Starting with the top of the Macbook pro, I completely changed these accessories

Farewell to old man

As a pseudo-Apple fan, my understanding of Apple has always been ecological. Of course, in the early days, I still liked the hardware level.

This is the device I fell into the Apple ecosystem in early 2015, including used and changed devices.

At the beginning of 2015, I started the iPad mini2, which is also the first Apple device in my life. I replaced the iPhone 5C in March, replaced the 6S in 2016, upgraded the iPhone X in 2018, and the first MacBook Pro 13.3 beggar version. Starting at the end of 2015, in 2019, AirPods II and Apple TV 4K were added, as well as the 2019 Macbook Pro 15-inch top replacement that was only replaced.

Why does the second one continue to change for Apple? On the one hand, my work needs to deal with images. On the other hand, I also have a plan to do vlog myself. I used the 2015 beggar Macbook pro to edit some videos. Poor, and from the time I bought this beggar version of the macbook until I sold it, I didn’t see a third-party compatible SSD. I could only connect an SD card to put some files in place.

Apple’s equipment works particularly seamlessly. Although the old man can’t handle it, it is basically difficult to continue to touch the win system after using it. Of course, this is only for relatively rare scenarios. A Macbook does not affect the planning and execution of the event, including the use of a Mac in the event console is not too much of a problem, but for many companies this is not a relatively rare scenario.

This old guy was replaced by me at a price close to 40% of the original price. I have to say that Apple’s ability to maintain value is unparalleled.

New chapter

Honestly, when I first saw the launch of the Macbook with Bar, my first thought was to resist it. Even the physical function buttons have disappeared. Can the software’s shortcut buttons work well? It is not so difficult to imagine, but some functions are very convenient.

Apple’s packaging is still so concise, like the habit.
The Type-c interface charging head and charging cable have been replaced, which means that there is no need to worry about the scene where the outer skin of the Macbook pro charging cable was easy to crack.
The body, the 15-inch MacBook pro, the biggest change is the non-luminous logo. In fact, I still regret this change.
On the side, the industry is still relatively high-quality and thin.
Compared with the old Macbook pro, in addition to the logo not being lit, the overall size of the logo has also been reduced.
The slimness is even better, with the old model 13.3 inches.
In terms of the old interface, I still like the original magnetic charging interface, but the popularity of PD charging heads and mobile power immediately made me switch to the Type-c interface.

There are a total of four new Type-c interfaces in the new model, so there must be a docking station.

In addition to retaining a 3.5mm interface, in my understanding it is for editing needs, after all, the biggest use of Macbook pro 15.4 inch is editing.

In the old model, I most regret the lightning interface, because the lightning interface is similar to Type-c, which can be used to expand various equipment. The only disadvantage is that the cost of lightning equipment is too high. Cancelling the lightning interface means that some of my wires can only be used as scrap deal with.

The SD card slot has also been canceled, which means that when going out, more equipment such as a docking station and a card reader are required.

The bottom is basically unchanged, the only difference is that the air inlet is larger and wider.

The Macbook’s screen doesn’t have to say, P3 wide color gamut, maximum resolution 2880X1800, maximum brightness 500nit, with original color display, automatically adjust the screen color temperature according to the environment.

The color gamut of the screen is 100% SRGB and 89% ARGB. I wo n’t expand the specifics. Many evaluations have this data.

Of course, Apple has not improved the narrow-edged model. It is said that the 16-inch Macbook Pro launched at 2w has a very narrow bezel.

The 15.4-inch speaker comes with good sound quality. Earlier in the notebook market, there was still a serious focus on sound quality, such as the Hewlett-Packard Compaq notebook computer blessed by Altec Lansing. There are not many manufacturers who are serious about making products.

The 2019 Macbook Pro improves this keyboard. This is the fourth-generation butterfly keyboard. The keystroke is very short, but the rebound is relatively strong. Although the keyboard feel cannot be compared with the mechanical keyboard, it is used to use it.

Of course, the biggest change is TouchBar. This 2170 × 60 secondary screen replaces the original function buttons and can provide multi-scene auxiliary operations. I was very uncomfortable at first, but the law of true incense has always affected me. On the fourth day, I Feel really good.

The physical button with touch ID is hidden on the right side of the touch bar, which has two functions of fingerprint unlocking and power on / off. I like this detail change very much.
I do n’t need to say more about this trackpad. I know how useful it is. I first entered the Apple 4 years ago. This trackpad directly subverted my view of the MacBook. So hard to use.

One of the biggest advantages of Apple users is the seamless link. For example, iPhone users know that they can clone old phones directly. New phones can easily restore all the original APPs and settings with simple settings. It is extremely convenient.

