Made a copycat screenbar plus, asymmetric light source, simple out of the box trial

At the beginning of this year, I returned to desktop computers. Recently, there are codewords. The computer desk is not too big. I feel I need a screenbar plus. Baseus does not want to buy asymmetrical. The workmanship of the imitation black knight is really average. After more than 700 on Double 11, I saw a copy of Xianyu on a digital forum two days ago. It is said that the effect is exactly the same as that of BenQ. Recently I started to do it slowly and then moved to Taobao. Search for “AA lights”. I have added 2 forums. Buyers chatted and I felt good, so I tried one. The seller’s current price is 359 and rebates 10 yuan after confirming the photo. You can rebate 36, almost 310 when you place an order. I was very enthusiastic when I talked. Saying that the local rhyme is not good, I sent SF Express.

A friend asked, add some parameters,
Color temperature 2700-6500K
Color rendering about 95
Lumen 450+

Arrived today, out of the box~

The outer packaging is just like that, slightly rough, and the printed ones are fine.

The workmanship of the body is good, the edges are smooth, all shapes should be imitated by BenQ, the bracket and the remote control components are OK, the feedback of the remote control knob damping buttons is very good, this praise, there is a light sensor, the left button It is smart dimming, the button on the right is to switch the brightness and color temperature function, and adjust the brightness and temperature at will.

A close-up of the LED bulb, not a professional, can anyone tell me~

Everyone has read a lot of the genuine version, so I don’t need to be wordy, just click on the screen to shoot.

The first of the following two photos is in the dark environment without turning on the lights, and the second is the intelligent adjustment of the lights in the dark environment.

Finally, I came to Zhang Yuan, and tried an action movie mode that feels the most comfortable at noon. Let’s do this first, let’s add it later when I have time.


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