Steam people praise “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord”

Thousands of calls came out, and the “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord” that thousands of players waited for was released at the end of March. It is the same as “Resident Evil RE: 3”. Switch’s new hit “Collection!” Under the enthusiasm of “Animal Forest Friends Association”, it has won the favor of die-hard fans in the market … After all, as a fan of riding and cutting, this 2 generation really waited too long.

 As for how fragrant you say this is, since its launch on March 30, the Steam platform has had more than 50,000 comments in less than a week, of which 85% are positive, and its popularity can be seen in general.

 YES! 2 generations of long-awaited fans

Foreword, “Mount & Blade”, developed by Turkish game company TaleWorlds, is an action role-playing game that simulates the feudal era of medieval Europe. The player plays an adventurer who ventures on the mainland of Caladea in various kingdoms. Find a way to eat together.
Since the game itself has a sandbox gameplay system, you can hire various mercenaries and partners to set up an armed group and take the lead in person to see if you want to work for villages to earn commissions or goods, buy and sell in various parts of the mainland, or for the kingdom. It is possible to gain a reputation and a territorial territory by fighting, and even create your own kingdom for the king.

1st generation screenshot

There are several reasons why 2 has received such attention. One is that the previous work “Mount & Blade” itself is very interesting, especially the expansion of the expansion of “Mount & Blade: Warband”. In view of the content of the multiplayer game and the development of the MOD, I have played the Warriors of the Three Kingdoms version and the Battle of the Lord of the Rings.

Warband Screenshot

Another point is that TalesWorlds announced the development news in 2012 (the release time of the first generation is 2008), and the preview will be completed in 2014 … Then it has been extended all the way to today, and many generations of expansion packs have been released in the middle. It made players spit out to no avail, and was dubbed “waiting simulator” by fans of various fans.

Realistic medieval military simulation

To be honest, what kind of game is “”Mount & Blade II”? It can be described in one sentence: it is a fictional medieval simulator.
Unlike another well-known medieval simulative green hat simulator “Crusade King 2”, the “Mount & Blade ” series has always been more focused on the actual experience, all the towns in the game-including small villages-can be practical Ride on horseback and go shopping in the village, see the farmers farming, the shepherd boy chasing sheep, help the powerful people in the village solve the problems of the village, or ask these powerful people to subsidize the soldiers and food.

Another important point is: players can mount horses directly to fight the enemy, whether it is a small bandit gangster, a Jiangyang thief who takes the mountain as king, or a large number of troops to engage in field or siege warfare with other countries. Computer. Among them, the most fascinating thing for fans is the large-scale field battle, because you can fully appreciate what it means to feel like “the sword is flying like a sword, the sword is falling with your hand, and the enemy is going to be among the army.”

The second-generation army AI has also been adjusted very well, and now it will be understood to form a formation according to the composition of its own army, for example, let the infantry be arranged in a circle to protect the archers, although nothing is under the iron hooves of the strong cavalry. Even if the number of the enemy is better than ours, but under the impact of the superior cavalry, the opposing infantry is only cannon fodder.

At the same time, this work can also experience the political and military relations of the so-called feudal era.
The aristocracy is in charge of everything. The king must have enough influence to issue orders. If he cannot get the support of the lord, he will betrayed and destroyed the country. However, the lord did not completely obey the king, and even formed an army to burn out and kill the looting; and the lord needed the support of the people and the village to provide enough troops to provide support, otherwise the morale would be low and defeat the war and be captured.
Powerful people also need to be soothed. You do n’t want to have gangsters in the city who have been messing with you.

The economic design is also very interesting. The items in the city will only be replenished after villagers from all over the city sell them, but if the robbers snatch too many villagers, in addition to the relationship between the village and the local lord will decline, the city will also Famine because of lack of food supplement, the morale of the defenders in the city fell and fled.
What’s more, if there is a shortage of food in a large number of areas, even if there is food supplement, it will be taken away by the army first and it is difficult to remove it. It reflects the reality on a certain level.

Six cultural settings

“Horse Riding and Hacking 2” also has a very rich cultural content. There are six cultures on the mainland of this game, and each culture has its own unique town appearance (and all can be visited) and special Arms.

