The air and air engine of Bamuda, a price and a price

I carefully compared Xiaomi’s sense of justice, bought the original, the first image is handsome, and I will give you another evaluation after using it.

No more posting, save resources and directly change to evaluation.

Let me use the difference. My friend has Xiaomi, so I simply compared it and directly evaluated it.

In actual use effect, I have no professional equipment to test, but there are a lot of evaluations on the Internet, and the results are all from Xiaomi by AIR ENGINE.

I will talk about the design details and parameters.

The design style of the fuselage Xiaomi is very similar to that of the AIR ENGINE, which was noisy 2 years ago. But Xiaomi has to be larger in length, width, and height. In terms of material texture, Bamuda is even better. There are concave hands on both sides of the body of the AIR ENGINE. Xiaomi has no handles, and it is not very easy to move (Xiaomi II still does not have). There are three sides of the air intake of Xiaomi. There are only two sides of the AIR ENGINE. See, this does not bring any advantages to Xiaomi. All the test data comparison of AIR ENGINE is a victory. On the power supply, Xiaomi’s power supply is built-in, and Bamuda is external. I don’t know why they cannot do it. However, there are winding troughs on the bottom of AIR ENGINE, so it will not easily tear off the power supply.
The use area of ​​AIR ENGINE in Bermuda is 60 square meters. It is not clear how much Xiaomi ’s air cleaner is the first generation, but in terms of output ratio, it should be less than that of Bermuda. The second generation is 37 square meters, which is even smaller. , But the price is also 200 cheaper.

Due to the motor, the sound of Xiaomi Mijing is higher than that of the MU AIR ENGINE.

In the use mode, there is a lot of AIR ENGINE, 3 speeds of wind speed, 1st speed of automatic induction, 1st speed of energy saving, 3 levels of spray mode (10, 20, 30 minutes). Because there are many modes, the surface indicator is also more The indicator light is a B-type breathing light, and there is a ring-shaped main indicator light below, which seems to have little effect, similar to the Apple LOGO on Apple computers for viewing. Xiaomi also has an air quality indicator,

Xiaomi only has 3 speeds of wind speed (even at the maximum speed, even if it is in the spray mode, but the time cannot be set), sleep, automatic, the indicator is simpler, there is no indicator like AIR ENGINE with high force.
On the keys, the Xiaomi switch and the use mode share a key. The MU AIR ENGINE is separate. The key is turned on and the child lock is turned on. The child lock looks like Xiaomi doesn’t have it (maybe, but I didn’t find it, please correct it). The spray mode has independent button. Bamuda relies on the light sensor to automatically reduce the brightness of the indicator. In addition to this function, Xiaomi can also manually turn off the indicator by pressing a button. In other aspects, Xiaomi adds buttons to achieve the function. The filter cleaning signal light, Xiaomi has a separate close button, and the Airmeng Air ENGINE uses the mode button + spray mode button to complete.

There are two dust and odor sensors in the AIR ENGINE. Xiaomi only has a dust sensor. The odor sensor seems to be installed on Japanese products. For example, if the machine detects smoke, it will automatically speed up operation. I do n’t know why Xiaomi wants to save this money. . By the way, the sensor of AIR ENGINE can set the sensitivity.

On the filter element, Bamuda uses a lysozyme filter, which has more anti-virus and antibacterial than Xiaomi’s filter element, mainly to avoid secondary pollution. The service life of Bamuda is recommended to be changed once a year, and Xiaomi is recommended to 3-6 The month will change.

Xiaomi has a WIFI and mobile phone APP function, but Palmauda AIR ENGINE does not. This function is benevolent, and wise see wisdom.

In general, Xiaomi ’s cleanliness is the low-end version of AIR ENGINE, which also confirms Xiaomi ’s response to the plagiarism at the time. At first, Xiaomi sought cooperation from Bermuda and wanted to get a low-end AIR ENGINE. Muda didn’t accept it, and then she did it alone. As for why Xiaomi would like Bamuda, I guess it was because MUJI started to sell Bamuda’s AIR ENGINE on behalf of the company. Monkey King fell in love at first sight. In fact, after reading the evaluation data of the two machines, Xiaomi Kongjing is not unusable, but the effect and function are worse, but there are some fashionable features. As long as the quality is good, I personally think it is good at this price. of.

It is said that Xiaomi has no plagiarism and is totally untenable. This machine is not as simple as AIR ENGINE in appearance, even the position of the buttons is similar. Not a convention, I have a Panasonic air cleaner, the sensor is on the side), the opening position of the filter element door is exactly the same, the most telling problem is that the lock structure of the internal filter element is exactly the same, it is exactly the same! I think if you add two grooved handles on both sides of the fuselage, it will be even more obvious. It is estimated that Xiaomi did not install the handle because it was afraid.


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