“Resident Evil 3” remake Demo detailed, have you destroyed 20 dolls?

The remake of Capcom’s horror adventure remake classic “Resident Evil 3” will be released today (20) DEMO experience version “Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City”, players can now download the experience through PSN and PC Steam for free. Of course, just like the remake of Resident Evil 2 previously, although the content of this trial version is short, the development team’s intentions can be felt just by the early experience of the game.

In this demo version of Resident Evil 3 Remastered, the part that can be experienced is after the subway station meets Carlos and then fights the trackers on the roof. In order not to destroy the fun of the player’s first play, the content will be described in a way that does not reveal the sequence of plot development and the solution of the organ. The trial version fully supports Chinese voice, interface, and subtitles.

Resident Evil 3 Remastered, similar to Resident Evil 2 in the context of Laguna City, describes the surviving S.T.A.R.S. cadre Jill Valentine’s in-depth investigation into the conspiracy of the umbrella company. More than 20 hours before Resident Evangelion and Claire Redfield visited Recon in Resident Evil 2 Remake, the curtain of Resident Evil 3 Remake was unveiled locally.

The city of Laquine, located in the northwestern United States, has developed with the rise of the international pharmaceutical company umbrella company. The umbrella company advertises its contribution to public health and well-being, but actually has the dark side of chemical weapons. The police special forces S.T.A.R.S. who went to investigate the incident was on the verge of disintegration, but still succeeded in detecting the biochemical disaster. It was the biochemical weapon “t-virus” leaked from the umbrella of the pharmaceutical company. Faced with the spread of viral infections in towns, Jill was once again determined to survive. But Jill didn’t know that in order to destroy everything, the strongest messenger had been released …

The start of the demo is the subway station in the picture

When it comes to “Resident Evil 3 Remake”, this work is different from “Resident Evil 3”, my personal feeling is “almost completely become a new game”! Although “Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition” dramatically changed the way of playing, from a fixed perspective to an action game with free control over the shoulder, the overall plot still follows the original “Resident Evil 2 Remastered”; The original “Resident Evil 3” has more obvious differences, even the layout of the story itself has been significantly changed, and new puzzles and elements have been added.

Although it is said to be a high-quality remake, you can still see scenes that seem to have met, and the graffiti on the ground seems a little familiar?

The first is the change in character settings. In order to make the story more reasonable, the production team modified not only Jill’s skirt, but also the background settings of the main character groups. The U.B.C.S. mercenary “Carlos Oliveira”, a private unit of the U.B.C.S., an umbrella company of the U.B.C.S., whose status is equivalent to the leading actor, has a completely remodeled appearance, and has a reliable and stable feeling in the frivolity. Judging from the contents of his conversation with Jill, the relationship between the two has become a bit like rejoicing against each other?

In addition to the two protagonists, due to the improvement of the screen performance, players can directly watch the UBCS Delta team leader “Michelle Victor” with a wrinkled and serious expression, and the cold-hearted Delta team The scene of Captain B’s team leader “Nikola Kinoviev” whispering to Jill has made this work a “group portrait drama” with more dramatic tension.

The map of Resident Evil 3: Remastered may not be very extensive, but many areas in Laquinn can be explored repeatedly, improving immersion and length of play. Players must travel back and forth between streets, shops, restaurants, pharmacies and other places. As the number of items to be acquired increases, it is more valuable to explore them. For example, after getting the unlocking tool, you can open the lock that you could not open or cut the iron chain. To get hidden props.

How do I get a locked shotgun?

There are many puzzles hidden in the map, such as if you open a safe located somewhere, you can get a red dot sight to improve the stability of the pistol. Due to the improvement of the screen performance, many tips are directly hidden somewhere in the background, and you may miss them if you don’t pay attention. Of course, these side-line puzzles are not difficult to solve, but solving the puzzle is really a big fun of the “Resident Evil” series, and this design is believed to satisfy players.

In addition to these scattered puzzles, you can directly get props or weapons, and you can get “chic boxes” by solving certain puzzles. Enter the menu to open the boxes to get “gems.” These gems are set in the machines in the subway station, which can be exchanged for rewards such as grenades and tactical butts.

In the process of facing a large group of zombies (and mutants) with a single shot, once Jill was caught, he could only quickly rotate the analog stick to break free. However, this game is equipped with “Emergency Dodge System”, which can use the left analog stick and R key to dodge when it is about to be attacked.

