Bought a copycat Airpods pro with real noise reduction? !

The news saw that the third-generation copycat Airpods pro released in April has a true active noise reduction version. In a curious mind, I bought it and took a look.

The boss said that three models came out in April. The version I bought was just released. There is currently no mass production, only a test version. The fuselage box is not coded ~ the packaging does not have the airpods logo.

Chip is Roda

  1. Appearance

Very awesome~ The workmanship can indeed reach 90% of the original! If you don’t hold the real thing in your hand and compare it carefully, you really can’t tell the truth!

  1. Sound quality

It’s ok, much stronger than the original second-generation sound quality, and good bass. Compared with Sony’s first noise reduction beans, the mid to high pitch is a bit worse! But this is not important, what sound quality does the Bluetooth headset want!

  1. Delay

Consistent with the original product, there is no significant delay in watching movies and playing ordinary games! Let’s forget the audio tour~~~

  1. Other details

There are all pop-up windows, so I won’t say anything. After connecting, only the headset icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, without the small battery icon, which is consistent with the genuine product~

You can change your name! Icloud can find the location! The battery level is displayed normally! The ear detection is normal, but there is a logic problem! The touch is not very sensitive and sometimes fails!

The wireless charging is normal.

  1. Here comes the point! Noise reduction!

Most of Huaqiangbei’s products that can reduce noise can see the noise reduction menu and can choose noise reduction mode ~ transparent mode! But there is no actual effect!

The one in my hand has passed the test~ it has the function of active noise reduction. The boss said 20-24db noise reduction~

Through the test, it does have a certain noise reduction ability, mainly to filter out most of the low-frequency sound, and has no effect on the mid-high frequency and human voice.

And after turning on noise reduction, the bottom noise of the headset is very serious. Generally speaking, it is 40-50% genuine noise reduction ability! Not as good as the first generation of sony noise reduction beans.

The so-called transparent mode is the same as turning off the noise reduction, without any change!

  1. Problem

It is not possible to seamlessly switch between Apple devices, icloud has this device, and other devices can also see this headset! But I can’t connect!

I usually use one airpods for Macbook, Ipad, applewatch, and iphone, just select it to connect!

This headset can only be connected to the first device. If you want to switch, you must manually disconnect it before the second device can be connected! And Macbook can’t connect to life and death! It must be paired again, but the computer and the phone can’t be connected…

There is a problem with the in-ear detection logic. You put the earphones on and click the menu to pause playback. After you take off the earphones, it automatically plays again. At this time, you put the earphones on and it stops again. . . The genuine product is not like this.

Hey Siri is not activated by the headset, but through the phone! You won’t be able to use your mobile phone if it is farther away. The authenticity is awakened by the headset mic!

The touch is not sensitive, you need to find the location and press it hard. In the settings, select and hold siri for 3 seconds. When you press and hold, it will switch the noise reduction mode! sweat!

to sum up

This is indeed the strongest airpods in the cottage, and the appearance and workmanship can indeed reach the point of being fake! The sound quality is indeed ok! At least this price~

Noise reduction works, so-so ~ better than nothing! But it is a major improvement for counterfeit goods! !

After playing for an afternoon~ you can give it away!

Pictured above!

The genuine product is a small circle when it is not connected.


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