SONY 2020 new product 9000H review

9000H should be a highly anticipated one of the new sony 2020 TV products, no other, cheap, HDMI2.1 is the future.

I started from Taobao shop, the price is not the cheapest, I was too lazy to wait for FF7RE. The packaging showed that it was produced on May 8th, the perfect screen at boot has no dead pixels, and there is no overturning character.

There is nothing to say about the specific out-of-the-box testing. Let me talk about my usage scenario first:

PS4 Pro, Netflix accounted for 80%, the rest are Hulu, HBO Go Hongkou, YouTube and Bilibili. Prepare to enter PS5 within six months of the first release.

Then talk about the issues that everyone is most concerned about:

  1. How about the 9000H castrated partition backlight?

The partition of 9000H is confirmed to be 4*8 (4 horizontal and 8 vertical), the number is indeed very miserable, and it is incomparable with the frequently 120 partition. Actually, the horizontal 4 is indeed less. When displaying a Logo on the full screen, you can feel that the single backlight partition is too large. Vertical 8 is enough.

The backlight brightness consistency is very good, top level.

  1. Is the maximum brightness of 850nit enough?

Definitely enough, watching the HDR demo in the room with the lights on at night blinds my dog. The subtitles are too bright to watch, so I took the initiative to adjust the brightness to 40. Pursuing 1000nit is really meaningless, I believe most people will use it with reduced brightness.

The details of the picture in the highlight on the right in the picture below are clearly visible (YouTube HLG format), and the highlights are overflowing when taken by the phone.

  1. How about MEMC frame insertion?

Top level, even surpass 9500g! I almost play FF74re and want to start inserting frames. I feel that as long as it is not very sensitive to delay, it can be all games, free 30 frames change 60.

  1. Is Android system fast?

The fastest TVs currently in use have built-in Android systems, and many people have run too far, 8w vs. 9500g 6w. Sony really tried a lot of new things on the 9000H.

  1. Are there other pits?

Have! The previous evaluation mentioned that the X1 chip of 9000H castrated smooth gradation. This deficiency is more obvious than expected in daily use, and color gradation can be noticed in many sources. No way, artificially create gaps.

  1. Is the remote control cheap?

This is a big misunderstanding. The remote control does not look good. The actual material and grip texture are relatively good. The buttons have the crispy feel of the old Nokia 8250. Bluetooth connection. Compare with Fire TV Stick 4K


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