 Jill Dodge Demo

However, it should be noted that in addition to continuous dodge, some enemy attacks cannot be avoided, so it can only be used as an emergency self-protection method. If you want to be safe, it is better to shoot or detour.

From time to time, Jill has to face a large number of zombies or step by step

At the beginning of the game, the control of supplies is very important. At the beginning of the trial, Jill had only a G19 pistol, a knife, and a little supplies. Early ammunition was very scarce. If random shooting may fall into the dilemma of bombing out, it is necessary to make good use of methods such as blasting gasoline barrels and firing generators to hinder zombies.

Fortunately, this work inherits the item synthesis system of Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition. It can synthesize gunpowder and herbs into medicine at any time and place. You can also view the objects and combination props on your body at any time. After gradually accumulating supplies, you can be a little relieved. It is only because the props that can be carried on the body are limited, it is recommended to make good use of the warehouse to store temporarily unused items.

At the beginning of the experience clip, Carlos will prompt Jill to go to the substation to restart the power supply because the suspended train will be resumed. Although you will pass the subway control room on the way, you still need to go to the substation in order to ensure the operation of the subway. Even after the power supply is successfully restored, it is not easy to start the train, and the related puzzles need to be solved, but the fun of solving the puzzles is left to the players to experience for themselves.

How can we get the subway back to work?

In a substation surrounded by strange biological tissues, Jill’s goal is to activate four circuit breakers to restore the main power supply. Here you will encounter a creature that looks like a large flea. It seems to be the Drain Deimos (ト ゙ レ イ ン テ ゙ ィ モ ス) commonly known as the “ditch demon” in the original. The appearance is not that different from before. It lays parasitic eggs on the human body through the throat, and it is also mandatory to demonstrate to Jill at the beginning. After being parasitic, green herbs must be swallowed as soon as possible, otherwise the blood will continue to be damaged and the vision will become blurred. These parasites are large and small, because the action is very fast, it is recommended to use shotguns to deal with. In addition, when starting the circuit breaker, you must be careful that they hang on the ceiling and carry out sneak attacks from behind.

In substations that have turned into nests, try to activate the circuit breaker
The ditch demon that hangs upside down on the wall, be careful not to be parasitic!

In addition, this time you can experience a scene that needs to pass through the sewer, where you will encounter a biochemical monster based on amphibians, “Hunter Gamma (ハ ン タ ー γ)”. Hunter Gamma looks a lot like a frog in the original version. In the remake version, the design has changed drastically, becoming a bit like Fruvru in Monster Hunter.

The sewer scene is very “tasteful”
Hunter Gamma appears specifically in humid and shady places, and will cause a deadly swallowing attack.

When it comes to “Resident Evil 3”, the most impressive thing is probably the Nemesis. Based on the biological weapon tyrant, the umbrella company improved its instability and finally made this new weapon. In the midst of the strange disease, “It” was thrown into Laguna City in disorder. The task given to the “monster” of the tracker is to obliterate S.T.A.R.S. members. The greatly enhanced intelligence enables the tracker to perform tasks at its own discretion, and its enhanced self-regenerative ability also allows it to continue fighting regardless of any damage.

In the remastered version, the followers will still appear suddenly and be chased after all kinds of unexpected occasions, making the player’s pressure burst. Unlike a bare-handed tyrant, the tracker also uses a variety of ordnance weapons, such as the signature flame ray gun, to deal with Jill. Not only that, it also uses the tentacles to trip Jill to block Jill’s actions.

And because the tracker has an unmatched regenerative ability, a thorough enough attack will not be able to cause damage to it. Even if it has been extremely traumatized, it will still stand in front of the player again. However, if the tracker can really be “played” smoothly, the tracker will drop the supply box, and can get pistol mufflers, expanded magazines, and other very useful props.

In the original “Resident Evil 3”, at some critical moments when encountering followers, the game screen will suddenly freeze and text options will appear to allow players to choose “head-to-head confrontation”, “hiding” and so on. This design was cancelled, and it became a completely action game. The player must control Jill himself to decide what to do next. If you can’t fight hard, it’s best to escape all the way. If you are unlucky Game Over too many times, the system will also prompt whether to switch to simple mode, you can get multiple supplies and get better weapons, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the game.

Monsters who can use weapons are too foul!

After players successfully extinguished the alleyway, the trial version of the game came to an end. It is worth mentioning that after the level is broken, the system will destroy the number of dolls. The original mini-games played in the second generation are also made in the third generation. Fortunately, there are already masters from overseas who can help everyone remind you where these dolls are.

Resident Evil 3 remakes will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 3, 2020.


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