The cheapest BMW–R1250G motorcycle unpacking

The street car rides for a long time and wants to change the rally to find poetry and distance. The new non-shuanghe and 790ADV are not expected to be available before the third quarter.

There are three versions of the 1250GS, the beggar version, the rally version, and the expedition version. The beggar version lacks several key configurations and has no purchase value. The rally version is beautifully painted. The expedition version has a high configuration and is only 3,000 expensive. It is obviously more cost-effective.

In fact, I did n’t really like waterbirds before. It may be the reason for the image of a typical waterbird owner. I always feel that this car is slightly greasy … But after I got it, I found that the riding experience is much better than I expected. The heavy-duty rally sales benchmark is not unreasonable.

The road driving experience is very good, smooth, stable and comfortable, and the power is surging and not going up. Except for low-speed movement, it is hardly felt that this is a 250kg car; the turning radius is extremely small, and the width of the one-way lane is enough to turn around; The relationship between the telelever front suspension and the electronic shock absorber makes the emergency brake nod very slightly, this point is not a double; basically on the road, how to ride a street car, how to ride this thing

The off-road performance of waterbirds has always been criticized by keyboard drivers. Every time I brushed KTM videos on station b, the barrage was always “waterbirds come to play”. In my opinion, in addition to the difference in the design orientation of the car, a larger part of the reason Waterbird owners are mostly middle-aged long-distance parties with a Buddhist personality. These people do not like car-making and have not learned serious off-road driving techniques, so they give the impression that this car does not perform well.

In fact, as long as a good tire is replaced, the off-road ability of waterfowl is quite sufficient. Gravels, river beaches, and ordinary forest roads are easy to handle. Occasionally, it is no problem to take a small jump. It can be said that the off-road limit of this car is far beyond that of most owners. Above the ability to control

Many people say that waterbirds are not exciting enough. Indeed, this car is too smooth. Although the horsepower and torque are not bad, there is no Ducati that kills you and does not tilt your head and grind your knees. It seems that you have n’t ride a car today. a feeling of. But I think the fun of waterbirds is not here, but a seamless switch between highways and rotten roads. I can explore the world as I want. After changing waterbirds, I never ran over the mountain, but often like Link in the Breath of the Wild. Plunge into various country trails to explore the unnoticed scenery

The good looking rally version, the low windshield and the one-piece seat cushion are suitable for off-road use. In fact, this version is a little kind. It has fewer hand guards, handle heating, tire pressure detection, compared to the adventure version, which is only priced at 3,000 yuan. Big support, and these things need to be installed with original parts for about 15000 … So if you are not obsessed with the shape, it must be the adventure version.

 As soon as I mentioned the car, I went to play with sand. Although it is still the original pseudo-pull tire (about 90% of the road and 10% of the off-road), due to the setting of the shock absorber, the sand is obviously 50kg lighter than the scraper 1100 that I used before Easy to control. Because I did n’t see the rolling sand dunes in front of me, I flicked a steep hurdle about 40cm high, and I was ready to fall in the air.

 Tried the power to turn around, and as expected, the road tires were difficult to control, wait for the pineapple tires to come again

In the muddy ground after the rain, the original tires are completely useless. Careful oiling is still crazy, and the disadvantage of the weight of the car will show up at this time. The 250KG car quickly drains your physical strength, especially when it falls on the slope Desperate, no two strengths, remember not to ride heavy rally alone to cross country

Ordinary forest roads, grasslands, and gravel roads have no pressure and are easy to control. However, the water bird belongs to a rally car that focuses on road driving. The original setting of the handle angle is low. The sitting posture is very comfortable, and the standing posture needs to be slightly bent, and it will be tired after a long time. More natural, if you have a lot of trail running, you can adjust it yourself


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