A big pit! Recently set up a customized keyboard, have a chat

In recent years, the chaos has gotten worse and worse. There are old people and small foreigners, middle-aged crisis, decline in physical function, ruined appearance, lack of faith and other common problems have also followed one after another, and the camera has long been unable to play. But even if the consumption is downgraded without playing, it is absolutely impossible. The mechanical keyboard is a good entry point.
Wait a minute, every judge must be knowledgeable. The customized keyboard is not much worse than burning photographic equipment. I know it. I know that the trash guys are also lucky. You can read it before leaving a message~

First look at the finished product

Come closer


Look at another angle

If you don’t know what a customized keyboard is, you can download it on Google, but mine is not the following

It doesn’t seem appropriate to call my keyboard “customized”. It should be called “Cottage Keyboard”. The accessories are basically made by salted fish. I have not started playing for less than a month, and some labels and nouns can’t be recited yet, so I won’t talk about it later. If anyone is interested, you can also publish the prices and channels. Everyone will see if they are worth the price. .

I used to have no concept of mechanical keyboards. I only knew that the hand feels good. I took the opportunity of some activities to buy a cherry3800 lowest-end green keyboard and akko3108 red switch. The price is around 300. That’s basically it. There is no problem with using it as a working tool. Later, I took one to the unit for use and the other to use at home until after the epidemic began to teach online and moved the computer to the living room. I wanted to try a wireless keyboard. By the way, I upgraded and bought a better one.
I’ve been seeing Du Jia’s gun texts before and I feel okay, so I bought a k320w triple model, I can’t think of it~~ I was shocked by the hand! The feel is too good, the sound is good, and the touch feels fluent! Especially the large keys are not loose and no noise, and the typing speed has been significantly improved. I didn’t expect more than 500 yuan to reach this level. I don’t know where it is higher than the one I used before. But as a result, the 2.4g signal was severely interfered, especially when I was disconnected during the live broadcast, which was totally unbearable. . . Wrath of it!

k320w looks mediocre now

Then I started searching for the most stable 2.4g, and told: Logitech Union Technology, and then search for Union Mechanical Keyboard, eh. . . This is the beginning.

To popularize it, Logitech’s Ulink technology is a black technology with low latency and low power consumption. Two dry batteries can be used for half a year, and one receiver manages N Logitech devices. But there is basically no Logitech Youlian keyboard that can be played, so a self-organized Youlian program appeared on the Internet, and the price is. . . . Three no products + a little hands-on ability.

My need is a stable, with excellent connection, feel as good as possible and have excellent appearance, and satisfy the full-featured and lightweight wireless mechanical keyboard as much as possible.
In order to achieve the above functions, I finally spent about 1,000 yuan (including purchasing tools, etc.), and the more expensive time cost about 20 hours (including the combination keyboard and first dismantling my 3108 hands-on practice, practicing welding, desoldering, lubricating axes, etc.) , But does not include the time for selection and understanding)
I spent a lot of money on a big F and made a lot of products. It is definitely worthless to calculate the cost rationally. However, anyone who has played with photographic equipment, electronic atomization cigarettes, Lego and the like should be able to experience the fun. .

After understanding the basic structure, you will find that the keyboard is the same as a mobile phone. You can combine various accessories to complete the work. The basic components are described below. There are many keyboard kits on the Internet. If you want to save effort, you can buy the kit directly. It’s done by screwing the screws and equipped with a keycap. I didn’t want to be so lazy, but because few Ulian 96 companies make it, I basically bought everything I need at one house.

It is the circuit board, which is equivalent to the motherboard. The motherboard determines the shape of the keyboard, and the shape is where each key is located and what function it has. Although most of the positions are similar, there are many differences, especially the number of keys. This concept It is the layout of the keyboard. My keyboard is actually called a 96-column keyboard, with 100 keys, so it has its own 96-column circuit board. This circuit board must only be customized, because I need the Union function, which is a product of Logitech, and any regular manufacturer cannot make a circuit board that supports the Union function. In short, the most important component circuit board is the copycat.

