Cadillac CT6 simple lift operation

This is the third car in my life. The first is a red Chevrolet Lefeng. The last car was a winning 2.0T white. The rear trunk was affixed with the TGFC logo. Coordinated in Shenzhen. Maybe many friends have seen it.

I have been driving a car for less than 5 years and have driven 110,000 kilometers. After reading so many forum forums saying that Ford is a century old and ruined by Changan, I suspect I may have bought a fake Ford. I haven’t encountered any problems, except for a small problem, other than the double clutch being frustrated at low speed. It is emotional to accompany me to play everywhere. If it were not for updating the indicator, I might not choose to replace it.

Closer to home, the goal of changing the car is also relatively clear, continue to look at American cars, to ensure sufficient power, we must also consider home practical (after all, there is no parking space, only one car). I have been watching SUVs because of family opinions. After comparing the XT5 \ MKX \ Explorer, the XT5 25T luxury was set, with 400,000 all-inclusive landing.

But when I was preparing to pick up the car, I was bored to test drive the CT6, and I was in a recess. I think that after all, I drove the car 99% of the time. I still could n’t get myself for the opinions of my family and finally convince my wife to change the CT6.

Because the budget is limited, the 40T is completely out of reach. Of course, the preferred configuration is the 28T luxury with the highest cost performance, but there is no existing car in this configuration, and the more amazing is the luxury version and the leading black interior. This is definitely not my wife. Concessions must be light-colored interiors. It happens that there is an elite (second-lowest) current car in the store, which is white and the interior is off-white. So it added 50,000, and the landing 45 mentioned this one.

Briefly talk about driving experience:

  1. Control: Honestly, there are not many cars driving and I don’t know much about driving. But the steering and throttle of this car are really light. Not at all like a 5 m 2 cart. After getting used to it, it was very comfortable, and the roll at high speed corners was at least much stronger than the previous win. With 269 horsepower, the 8-speed gearbox is also quite clever. Whether it’s starting with floor oil or telling the middle and rear sections to accelerate, I feel very confident;
  2. Ride: After all, it is a quasi-luxury brand. The seat thickness and adjustable angle can find a very comfortable sitting position, and you won’t feel tired when driving long distances. Family members generally feel comfortable. In addition, the sound insulation is really very good, with BOSE’s audio, very satisfied. But because it is a rear-drive car, the middle drive shaft is really high .. so high .. But my 7-year-old son likes it …;
  3. Space: For such a large car, there is nothing to talk about in the space. But the storage space is really not rich, and the central armrest box is also very shallow, which is not very practical. The back seat cannot be laid down, and a lot of things for the New Year are still worse;
    4, fuel consumption: This fuel consumption is really a bit unexpected. Probably because it uses a lot of aluminum alloy, it is said to be a bit lighter than the previous one. It ’s about 2000KM halfway in the city and halfway in the highway. Try to cruise 100 yards at high speed, fuel consumption at 5 o’clock.

A few small details:

  1. CARPLAY is really easy to use, the other 4 USB ports + 2 cigarette lighter ports + 1 220V power supply are great;
  2. There is a high probability that the sunroof of the CT6 is abnormal. I bought it really this time, and it rang at 500km. I went to the 4S shop to get it.
  3. Really do n’t understand why the rearview mirror cannot be folded when the car is locked;
  4. The control screen is definitely an epic artifact that sucks fingerprints. Virgo said that she would wipe with a towel when she was okay, but she was not used to using the touchpad. Ask you if there is any film that can be broken;

Nothing else, I wish you a Happy New Year and good luck!


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