The performance is a little awkward. It is not that the performance is not good, but a long review. The foreign media has concluded that 18 top-loaded I9 processors are overturned. In simple terms, the system cooling cannot keep up, and the CPU will reduce the frequency. As a result, the comprehensive ability is not as good as the i7 processor model. Later, Apple applied a patch. This problem was greatly solved, but it was still not as good as the i9 win with the same processor.

Products from

However, this processor combined with an independent graphics card can easily edit 4k video materials. The biggest short board has been solved before. For me, a notebook that supports 4k editing is very important. 4k shooting and outputting 1080P details are more direct than direct. Shooting at 1080P is much stronger, and 4K HD is also a trend in the future.

Next, let ’s talk about the accessories I updated. After all, there are more hardware updates, and many devices need to be adjusted.

Those Macbook pro peripherals I replaced

The list of peripheral accessories I just updated is as follows:

  1. Twelve South BookArc Macbook Stand
  2. Twelve South Parcslope Macbook Stand
  3. tomtoc retro shoulder commuter computer bag
  4. NativeUnion Stow tablet liner
  5. Anker USB-C 4-in-1 docking station
  6. Samsung T5 solid state mobile hard drive
  7. Greenlink Type-c to DP & HDMI Adapter Cable
  8. Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard
  9. Zendure 100W mobile power + 100W four-port charging head
  10. Gaussian GM108D dual-mode Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard

The list of parts that have not been replaced before is as follows:

  1. Anker 60W PD dual-port quick charge head
  2. AirPods wireless headphones
  3. Logitech M558 Bluetooth mouse
  4. Bubm digital storage bag

Let’s start with the inner bag.

NativeUnion Stow Tablet Case

Although I usually operate the Macbook Pro without a shell and the screen is not coated, but as a laptop for business trips, if there is no inner bag, it is easy to scratch the surface if you put it in and out. The hedge ratio will decrease.

In addition, with the inner bag, you can occasionally carry the backpack directly without carrying a backpack.

Although it is a bladder bag, the NativeUnion Stow has a double-layer storage function. The outer space can hold paper, data cables or headphones. I chose to place the original PD charging cable.

The outer material is mainly a mixture of woven fabric and leather, which feels very comfortable.

The lining material is very soft, the thickness is considerable, and the number of lining seams is also considerable, which can effectively protect the notebook computer.
Zipper workmanship is relatively exquisite and has a certain waterproof ability.

It is worth mentioning a detail. In order to prevent the macbook from being scratched by the zipper, the zipper of the NativeUnion Stow extends outwards beyond the main body, so that it can effectively avoid touching the surface of the Mac when pulled apart.

The Macbook and the inner bag are usually received in the commute bag, and when traveling, they are received in the suitcase or camera bag.

Tomtoc retro shoulder commuter computer bag

Knowing this brand, I still know about buying switch accessories before. As a relatively good accessory brand for switch, tomtoc’s backpacks and shoulder bags are also quite good, and the design sense is as good as ever.

I have used two shoulder commuter bags before. The first one is practical but has no design sense, and a brand full of program apes likes to carry. The second one has a design sense, but it is not very practical. The loading capacity is OK, anyway. Not very satisfied.

This time, they also replaced it under the pretext of replacing the equipment.

I always abandon the business style, I prefer the backpack with more life style.

This backpack is actually relatively low-key, only the retro leather belt and the logo in the upper right corner give a certain degree of recognition.
One of the design languages.
The zipper used in this backpack is the YKK brand, and the buckle is Duraflex, all of which are big brands with good quality details.
On the back, a backpack design is also provided, but you don’t need too much load for daily commuting. A certain backpack design can perfectly meet daily needs.
Breathable and elastic material, it will not sweat a lot on the back in summer.
The workmanship is good where the eyes see it, and the stitches are fine and even.
Two pockets are provided on the side for holding the mug, and the left side also provides a hidden hole to hide the storage bag for the charging treasure.
A total of 5 compartments are provided inside.
The innermost computer compartment is where the Macbook pro and the inner bag are stored.
The outermost storage space of the main storage space is where I store digital accessories storage bags, micro single storage bags and Macbook pro power supply.

The interlayer can put products such as mobile hard drives and iPads.

There are also two spaces on the outermost side, and it is not a problem to store some small digital accessories.

The carrying effect is pretty good. Usually I usually bring a Macbook pro 15.4-inch, accessories with digital storage pouch, and my Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark3 micro single camera.

Anker USB-C 4-in-1 docking station

Because the Type-c interface has not been completely unified, and the common high-definition interface has disappeared, the Macbook Pro must be equipped with an expansion dock to achieve HDMI output and the connection of common USB-A interface devices.

