See if it will be broken in a few days this time—Bose’s second-generation sleep headphones sleepbuds brief review

I am a bit speechless about the quality of Bose’s products. The qc30 I bought before broke out in a day, and the power light stays on. The sleepbuds I bought after using it for a few days but couldn’t charge. Later, I heard that it was a common problem and it was recalled… So this time I bought it from JD for self-employment. It will be more convenient if there is a problem.
The function of this headset is relatively pure, active noise reduction, Bluetooth transmission, ear canal detection, touch operation, song playback, hifi sound quality, life waterproof, automatic environmental sound, transparent mode, quick reminder… None of the common functions of these headphones . Its use is physical sound insulation, and it plays some background music or white noise to help sleep. For example, pandas prefer to listen to the crackling sound of raindrops hitting the glass, and it’s zzz after listening.
This time, the packing box of the second-generation sleepbuds is relatively small. Panda remembers that the first-generation box is the largest. Open the box, except for a charging box + earphones, there are only earplugs, manuals and a charging cable, which is relatively simple. Panda still remembers that when he opened the first-generation box for the first time, he was surprised when he saw a complete set of charging plugs. Taking advantage of Apple’s environmental protection, everyone started to reduce the allocation. Are you cheaper?

Upgrade the app, open the box, take out the earphones for pairing, and you can’t connect to life or death. Did you win the prize again? This time it will set a new record. After researching it, it seems that the headset is out of power, so charge it first. There are 3 sets of indicator lights on the box, corresponding to the two earphones on the left and right sides, and the charging box in the middle. It is best to charge the earphones for more than 6 hours before the first use. Don’t ask me where this old antique saying comes from, it’s written on the app. The earphones are magnetically attached and are very firm. The battery life is said to be more than ten hours, the charging box can return blood three times, and travel is enough.
Take out the headset, the pairing is successful, and you can use it after simple settings. It is no exaggeration to say that sleepbuds are the most comfortable earplugs I have used so far. The small cavity, plus the signature shark fins, puts it in the ear canal and there is almost no foreign body sensation, even if you sleep on the left and right sides of the bed rolling around, there is no trouble… Stop, it seems to be shooting a strange advertisement. When will AirPods Pro have this wearing feeling?

The app Bose sleep hasn’t been used for a long time, and it feels almost the same. You can use it to check the power of the headset, adjust the volume, set alarms, select background music, and download and transmit more background music, various natural sound effects, mechanical low-frequency noise, and so on. The operation of the software is rather foolish, and you can see it at a glance, so I won’t go into details here. Part of the sound effect is good, and the surround sound effect is very strong, making people feel like they are in the environment. If you set the alarm clock, you will be gently awakened by a soft sound in the morning, as if it is gradually coming from a far away place, a little trance and hazy.

This headset does not have an active noise reduction function. The so-called noise cancellation is purely physical-equivalent to covering your ears with your hand. Therefore, the noise isolation effect will not be too good. In fact, you don’t need to pursue noise reduction too much when you don’t stay overnight. Its sleep aid effect varies from person to person, but it is not bad for me, it is more suitable for a small lunch at noon. Pandas prefer the sound effects of rain and fire, and it is full of presence when you close your eyes.

The biggest pain point of this product is naturally the price of $300. and $100 maybe it is OK to remove a 9. Don’t compare 3M earplugs with it. They are two different things. If it can help you fall asleep quickly, I don’t think a luxury is a book.


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