Samsung HW-N950 and Sony HT-ST5000 comparison evaluation

As a home film and television enthusiast who fails to wiring during the decoration, and does not want a speaker to break the overall home style in the home environment, in fact, there are not many choices.

In the 1080P era, the classic BOSE535 + wireless surround back kit was chosen as the audio solution. With the 4K original skin angle at the beginning of this year, the 4K ecosystem has gradually matured.

As a film and television enthusiast, it is natural to start planning to replace all 1080P home theater equipment with 4K home theater equipment.

At present, the standard formats of 4K are HDR + Dolby Vision for video, Dolby Atmos + DTX: X for audio, and basically the new 4K original discs will be accompanied by 2 of these 4 types.

Understand that BOSE’s new 650 series only updated the appearance, 4K decoding and wireless surround, does not support the four major formats mentioned above. BOSE, you just LOW to explode, decisively chose to give up.

I can only look at the high-end echo wall market. At the time, only the Sony HT-ST5000 and Samsung HW-K950 were in the high-end echo wall market.

Samsung HW-K950 is not licensed and is missing in supported formats, and does not support DTS: X. As a result, the highest-end echo wall in the domestic market is actually only the choice of Sony HT-ST5000.

My friend moved to a new home and found that he didn’t purchase a stereo after the visit, so he went to Sony Huaihai Road flagship store to audition and chose ST5000 as a gift to his friends.

But the problem with the Sony HT-ST5000 that has no back speakers has always been my heartache in updating 4K home theaters at the end of the year.

Ever know that Samsung acquired Harman Kardon to launch the new echo wall HW-N950 and got a perfect score of 10 in avforums evaluation.

Supports all 4 standard formats and has a solid rear surround sound, which is completely planted in my heart.

Evaluation link:

It is also known that Samsung will introduce its high-end echo wall series for the first time, and will constantly ask merchant prices on Taobao and when it will arrive.

Finally, I got a relatively satisfactory price and the first batch of products in a small group purchase in a forum. This one should be the third licensed product in the country.

After getting it, of course, I can’t wait to send it directly to a friend’s house for a comprehensive comparison with the ST5000. Let’s take a look at the picture.

The packaging of the N950 is huge. . . It’s almost 1.5 meters wide.

Comparison with PS4 controller

Reverse packaging style

Simple 4-piece set after opening the package

After the inner bag is opened, the main body looks at all angles. I was very surprised that the N950 subwoofer chose the side opening method.

There may be fewer splits to play, and you rarely see such designs on integrated speakers.

Accessories box all accessories

4 power connectors have the same style and are the same as the Samsung TV power connector

Comparison with ST5000

It is obvious that the N950 needs to grow one piece, and the main body weight is also obviously heavier.

The N950 is not as good as the ST5000 in design and workmanship. The magnetic interface on the front of the 5000 can be detached to expose the speaker. The N950 is not provided in this regard.

The 9 speakers on the main body of the propaganda picture are exposed and there is no way to restore it.

Compared with ST5000 subwoofer

Still, the design and workmanship are not as good as the ST5000. The advantage is that it is relatively small and easy to place.

After watching the appearance, of course, it’s time to test the sound quality. The speed and passion 8 original disk audio format DTS: X is selected. The test machine is OPPO 203SE connected to the echo wall decoding.

N950 total volume is adjusted to 30/100, subwoofer volume is 0 / -6 + 6, ST5000 total volume is adjusted to 20/50, subwoofer volume is 6/12.

Because the video is compressed twice and the audio itself becomes 2.0 after recording. . . So there will be a particularly noticeable difference. . . To really listen to the difference, you have to open it on your computer. .

Say a few personal feelings

  1. Since the ST5000 has only 360W power and no rear position, it is obvious that the sound is transmitted from the front, and there is only sound on the front and the top of the head.
  2. N950 power 512W actually feels that the sound completely envelops you from top to bottom, and because of the high power, there will really be a feeling of shaking from the floor to the ceiling. Two of my friends and I turned to 40 volume and listened in the living room. Yes, my friend was a little tinnitus.

3, N950 was killed by ST5000 on the visual interface! N950 has no visual interface! All adjustments are done on the remote control, and the window for displaying information is only on a small screen on the right side of the main body! Anomalous anti-human! !! !! !!

  1. Trash Samsung did not equip the N950 with a special bracket. Now, in order to find a useful bracket in the group, it is everywhere on Taobao. . . Miserable.
  2. N950 is the only integrated speaker I have seen. If the audio format supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, it will be displayed in a small window on the right side of the echo wall! !! !! This point is very important. . . Because sometimes the output of the player is not panoramic and DTS: X due to incorrect settings of the player.
  3. N950 kills BOSE535. I used 535 for 2 years, and even the audio format of the 650 era can only support the most basic DTS and Dolby 5.1, let alone DTS: X and panoramic sound, even DTS- Both HD and Dolby 7.1 are not supported, which is exactly 2 times behind! !! !! BOSE’s best sense of atmosphere was completely defeated by the panoramic sound. . To put it simply, the BOSE sound is just flat and the N950 sound is a ball shape.
  4. The N950 only has a small number of 2 HDMI ports, and there is no earc configured, but others directly watch the panoramic sound video from the NetFly APP online. ARC lights up the N950 panoramic sound output. Since my home theater will not be full until the end of the month Now, there is no way to test whether the Z9F + N950 can transmit 4K original panoramic sound and DTS: X by ARC. At present, it can be confirmed that the Netflix app can support panoramic ARC return.

In a few words, 18 years can be said to be a landmark year. In this year, 4K resources broke out. No matter the angle, products, and streaming media support, the entire ecosystem has matured.

The launch of the N950 at the end of the year will allow more people to enjoy the next generation of high-quality audio in a very convenient way!

As for superstitions, what about traditional audio 1W5 can be equipped with a set of spike N950 and supports full-format audio. . . I think you should provide a solution and try it out if I pay for it?

Even if the N950 can only reach 80% of this set, it is a spike in terms of aesthetics and convenience. . .

This is almost the evaluation. If you have any questions, you can add me to WeChat / QQ to ask me. QQ and WeChat are both 516120.

You can also add my WeChat to those who need group purchases. On November 15th, 12 units arrived. Guaranteed price concessions. The boss gave indicators 233 on a first come, first served basis. . . The price will not be announced. . Samsung has strict control over this product.

Finally, thank you everyone for watching, Artest bowed to everyone. . Culture is not high! Sorry for the bad writing.


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