A Brief Comment on Mi 10 Mobile Phone Unboxing

At present, Xiaomi 10 is no longer out of stock, when I bought it, it was still in a state of panic buying. Compared with Huawei P40, the price / performance ratio of Xiaomi Mi 10 is also really fragrant.

I bought a low-end version, not a PRO
Newly bought without dismantling
Good point, there is a membrane
Give the shell back, conscience
Light up

After opening the box, talk about the advantages and disadvantages.
The machine sent the shell, and the province bought it. It was good. It also sent a converter. It even gave the film and it was affixed. Apple is used to feeling that the domestic mobile phone is really conscience, and Xiaomi is more conscience.
The speed is very fast and the machine is smooth. Although I don’t think the card is ipX now, I feel that Xiaomi 10 is significantly faster when doing some large games.
Unlocking the fingerprint under the screen is very useful, especially now with a mask, Apple’s facial recognition is exhausting. This is absolutely positive
The sound effect of the speaker is better than ipx. It is not a star, and it is really good to have two speakers.
The screen is also very satisfactory and feels better than IPX. I do n’t know the specific data, and there is no ip11 comparison in my hand.
Taking pictures is also bumpy. One hundred million pixels is not covered. I think it is better than IPx for more than one grade.
The drilling screen is good, you don’t have to look at Apple’s bangs anymore, basically it is a full screen.

It’s too big, it’s heavy
Charging is fast, but I do n’t feel it
The phone has some built-in software that cannot be deleted
The appearance is ugly, not at all compelling, I originally wanted to buy Huawei, but Huawei did not have a new machine. Recently, only one Xiaomi 10 was released, which is just fine.


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