Filco 87 key side engraved dual mode red axis mechanical keyboard unboxing

I changed a laptop before. After using it for a while, I feel that the C surface is still a bit hot when playing games, especially when playing for a long time. So I bought a cooling pad for my laptop.
After padding, the screen’s field of view is much more comfortable, and the notebook’s heat dissipation ability has indeed improved a lot. But the problem that ensues is that the notebook keyboard is not so comfortable to touch.

So I used the limited G613 for a few days, and the more I used it, the more uncomfortable it became. It’s not that the G613 doesn’t feel good, but it’s too long, so much longer than the laptop, which caused my left hand and right hand holding the mouse to be a bit far away. Still a bit awkward.

After thinking about it, I think it’s better to have a smaller keyboard.
So I looked around and decided to chop Filco’s 87-key dual-mode keyboard. Because Bluetooth does not occupy the USB port. There are only three USB ports, one for the elite handle, one for the G903, and one for the keyboard. There is no place to plug in the receiver for the headset.

Seeing that JD had activities, they waited until June 1st, and finally started at 1099. Although it is not the lowest price in history, it is at least more generous than when I saw it.
So simply open a box.

Boxes, which seem to be sold in Japan, can only be guaranteed by an agent in China. Considering that the reliability of the agent was worrying, I decided to buy an extended warranty at
To be honest, I think the box design is a bit ugly, not much grade.

Another angle

Unpacking, lying down, it’s not sealed, don’t you think it’s 2 hands …
Fortunately, I saw the battery intact and the instruction package was intact.

Remove the instructions, um, there are no finger marks on the plastic cover, just think it ’s not second-hand …

The keyboard body and all accessories are provided with several replacement keycaps and key pullers that match the keyboard’s key change function.
As far as the feel of the replacement key is concerned, the keycap is not too thick. I think it’s a little thin, of course, it can also be made of NB material. People can just make it thin, but the strength is sufficient.

There is nothing to say on the back of the keyboard. Blockbuster information.

The 2 batteries provided are from Sony.
PS, this battery compartment cover is extremely tight.

The structure of the bracket part is rubber in the middle. So comes with anti-slip function. The details are well received.

On the back of the setting switch, you can adjust and exchange the functions of several keys such as WIN, CTRL, CAPSLOCK, etc., but for most people, the default is the most used solution.

Bluetooth mode switch. Here is both the switch to turn on Bluetooth and the switch to enable the keyboard in Bluetooth mode.
The middle top is down, very low-key, and it’s completely unobtrusive.

The data interface becomes a cable keyboard after wiring.

Compared with the craft of the office, the thickest part is thicker than the ordinary mechanical keyboard.

A picture illustrates why you should buy it.

Above, unpacking is complete.
This thing is coded with it.
It is said that this gadget is a programmer’s favorite, and several senior technologies in the company are all wired versions of this product.
I don’t have much to say about the feel of Cherry’s red shaft. People who like it won’t choose it wrong.


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