Xiaomi Air Purifier 2s unboxing

There are actually two air purifiers in the house, but I recently found that it is always inconvenient to move around, so I want to buy another one. Today, I just went to the Xiaomi House in Zhongshan Park. Cheap 100, start decisively.

Packaging box, the entire machine is very light, much lighter than the sharp and blueair I bought before, mainly because the empty shell of Xiaomi is plastic, while the other two are metal frames, so the feeling in the hands is completely different .

  There is a handle on the top, which is easy to pick up. This design is still good.

Opened, the body of the machine is covered with a velvet bag, there are no instructions for eggs, and there is no power cord? ?

Later, it was discovered that the power cord was printed on the packaging box from the place where the filter was placed.

Take it out, that’s it.

Open the filter element door, which contains the filter element and the power cord. The filter element is not covered with a plastic bag like the first generation, and there is an RF chip under the filter element. It is estimated that the replacement of the filter element is achieved by this RF chip.

Machines, filters and power cords

The sharp bought 9 years ago, the blueair bought 3 years ago, and the Xiaomi just bought, take a group photo, and the Xiaomi filter is the cheapest. The other two filters are more than 200, and Xiaomi is more than 100.

When running, the display screen shows temperature and humidity in addition to air quality.

The more convenient place to buy than before is that you can use the APP, you can check the number of days of filter element and indoor temperature, humidity and other values.


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