  • Empire: Born in the Karad Empire, after the assassination of Emperor Arenicos (Arenicos) was split into three forces, it has the longest tradition, the most powerful cavalry and construction technology. The culture implied the Roman Empire and the crisis of division with the Eastern Roman Empire.
  • Stygia: The culture implies the Nordic Vikings, good at processing fur, has the strongest light infantry, all arms are equipped with axe standard, and the melee is not to be underestimated (including archers), marching in the snow Fastest. Architecture is also the roughest of all forces.
  • Vallandia: A country in the west of the mainland that became independent after imperial chaos. Like to use javelins and spears to fight on horseback, and compared to other countries, the upgrade is faster and there are many annoying lords. I believe that the author does not need to say that everyone knows that the culture is basically French (implying the Roman province of Gaul).
  • Arthure: Desert people, a blend of nomadic groups and oasis farmers, has the largest and richest trading caravan, and a powerful Mamluk-Arab slave soldier. It is the Arab forces in North Africa and West Asia.
  • Kugit: The foreign forces of the empire east, the leader called “Khan” and is good at riding and shooting, so obviously I will not say more, the horse soldiers on the plains will be faster than other forces, and a few can buy oriental-style weapons Where the armor is, the castle looks like a yurt.
  • Badenia: A country naturally formed by the aboriginal forces of the mainland, mainly clans, good at fighting in the forest, weak cavalry but the strongest archer, insinuating the long-term battle with the Roman Empire Celtics.

The background of the game’s story is that after the Karad Empire died unexpectedly due to the emperor (on the table, it was actually assassinated on the battlefield), the empire split into three forces:

  • Southern Empire: Widow of Emperor Arenicus, led by Empress Rhagaea, and has daughter, Ira, the legal heir of the Empire
  • Northern Empire: Senator Lu Kang elected by the Senate
  • Western Empire: A general who was reinforced by the imperial army’s yellow robe, Garios

Story outline and some shortcomings

Yes, the biggest advancement of the second generation is that the female characters can finally be seen … (Tears) The protagonist in the game was only a small person at first, because of the frequent wars, he decided to move away from his hometown with his family. Looted by thieves, parents killed, two youngest siblings taken away by thieves. In order to save the younger siblings from the thieves, they had to embark on a journey with the remaining brothers.

Players are free to choose their origin and growth process, and parental origin will affect growth events. During the adventure, the protagonist accidentally obtained a piece of the mysterious relic “Dragon Flag”, and the main story revolves around this dragon flag that can claim to be an orthodox empire.

The game itself is still the first to experience version, a variety of bugs continue to occur during the first week of listing, resulting in various hilarious situations, such as the lord is tied up by the bandits on the road, or once the power defeats the battle The lords everywhere immediately betrayed to the winner. The humanity description of this game is really realistic.
The ridiculous BUG I encountered was when I joined the mother-daughter empire and wanted to have a good relationship with them, but found that giving gifts would not increase the relationship, and once I knocked down the castle and wanted to seal the lord, if there is no Sufficient empire influence to vote will damage relations with all lord candidates.

Finally, the author discovered how to improve the relationship with the mother and daughter: Become their main enemy, and let go after winning them! And will also increase the charm experience points by the way! Hello, is this the storyline? Do n’t lie to me if I read too little … Fortunately, these bugs have been fixed. Damn it, there is no plot

Conclusion: Anyway, we still wait until 2

Due to the early experience stage, the producer said in the development log that there may be a large number of bugs and reused maps, and the archive may not be transferred to the official version. As far as the author ’s experience is, there are probably several big cities with duplicate maps of the same culture, but it is too big to make the author want to negotiate store matters for a long time.

In addition, although the producer also promised to have the voice of the main line task, the author only heard three sentences in the main line task, which is really not sincere.
But in any case, the second generation is finally waiting for us, and the to-do list of the lifetime series can finally be crossed out. The new question is: Where do we have to give up the time to play this alternative spiritual time house with so many good games, there is a way that time is like a cleavage, and things that cannot be squeezed out cannot be squeezed out .


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