The Future of Handheld Gaming: Comprehensive Review of Ayaneo Air 1S

In the realm of portable handheld gaming systems, Ayaneo is a company that has garnered significant attention. Just this year alone, they have released dozens of dedicated handheld devices, with the Ayaneo 1S standing out as the pinnacle of portable gaming thanks to its exceptional performance and efficiency.

Ultimate Portability with Powerful Hardware

The performance and efficiency of the Ayaneo 1S are truly outstanding. During testing, the Ayaneo 1S demonstrated gaming performance akin to that of a PC console, thanks to its robust specifications and the stability of running Windows 11. It is undoubtedly one of the best handheld gaming devices available on the market today.

However, it’s worth noting that when running AAA games, the device’s screen can become quite hot. Despite this, the device has never shut down due to overheating, even during demanding games like “Mech Core 6.”

Retro-Styled Design

The color scheme of the Ayaneo Air 1S appears to be inspired by the classic Super Nintendo console, a design choice appreciated by nostalgic gamers. However, it’s unfortunate that this color scheme is only available on the higher-end models.

Robust Software Support

Ayaneo’s software platform, Ayaspace, has been improved to offer a more intuitive UI and numerous additional features to fully utilize the performance of the Ryzen 7 7840U. Users can easily configure general FPS limits, TDP, and resource monitoring. The “Smart TDP” feature, which automatically adjusts the device’s power for playing less demanding games, extends battery life without requiring manual adjustments.

However, it’s important to note that, as a Windows 11-based device, there may still be some issues encountered while gaming, which is something that is difficult to avoid with this type of handheld gaming device. Perhaps in the future, Ayaneo will provide custom SteamOS images for a smoother gaming experience on their devices.

Outstanding Performance

Equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, the Ayaneo 1S delivers impressive performance. With sufficient TDP provided, it can easily handle a wide range of games and applications, from emulating GameCube games to running high-performance titles like “Starfield.”

Regardless of the workload, the Ayaneo 1S remains stable. The 1200p screen and AMOLED technology ensure excellent game visuals, surpassing the Steam Deck and larger handheld gaming devices.

Battery Life and Fan Noise

When running high-performance games, the Ayaneo 1S provides approximately an hour and a half of battery life, while it can extend to around two and a half hours when playing emulator games or low-spec indie titles. However, in such scenarios, the handheld can become hot, and the fan noise can be quite noticeable due to running at full speed.

Subpar Speaker Performance

The speaker quality of the Ayaneo 1S is somewhat disappointing. Except for emulator games, almost every game sounds fuzzy, with barely any bass and midrange, while most of the sound concentrates on the treble. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use earphones for a better audio experience.

Room for Potential Improvements

While the Ayaneo 1S performs well in terms of performance, there is still room for improvement in the button design. Currently, the primary issue is the absence of rear buttons, particularly for players accustomed to the Steam Deck.


In summary, the Ayaneo Air 1S is an outstanding portable handheld gaming device that offers exceptional performance and efficiency. While there is room for improvement in certain aspects, its overall performance and gaming experience are well-balanced.