Charging treasure is a toy-a brief comment on the capsule charging treasure

The Portable Charger industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and a variety of fast charging and wireless charging products are emerging. With the expansion of cell phone batteries and the popularization of shared charging treasures, people’s demand for charging treasures is becoming less and less. Therefore, more and more manufacturers have begun to find new ways to design and produce various strange and strange charging treasures, such as before The very hot magic array series, and the Zhaiji series that can play games on the back, etc … and this space capsule charging treasure is also one of them.

At first glance, when I saw the real thing, I felt very cute. Various small animals were confined in the oval space capsules and looked at you eagerly. There is a circle of ambient lights around the cabin, which flickers with breathing, and looks full of science and technology.

The capsule itself is a Portable Charger that can be removed from the base when in use. There is a switch on the back. A short press below the front compartment will display the energy slot (remaining power). A long press will turn the breathing atmosphere light on or off. According to the seller, this atmosphere light can last for a full 30 days after being fully charged. It seems to be a good night light? Charging treasure’s parameters are quite satisfactory, there are A port and C port, there is no problem in daily use, but it is too large and a bit heavy, it is best to carry it in a bag.

The biggest selling point of this Portable Charger is the cats, cats and dogs in the cabin, which not only look stupid and funny, but also can be disassembled and replaced. In other words, as long as you buy a charging treasure, you can stuff different animals into the space capsule. Fortunately, the replacement animal is not the popular blind box game nowadays, otherwise Wallet will cry again …

Overall, this should be considered a small toy accessory with a Portable Charger function, and it should be pretty good for girls. There are also a bunch of stickers in the box, which children will prefer.


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