GPD WIN MAX out of the box + Review

Arrived on Friday, the first batch of machines, simply tested it ~ talk about your feelings!
Main configuration: 10th generation I5 1035G7 Iris Plus Graphics 940 nuclear display 16G 3733 memory 512NVME solid state 8-inch IPS touch screen 1280×800 90% P3 color gamut with handle keyboard
The size is a bit big 20514024.5mm and the weight is more than 800g. Interfaces: 2 USB A, 2 USB C, one of which is Full Blood Thunder 3, 1 HDMI, 1 TF card slot, 1 network cable socket.

1.Get a storage bag for pre-orders, the quality is average

2.Send a fast travel experience card

3.The host, the A side is made of metal. It seems to be shipped in two colors, some people received a silver noodle, mine is black.

4.The huge frame seems to be because the 1280×800 screen does not have the right size!

5.The keyboard layout is anti-human, and I am not used to it after two days. The quality control is worrying. Someone successively received 2 O, 2 I, 2 comma versions!
In addition, my 3 button is a bit crooked, and there is still glue on it that cannot be wiped off!

6.Power on and run Master Lu! Graphics card 40-60FPS, I remember my desktop 2080S can reach 500FPS

7.Take a look inside! The workmanship is not bad in the Zhaibook, the joystick itself does not have L3 R3, the manufacturer actually pressed a micro switch under the joystick, and realized pressing L3R3!
SSD is a full-length size, but it must be replaced with single-sided pellets, which cannot be installed on both sides! 2 cooling fans, said to be able to suppress 35w! It runs super noisy!

8.The battery is big enough! 3×5000mAh / 57Wh, 3 batteries tied into one, 25w power fully turned on, running 3A games, can last 2 hours! Usually used to play small games, PS emulators can play 5-6 hours.

9.The running score of Master Lu is as follows, the default high-performance 25w state, I replaced the 1T hard drive, the running score is 1w higher~

10.Test some games

Test resolution 1280×720
Black Soul 3 special effects 25-40FPS
Bayonetta Low Special Effects 50-60FPS
Sekiro Low special effects 25-35FPS
Special effects in Witcher 3 around 30FPS
GTA5 medium and low special effects around 40FPS
Tomb Raider 11 Low special effects 25-35FPS
DOA6 low special effects around 40FPS
Rulong extremely low special effects 40-60FPS are basically at 60FPS
Special effects in Devil May Cry 5 30-40FPS
Ps2 simulator ~ Basically all games are at full speed!
ps3 simulator tried Ninja Dragon 1 frame rate at 30-60FPS
Wiiu emulator, Arabuki 30FPS smooth
wii Ngc full speed
Other simulators are at full speed, so I won’t list them.

11.Because there is full blood thunderbolt 3, you can connect the graphics card docking station! Plug and play! The loss of the external screen is about 30%, and the internal screen is about 40%
Plug it in and expand 4 USBs, and the graphics dock can also charge the computer! Suddenly it feels like a Switch!

12.The color of the screen is not bad. It is said that the color gamut is 90% P3. Put a few small machines together to see the screen contrast! It feels okay!

The best handheld device at the moment!
The heat dissipation is reasonable, the CPU can be suppressed, and it can run stably under high load!
The CPU performance is good, equivalent to the performance of the desktop 4th generation i7
Full Blood Thunderbolt 3 has high potential to connect to the graphics card docking station!
Joystick with L3 R3! The cross keys feel good!
The battery is big enough!
Memory, SSD enough!
The screen color brightness is not bad!
The charging speed is fast in one and a half hours

The screen frame is too thick
The weight of the whole machine is too heavy, although half of it is given to the battery. . .
Unreasonable keyboard design
The fan is too noisy at full speed, and the CPU temperature soars after silence!
The built-in charger is too hot to be 65w, estimated to be 70-80 degrees, I dare not touch it!
The initial quality control is not good, all kinds of small problems!

Forget it if you want to play 3A, nostalgia is quite suitable!

Summary: buy ashes!

About battery life

TDP has three gears: 15w 20w 25w, which need to be set in BIOS
The default is 25w, the peak value can reach 30w. In this case, playing 3A games, basically full load, the battery can last about 1 hour and 40 minutes
Under 15w state, full load operation can last about 3 hours. Take DOA6 as an example, the number of frames loses 1/3 compared to 25w
Use QuickCPU software to run the CPU under 15W state, the number of frames can be increased by 15%, and the battery can still guarantee 3 hours. I don’t understand the principle. I set it according to the foreign gods.
But each system is different, test it yourself, if the parameters are wrong, it will blue screen. . .
I generally set 15w to play old games. PS2 wii emulator performance is sufficient


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