There are many such products. I chose Anker’s USB-C four-in-one docking station, because in daily use, I am a Bluetooth mouse, and the mobile hard disk is also a Type-c interface. USB-A can be used, which is basically a card reader. So two USB-A interfaces are enough.

In addition, the HDMI interface and a PD interface have been expanded. The PD can achieve 60W input.

A storage bag is also provided, which is more intimate.

Twelve South BookArc Macbook Stand

This stand is used at home to extend the Macbook into a host.

This device was planted very early, but at that time the performance of the host was much more powerful than the beggar version, and the demand was not great, and I am now facing the demand for editing video.

The whole is made of aluminum alloy, light and matte.
The supplied rubber buffer ring is suitable for different types of Macbook Pro and Air, as detailed in the manual.
As a domestic version of the plagiarism target, BookArc is the first version of Zhengerbajing, not to mention the exquisite workmanship and aluminum alloy texture.
It doesn’t take up space to stand. The only disadvantage is that the heat dissipation will be worse, which is not suitable for long-term use as a host, especially for rendering video clips with huge heat.
In the past, when I was processing photos or writing manuscripts, I often switched half of the time, but the WIN system still had a lot of inconvenience compared to the MAC system. Inconsistent file versions and configuration files would cause some minor problems. Now the direct host mode is convenient. The mouse and keyboard are equipped with dual-mode, you can directly switch to the Mac system to use.

Twelve South Parcslope Macbook Stand

The second bracket is used in the office environment, because the space is relatively spacious, and it is also used for external displays.

Compared to the first type of stand, which can only be used in the host mode, this stand can be used as an ordinary notebook stand.

As the official brand recommended by Apple, the Twelve South Parcslope Macbook bracket also does not say that the workmanship is much stronger than the Low-end brand I bought before.

The height of this stand is about 7cm.
The tilt angle is 18 degrees.
The surface has a silicone non-slip protective pad, which can effectively avoid scratching the surface of the aluminum alloy laptop.
Long holes are also provided on the back for easy cable entry and exit.

This is probably the case after the fit, I left it in the office, after all, my desk must be kept clean to a certain degree.

Samsung T5 solid state mobile hard drive

I tested SanDisk’s Extreme Ultra-fast solid-state mobile hard disk before. It is twice as fast as the T5, but the price has also doubled. For most consumers, the solid-state mobile hard disk speed can reach 500 megabytes Speed ​​is already enough, Samsung T5 is such a model.

The interface only provides Type-c, which is a perfect match with the new generation Macbook pro.
In terms of weight, it is very lightweight, only about 50g, which is lighter and more shock-resistant than traditional mechanical hard drives.
This read and write speed can still meet 4K video editing, but the limit is ProRes 422HQ 60 frames. If it is a higher quality RAW sequence or 10bit YUV 4k, it will blind you.

The current stage is definitely enough for me to use. At present, the common full-frame video machines can reach 4k 60 frames. ProRes 422HQ is already considered to be quite professional.

Zendure Super Tank100W Power Bank + Super Port4 Charging Head

My previous plan was to buy a 13-inch top-equipped Macbook pro. For this purpose, I also bought a Zimi 10 mobile power supply, which supports up to 45W PD output. Because of normal work, I often take a notebook for business trips. 13-inch battery life is OK. You can also find the power plug, but because you don’t find the power twice occasionally, it leaves a shadow.

The 45W PD output is enough for a 13-inch notebook with a total power of 61w, but it is extremely embarrassing for the 15.4-inch with 82w adapter. Zimi later introduced a 65W mobile power supply, which can meet the mobile charging needs of most notebooks, and it can barely Meet the 82W charging needs.

At present, the market for 100W PD charging heads and mobile power is relatively niche, because most notebooks 65W can meet the demand, which is also the opportunity that Zimi Pro 10 fancy, and 100W PD mobile power, as far as I know, only Lujuneng and Zendure have corresponding products.

Super tank supports four-port output, two type-c interfaces support 100W PD output and 18W PD output respectively, and two USB-A interfaces are their own zen + 2.0 output, which are also some fast charging protocols commonly used by USB-A ports, QC , FCP, etc.
Macbook pro 15.4 inch battery capacity is about 60%, PD output power is 60W, 82W power will be activated in a lower battery scene.

Zendure Super Port 4 provides a single 100W and a single 18WPD, as well as two separate USB ports, with a total output power of up to 136W.

Connected to Macbook pro 15.4 inches, successfully activated the 20V top gear, power 82W.

The charger is mainly placed under the desktop to provide charging mode of the Macbook 82W power, 18W provides other devices that need PD charging. The mobile power supply mainly follows me on business trips, helping me and my colleagues and friends’ Macbooks as emergency power sources.

