work of Ducati in Thailand, I did not plan to change the exhaust. Such an ugly exhaust is not as good as my previous Qian Jiang, let alone Kawasaki. It is difficult for me to do welding with a gun and make it even uglier than this.


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