hdr600 + 10bit + 90 degree rotation Philips 328P6VUBREB / 11 unboxing

Last week, I felt that I had nothing to do with testing the black level of my monitor (lg 43uk6500ejd, which is actually a TV), and found that I can only see 6 no matter how I tune it, only to realize that it is no wonder that I can’t see clearly Dark details. The urge to change monitors.

The selection standard of the display is 32 inches 2k or more, there is hdr. In fact, I also want to talk about what the standard is. In Japan, however, this has stuck most of the displays. There are too few displays on the market here. I wanted to buy Samsung’s 32: 9 49-inch 144hz, hdr1000 monitor. As a result, there are no Samsung display devices sold in Japan, so you can only choose from only a few manufacturers. In fact, at the beginning, I wanted to choose Phillip ’s 43-inch monitor, but according to the evaluation, both monitors in that series are sub-pixel dithering, and there will be a big fruit phenomenon when looking at text and web pages. Give up one by one. Then I considered Philip 328P6AUBREB / 11, which is the low-end model of this box today. 2k + 8 shake 10 + 90 degree rotation, with usb-c dock function. In fact, it was considered in March of this year. At that time, the special price was 29,800 yen. Unfortunately, at that time, it was attracted to the large-screen + ips TV. I considered using a TV as a display. Failed. When the display is too bright, there is no dark detail at all, it is tiring to watch web pages and text, and it is only suitable for playing games and watching videos.
It means that I changed the monitor twice in less than half a year. . .

Pull away. Philip 328P6AUBREB / 11 is about to buy, and found that the Japanese side is almost out of stock. I do n’t know why, not even second-hand. I started looking at it again, and found that Philip 328P6VUBREB / 11 is on sale. 49,800 yen combined with Japan’s payment software returns 10,000 points, which is actually equivalent to 39,800 yen, which is equivalent to starting with less than 2500 rmb.
Simply speaking, performance, 10bit panel, hdr600, support freesync below 60hz, 90-degree rotation. With usb c hub function. Support 60w usb pd charging, the new generation of laptops can be directly connected with a single line.
Arrived the next day after placing the order. Immediately started unpacking, and then came, why is it pseudo-unpacking? Because I was looking for a new monitor and forgot to take a picture. So this unpacking map was taken from the evaluation site on the Japanese side. Only the next few screen shots are my own.

A huge box, I ca n’t figure out why it is so big, this box almost catches up to my 40-inch 4k iodata display. Size comparison with xs max

Unpacking photos

The included gifts are very rich, usb c to c cable, hdmi cable, usb c to a cable,
I also sent the dp1.4 line. This is too conscience. This line will cost more than 1,500 yen in Japan.

Rich interface, with USB hub function, 4 USB3.0, 2 with high current function, can be powered off and charging, and has a network port function.

Because it is va, I am a little worried about the whitening of the va screen. After I actually got it, I immediately dismissed the idea that the color is very good, there is no silly whiteness of the previous 40-inch va screen, although it is slightly lighter than the IPS screen color, but it is natural, and the game will not be affected. Clear all kinds of details, black level test can easily see the first grid
Originally, I thought that the monitor did not have an image engine optimization, and it would be a little bit worse to watch a video while playing a game. However, this monitor does not know whether it is optimized or has an image engine built in, which is very close to the LG television quality.
90-degree rotation knock code should not be too cool. I used to think that I was used to a 40-inch display, and 32-inch characters would be very small. I was completely uncomfortable without any discomfort, and immediately adapted.
Regarding hdr, this hdr600 is not just for color adjustment, but has a backlight partition inside. Although there are few backlight areas, it can still show a certain hdr effect.

Then freesync, I really underestimated this feature before. This feature made my 2070 dare to open all games in 4k, and there will be no tearing of the screen, even if it is about 40 frames, it is still very smooth.
But the disadvantage is, because the brightness is too high? This display is clearly va, but there is light leakage. . .


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