Unavailable mask option, 3M HF-52 half mask out of the box

Recently, everyone can’t buy a mask, especially the n95 mask. Even if you can buy it, it will cost about 30 yuan a piece. Although there were dozens of hoardings a year ago, it ’s not enough to share with parents. I saw someone in TG push the mask before, but that mask looked too big, so I didn’t start. Later, I saw that 3M still produced this kind of industrial half mask, and JD was still available, so I bought one to try.

I mainly saw 2 half masks on Amazon. The models are 7502, HF-52, and 6200. They are mainly used with 6000 series filter boxes or directly with 2000 series filter cotton. HF-52 can be used with 3000 series filter boxes or 1700. A series of sockets. (Half-face photo is one of the gas mask parts, which is called a full-face mask. It blocks people’s nose and nose from contact with the outside air, and isolates the person’s face from the outside polluted air. Used in combination with a poison filter box to provide respiratory protection. More common in the market It is made of rubber and silicone; multi-purpose anti-hem design enhances air tightness; it is equipped with an adjustable elastic headband to fix on the human head, and the sides or front are equipped with bayonets and filter cartridges.)

HF-52 + 3000
HF-52 + 1700

In the end, the base of HF-52 with 1700 looks better. The 6200 is too big. The combination of HF-52 + 3000 looks like a pig’s mouth, which is too ugly.

Amazon places the order and delivers it in 3 days. Open a box first.

Open the package, the inside contains the body, 1705CN filter cotton, instructions, and a storage bag.

It’s okay to face up, not too ugly

The silicone mask is more comfortable to wear. It feels more comfortable than the 3M mask. The blue piece inside is a sweat-absorbent towel that can be replaced. The new one is very hard. It must be softened with water and then screwed. Pack in after drying.

I sent 3 pieces of filter cotton, 1705CN, I think the Internet also supports 3701CN filter cotton

The bayonet of the mask and the socket, if that part is broken, you can install it separately.

After receiving the buckle of the filter, the filter can be put in after opening.

Open and install the filter, and the part with the text should face towards you.

After the mask is installed, put the mask’s headline on the head, and then pull the adjustment straps on both sides of the mask with both hands. After tightening, you can fasten the buckles on the back of the neck. It is still easier to bring.

This stuff filter is not expensive, 1705 filter, support KN95, 10 pieces of 31 yuan, one piece can basically be used for 2-3 days, you can buy it in Taobao’s 3M flagship store, usually pay attention to rubbing with alcohol to disinfect it. Or wash with warm water + hand sanitizer for 2 days.

If you can’t buy the n95 mask, you can buy this or take it out. You can try it.


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