RG350 open source handheld starts out of the box

After LDK, I always hoped for a better machine. With this mood, I ordered the RG350.
Better screen, bigger battery, more keys, higher spec processor
However, these improved new machines are prominently printed on the outer box.

3.5 inch IPS LCD, tempered glass body
4770 processor
type-c charging, type-c OTG extension
Body dual channel
2500mah battery

Added fuselage buttons L2R2, L3R3, and right stick
The benchmark PS handle is complete

I have been worried that the cross key will not reach the ideal feeling
I personally do not play fighting games, and have very low requirements for scrubbing and delaying, as long as I can approach the cross key of the Nintendo handheld.
The cross key of 350 is very close to the feel of the old GB. The pressing force is much larger than that of LDK. The rubber rebound is not as brisk as that of LDK.
And when you play an action game, you need to press hard to the end to trigger, but just press it lightly, there is no response! That is, the person in the picture will somehow stay still. . .
And the surface of the cross key is relatively flat. Each time you press it all the way, your finger is already too deep in one direction, and then moving it in the other direction is a bit laborious.
This experience is not very good, I think if the cross key can be like MD, xbox360, switch pro, the surface of the cross key is a little more arc, the effect will be much better
Manufacturers seem to be obsessed with the design elements of the old GB, a little behind the times.

The joystick is of the PS handle level. Everyone knows what it feels like.
The keycap can be removed, press the L3R3 key
The ABXY button is a bit high. The rubber rebound is the same as the cross key. The force is slightly heavier and the rebound is slower. It is not very good, even worse than LDK.
What’s wrong with L1R1, L2R2, but the burr of the plastic mold of L1R1 is a bit burr, and the photos can also be seen
In addition, the shell is fixed with 4 screws. The screws are a little bit, and there is no stitching. The internal dust is necessary.

There are radians on both sides of the back, and the grip is okay. If you can spare the expansion screw
The battery is built-in, and the warranty sticker on the body will not be disassembled. . .

The new machine uses a type-c interface, and there are two, one charging one OTG
However, the OTG function is currently not supported by software. . . Can two be online? Can external handle mouse keyboard Bluetooth audio? Currently unknown.
The 3.5 port has a video output, and a cable is also included with the box. I don’t think it is necessary, but it only increases the cost

There are only 4 keys on the 350 body. Switch, volume and reset. To activate the system menu, use a combination of keys to achieve
Switch on and off by pressing and holding the key for more than 3 seconds
Callout simulator menu is on key + L1
Force exit simulator key + sel
Arcade simulator menu SEL + STA + L1 + R1
It’s too much trouble, not at all. . . . . Another 350H front row of function keys is very good design

Although it is a copy of GCW, it has been several years since the crowdfunding and launch of GCW.
The 350 machine was too hasty from project establishment to market launch.
Just engraved the fuselage. Corresponding to this self-feeding machine, the optimization of the system to the simulator is far from being in place.
After playing for a few months, the little dragon king, and then started to use this machine for a night to return to the state before liberation
The simulators are simple porting and development, and there is no special support for the 350 body feeding part!
The newly added joystick, not to mention the right joystick, is not even supported by many simulators!
The inside of the RG350 is a vibration motor. Yes, you heard it right. But this motor is currently only supported by the debugger in the system, neither the system nor the simulator
It cannot be overclocked, but most simulators and games currently reach full speed. . .
Do n’t have any hope for the simulation speed.

If you want to buy, buy the standard configuration randomly, do not choose the 32GB card package
Cari ’s game ’s own dinosaur rom, this one does not provide any special app or beautification
The system file is in the TF card of the fuselage, and has nothing to do with the external TF

Finally, talk about the screen. The screen of the RG350 is quite good. If you have a neogeo mini on your hands, the look and feel of the two are very close!
Full color, point-to-point lattice, high viewing angle, the mirror surface of the body is a tempered film, which is very transparent
As a replica handheld, the only regret of this screen is that it is not a full-fit screen. . . And a little light leak at the bottom
The actual shooting with LDK looks a bit yellow, which is the effect of the mobile phone camera. In fact, LDK’s screen is white. .

Upper disassembly diagram
The 4770 chip is added in the middle for cooling aluminum sheet.
The left and right joysticks are independent modules that need to be removed. It is not difficult to 3D print a part to fill it. . .
It is naturally better for the manufacturer to be able to produce a plastic piece to fill the hole of the right rocker. . .

LDK Disassembly Diagram


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