Benz A35L world’s first change! Scorpio titanium alloy upper body!

Before the official launch of the Benz A35L, the mid-tail exhaust of the foreign A35 was ordered from the Scorpio headquarters for testing. It was originally expected that because of the relationship between the domestic long axis, the exhaust head section may be short, so the middle tail section was directly ordered for testing. During the installation process, it was found that the domestic long-axis version differs from the short-axis exhaust, and the part connecting the tail section in the middle section, and the length of the four outlet tail is also shorter by 10 cm. After processing several sections of extension tubes, they were finally loaded in the original position without damage! The valve part also retains the original valve agreement.

The sound effect is deeper and more powerful than the original! After the valve is opened in the S + mode, the sound of the middle and rear section of the speed is obviously loud! Although the sound is obviously loud, it will not feel loud at all! And very low-pitched exhaust sound.

Take a few photos first. The four-out visual effect is really much better than the original two-out! The original double-out sides always feel something missing. AMG still has to be around!


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