BMW F83 LCI M4 simple unboxing

At the same time 5 years ago, E93 335 was mentioned. Unfortunately, at that time, it was not subject to the budget and could not directly go to M3. Although it has been driven many times, the possibility of having V8 in the future is very small. The last year’s small batch of E92 / 3 335 LCI comes with M kit and 19-inch 313M wheels as standard. Bridgestone Potenza from the front 35 to the rear 30 is love and hate. The pit is just a bulge, with a maximum record of about two sets of tires changed in less than a year. The low-torque response of the N55 may be more comfortable than the S65 in urban daily driving (only self-comfort). The L6 sound wave cooperates with Getrag’s 7-speed DCT for 6 seconds. The less accelerated experience can be said to be very satisfying, but after all, it is not true M, and the thoughts in my heart have been lingering.

After 5 years, it is almost time to change cars. Various body forms, brands and models have been considered, 540i, Velar P380, Macan GTS, Ghibili, X5 / 6, 6 convertible, C63, and finally decided to play while young. A convertible, and many big men in the car area are competing for the M234, and the lingering thoughts have always been itchy, so there is only the F83 option. There are not many opportunities for the convertible to use in the magic, but it is very convenient to place a safety seat or carry large objects in the back seat. Occasionally taking your wife and son out for a self-driving tour can also slightly increase the happiness index. The reliability of Webasto’s convertible system is also satisfactory. The mechanical structure has not dropped the chain in 5 years. I had been worried about leakage before, but it did not leak even in heavy rain. Of course, the high-pressure water gun will leak slightly when washing the side window sealing tape.

The car booking process was very efficient. Longcheng Avenue Baocheng took a round. After talking about the psychological price, F83 LCI started directly with 335. It can also be considered as a small goal before it becomes gradually middle-aged. The selection of stock cars is not too wide. The first choice of ore is to have less domestic quotas. The advertiser ’s Azalan / Austin Yellow feels older and ca n’t hold it. Danquan Blue is very beautiful but the quota is also desirable. No, the last one I chose was the outer orange with almost 100% take rate. This car is also rich in options. It has black wheels, a panoramic camera, steering wheel heating and driver assistance (LDW + AEB). Unfortunately There is no athletic kit. The factory date is April 2017. After F8X in November, the carbon fiber drive shaft was canceled, and a particulate filter was added to respond to the latest WLTP. CLAR’s G8X personally felt that at least MHEV was required to comply.

The performance of the F8X is believed to be unnecessary. The F83 weighs about 200kg more than the F82. It has slightly less agile acceleration and control agility. The advantage is that the sensory experience after opening the hood is great. , And the thick W205 C63 is definitely not comparable. It feels very easy to drive under full comfort. After switching to full sport plus, the firepower is fully turned on. Wait for a while before taking some photos and writing snacks.


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