Cherry MC8.1 mouse simple feeling

Today I saw the Cherry MC8.1 mouse on the market. As a cherry enthusiast and mouse enthusiast, quickly buy one and try it out. It was disappointing overall.

First of all, the biggest selling point, you can adjust the tilt of the mouse surface by yourself. This is indeed a creative idea, but whether the mouse really needs to be so particular or whether it can be adjusted to the angle you are accustomed to is really a question. Especially for the latter, I have adjusted the tilt angle to the maximum, but still feel it is not very suitable, or in other words, I feel less comfortable than the logical master3.

Then the second selling point, the two sides of the mouse can be replaced, you can choose to have radians or flat. It is estimated that this design comes from the creative ideas of the Xbox elite controller, especially the installation method is also magnetic adsorption. But this dispensable design directly caused the biggest problem with this mouse, which is the left button rollover.

Because the mouse is divided into two layers, and the side of the lower layer can be replaced, the side keys can only be installed on the upper layer, and the upper layer has a limited space (you can see it for yourself). The direct problem is that the left button is very thin. And, very much before the test, when holding the mouse normally, the thumb can’t press that key, even if it is pressed, the hand feels very stiff.

Incidentally, this problem also appeared on the logical mx masters 1 and 2, but the logic was completely redesigned to master3, which completely solved the problem.

Of course, there are some. The workmanship is certainly nothing to say, the metal surface has a good texture. Then the very characteristic “tracked” wheel, the experience is very good, but without the infinite speed of the logical master. 16000 dpi is also sufficient for large-resolution screens and computer games that require delicate operations.

To sum up briefly, if you work, logical mx master3 is undoubtedly the best at present. There is no one. Even if you already have Master2, 3 is almost a brand new design.

If you want to experience different mice and like to play with novel electronic products, you can accept 1,000 yuan, then cherry is an experience. Of course, I do n’t play computer games, and I ’m not sure if it ’s suitable for chicken.

In the end, this mouse may be paired with its own mx8.0 keyboard. What kind of “arms box” packaging this mouse actually has, but the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy. Wash, cut and blow, the same strong sense of cheapness.

I myself have two cherry mx8.0 keyboards, two so-called arms boxes, one of which was thrown away directly and one was given away. I will leave this mouse for a moment, after all, there is a high probability of selling salted fish directly.


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