AMD Ryzen 3 generation 3700X + ROG X570 E-GAMING installed

The first time I used the AMD platform, it was relatively new.
CPU8 core 16 threads 3700X,
Memory Chi Fantasy Light Halberd 3200Mhz 16Gx2,
Motherboard ROG x570 E-Gaming,
Power ROG Thor 1200w,
Graphics card 1080TI Titan Pi X2,
Chassis Chaser 515

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AMD’s original Wraith Prism ghost fan RGB is very good-looking and can’t bear to use it. This time the 7NM CPU power consumption is not high and it can be completely suppressed.

The SSD uses a Western Digital SN750 black disk, which is also used in the notebook.The speed is very fast, and the machine continues.

Memory phantom 3200 frequency C16, leaked one, otherwise the light is more beautiful. Note that if only one slot is inserted, it is best to insert the slot suggested in the manual. This motherboard is the fourth slot and placed in other slots Do not go at 3200 frequency, just switch to the fourth one.

The 14-phase power supply of the motherboard reserves space for 3950X in the future, and PCIE 4.0 may be used for graphics cards.

There are fans on the motherboard.It is said that the X570 chipset has more than a dozen W power consumption.

The protagonist, 1080TI SLI, NVIDIA’s official HB 6cm bridge

The Chaser 515 is a good design, and the fan is very convenient to install.

At the suggestion of the altar friend, I put on a 1200W power supply.I originally wanted to enter the Corsair HX1200i and it was cheaper, but I thought of the God Light Synchronization and power display.In order not to regret, Thor was directly in place.

Very ceremonial opening

A large pack of wires

Unfortunately, the power of the Chaser 515 case is not enough to expose the Thor’s beacon, and even the eyes are not fully exposed.

Threading is the most troublesome. Fortunately, I have a cover for Dafa. Once I cover it, I can’t see or worry about it.

On the machine once

First time playing RGB, look good …

Donut bakes two graphics cards, the power consumption is 600W, if you bake the CPU at the same time, it can be 700 ~ 800w, so the 1200w power supply is theoretically appropriate, and a certain margin is left.

Standby power consumption of about 90 W

Off state

In the power-on state, the display is still one step lower and cannot be synchronized by Shenguang

The power consumption of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is about 300w, and the number of SLI frames is not as high as that of a single card.

The lights on the motherboard can also be synchronized by AURA. At night, it is beautiful, and the RGB performance improvement is 100%.


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