Unboxing the BMW M2

The DCT gearbox has no idle speed and needs to be activated by tapping the throttle, but it is still well controlled.

I only ran for more than 700 kilometers and was still in the break-in period. Occasionally, I had to retract it after 4,000 rpm. The power was completely enough. Now I ’m driving in the urban area. Sometimes I ’m a little frustrated with the big throttle. The degree is not as good as 328i and JCW.
This car was changed in the head of my wife. Before we drove JCW, we were bullied by other cars every day. We had to fight back every time.

Now my wife has a smile on her face when driving this car, and it is worth changing cars.

This morning, the official version of the M2 Thunder Edition is also released. It can only be said that there is still no money, otherwise M3 will be in one step.


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