You can see the white is the circuit board

The boss said that the shell is compatible with k100. I don’t know what the k100 looks like for a long time. What is certain is that the shell is also customized, but there are regular manufacturers, but the abrasive tools are everywhere. The only advantage is the narrow bezel, and there is no upper cover on the front of the keyboard, so the ghost knows what the shell is. The material is abs. Although the metal is good, it will affect the wireless signal. The 96 case is also difficult to find, mainly because it is expensive. . . Expensive is illogical.

Shaft body:
Jiadalon yellow axis, also called G yellow, mine is milk shell G yellow. A kind of domestically made shaft, generally everyone recognizes the cherry shaft, what kind of black tea is green, and what kind of German taste is coming again. But after using it, I learned that this kind of linear axis similar to the cherry red axis feels good, and we no longer need to be superstitious about the original factory, but the axis body is very deep and will not expand. Of course, it took 5 hours to lubricate the shaft after taking it, that is, the shaft was disassembled to take a small pen, one component and one component, so the time cost is the most expensive.
In addition, in order to make the performance of the big key impeccable, it is necessary to adjust the big key, that is, adjust the satellite axis. This is also a very troublesome thing. What is a satellite axis, what is its use, and how to adjust it? See station b for details.
Finally, except for some spring sounds in the space (find time to adjust), there is no noise, and the overall feel is very uniform. The originally slippery G yellow is now more linear and rebounds faster.

Positioning plate:
Generally there are keyboards, which are stuck between the pcb and the shaft. This thing affects the feel and the sound. There are various materials, most of which are iron (alloy). This time I customized a piece of carbon fiber board. The main thing I don’t like is the “da da da” sound after metal tapping. The carbon fiber is harder but more flexible and lighter in weight. Now it’s “Tuo Tuo Tuo”. The sound is okay. But what I am after is “all things”. I don’t know how to do it yet. It may be related to the shell and the underfill.

Note that the chevron tape is pasted on the positioning board, mainly to increase the key feel, cushion vibration and reduce noise.

The cpu equivalent to the keyboard, it must be Logitech Union’s main control. I took the Logitech k375s that my wife had eliminated, removed the main control and installed it. Basically, the two wires are connected together, and then glued to the pcb. So this keyboard is still a gold jade, see the pcb picture, the small green piece is just that, of course, there is the Unilink usb receiver.

The keyboard axis is hot-swappable, which is convenient for changing the axis after getting tired. In order to achieve this function, a small black particle called an axle seat was welded. It was a little bit virtual at the time. The boss welded it and brought it. Now it should be completely fine. So this time the keyboard is basically useless welding, very environmentally friendly. . .
There is also a battery, equipped with a 500ma garbage battery, which can be used for a year or a half without any problem, and it can be charged by typec without electricity.

This is the accessory most irrelevant to the self-assembled keyboard, and of course the deepest. The price range of keycaps fluctuates greatly, the materials and craftsmanship are various, and there are various heights and random batches. When I was waiting for the accessories, I went to Xianyu to shop for some experience of rising garbage. Later, I basically overturned. So I ordered a set of pbt sublimation keycaps, which are flat-chested keycaps (that is, all keys are flat, regardless of top and bottom). Futures, which took more than 10 days to arrive, are indeed good but expensive, accounting for about one-third of the total cost of the keyboard.

The quantity of this set is very complete, and many keycaps are useless. I chose it because the price during the futures period is slightly lower and it is more beautiful, just after a closer look. . It feels too refined.

In summary, I feel that I can no longer write. My habit is to write directly on the web. 10 years ago, during the peak period of my posting, I gave up many times before, but this time I should stop it. If you are interested in a customized keyboard (self-assembled keyboard), I can write a little more. . . Recently, we have created an 84-key keyboard with 75% configuration. You can write down all the material costs for your reference!


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