Gauss GM108D dual-mode Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard

This keyboard is used as a Mac in the host mode, and it is also a set of mechanical keyboards shared with the Win host. The original IKBC limited red-axis mechanical keyboard was given to my friends by my friendship.

There is nothing to say. It is a relatively cost-effective cherry-axis mechanical keyboard and wireless dual-mode mode. Currently, except for the large F, it is Logitech. I originally thought that the Gauss mechanical keyboard should work similarly to ikbc. Point, it is said that the final destination of the mechanical keyboard is Flico, which is true.

In fact, Logitech is the best combination, but in my own study, I still like a full set of white equipment.

The original red shaft, the feel is still, except that the workmanship is a bit rough, there are not many slots. If you are also switching between Mac and Win like me, in addition to the big F, I also recommend Gauss and ikcb.

Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard

This set of membrane keyboards was replaced for the office. The Amilo black shaft VA87 mechanical keyboard used in the office previously has a problem with the upper shaft body. The cherry black shaft that I bought has not been welded. In addition, the black shaft hits too loud It will affect company colleagues, so this set of membrane keyboards has been replaced.

It also supports Logitech Family Flow, which means that you can smoothly input across multiple computers and follow the cursor to switch points. More important is native support for MAC.

No longer need to worry about affecting colleagues in the office, and this membrane keyboard is much stronger than normal membrane keyboards. Although it can’t reach the mechanical keyboard, it feels pretty good.

Green Alliance Type-c to DP & HDMI Adapter Cable

This picture is gone. Both my monitor and the office monitor support DP output. In order to avoid the trouble of calling the dock each time, I started DP to Type-c and HDMI to Type-c. The latter and the customer service directly support 4k. 60 frames, the former should also be supported.

Some accessories that have not been updated and are still in use.

Anker 60W PD dual port quick charge head

Some people may find it strange that instead of the original 82w and Zendure 100W mobile power supply and charging head, why do you still keep this 60W dual-port fast charging head.

Very simple, compact, dual port, 60W power for charging Macbook pro15.4 in sleep mode without having to consider lower power, take it on business trips, give up the original large power supply, after all, it is lightweight, and can also move for Zendure 100W The power supply and the Switch and iPhone occasionally taken out are charged.

Single port full 60w power, charging time is about 1 hour slower than the original factory 82W in the case of not using a notebook. Anyway, the computer is closed when charging, no effect.

Logitech M558 Bluetooth mouse

This is a Bluetooth mouse for business trips. The advantage is that it is compact and can be thrown directly into a digital storage bag. The disadvantage is that it feels poor and cannot be used for a long time.

The lower left corner is the Logitech M558 mouse. I bought this mouse when I first purchased the Macbook pro 13.3-inch. Later, I thought I lost it at the event site. I actually fell into the drone storage box and bought another model of the same model. Yes, the old M558 was left in my office, so I do n’t have to worry about it every day.

A very easy to use mouse with a high price / performance ratio. I also recommend a few to friends and colleagues, except that it almost has no groove.

AirPods wireless headphones

Airpods are also brought into the category because in addition to connecting with a mobile phone, I often use it with a Macbook.

This headset will not say much, seamless connection, sound quality is also good, small and convenient, no wonder really fragrant, I heard that there will be a third-generation Pro noise reduction version, but some expectations.

The earphone charging case storage case is a new model introduced by AirSnap, and the previous leather case is used for mood rotation.

Bubm digital storage bag

There are many styles of this storage bag, I chose the one with the maximum loading capacity.

Common digital equipment, I put 9 data cables or charging cables, a TF card plus an SD card sleeve, a CF card, a SanDisk cz880 solid-state mobile U disk, a Samsung T5 solid-state mobile hard disk, anker multi-port charging One device, one Anker 60W dual-port PD fast charge one, one Anker four-in-one docking station, one Pinsheng multi-function card reader, and Airpods and Logitech M558 Bluetooth mouse.

The 9 charging cables include a Type-c to type-c for Zimi, a maximum current of 3A, a Type-c to type-c for NetEase, a maximum current of 5A, and a USB-A to Type-c charging cable for each length , Two common micro usb charging cables, and one C TO L fast charging cable.

As a business travel party, my set saved many colleagues and was well prepared.


Replaced the new version of Macbook Pro, and tossed many accessories. This is to make better use of the productivity of the books. The two laptops I used before, the Asus 14-inch notebook and the Macbook Pro 13.3 all overdone them. The task has squeezed a lot of performance limits.

I hope you can find the accessories and products you need from them, and give better play to the nature of their productivity, instead of being used to install win or other purposes.


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