Corsair HS80 Max Wireless Gaming Headset Review

This is a wireless headset, the HS80 Max, released by Corsair in 2023, nearly two years after the first version, the HS80 RGB wireless headset. Compared to the first version, this new HS80 Max headset has added some necessary features, such as Bluetooth functionality, significantly improved battery life, and better wireless audio quality.

Design and Features

The Corsair HS80 Max wireless headset is compatible with devices such as PC, Mac, PS5, and PS4. It can be connected via the included USB adapter through a 2.4GHz wireless connection, but it can also be paired with Nintendo Switch and mobile devices via Bluetooth. The 2.4GHz connection performs excellently, with a range of up to 50 feet, allowing you to move around freely without audio dropouts, even walking into another room. It also supports 24-bit/96kHz studio-quality audio on the 2.4GHz wireless connection, which is twice that of regular gaming headsets and was previously only available in wired mode for the HS80 RGB wireless headset. Additionally, it supports Dolby Atmos on PC and the PS5’s Tempest 3D audio specification.

One of the most attractive new features of the HS80 Max wireless headset is its significantly improved battery life. When using the 2.4GHz wireless mode, the battery life is approximately 65 hours (though it may drop to around 24 hours if the external RGB lighting on the ear cups is continuously on).

However, when using the Bluetooth connection, the battery life can extend up to an astonishing 130 hours. This is undoubtedly the longest battery life I’ve heard of in any wireless headset, making the HS80 Max a must-try if you value extended battery life in your headphones.

In terms of appearance, the HS80 Max wireless headset hasn’t changed much from the earlier HS80 RGB wireless headset. It has a very sleek and minimalistic design with very few buttons. On the left side of the headphones, you’ll find the power button and volume knob, which can also serve as a customizable button, cycling through preset equalizers by default. At the bottom of the left ear cup, there is a USB-C port for fast charging. On the outer side of the opposite ear cup, you’ll find a multifunction Bluetooth button that allows you to pair with mobile devices and control multimedia playback with single, double, and triple presses.

The omnidirectional microphone on the left side of the headphones can be slightly bent towards the mouth to improve sound reception, and it can be flipped up to mute when not in use. It also supports Nvidia Broadcast technology on PC, utilizing AI noise reduction to reduce unwanted external sounds while enhancing voice.

The comfort of the HS80 Max wireless headset is excellent, thanks to its rotating memory foam ear cushions covered with soft, breathable fabric to prevent overheating during long gaming or music sessions. Additionally, it features a floating headband design to alleviate pressure on the top of the head, providing enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions. The height of the headband can be easily adjusted through the inner frame of the headphones.

Software Features

Like most Corsair PC peripherals, you can customize some settings through their iCUE software. While not as feature-rich as some RGB-intensive PC accessories, you can still adjust settings such as equalizer presets, enable Nvidia’s Broadcast feature, update device firmware, and customize the RGB colors on the ear cups’ exteriors.

Furthermore, the HS80 Max wireless headset supports SoundID, a personalized approach to customizing the audio experience. To make full use of SoundID, you first need to take a brief hearing test to measure audio sensitivity in both ears. Afterward, you select a universal track from several different types of music to listen to continuously and choose which sounds better among several slightly altered sound segments. After completing this section, you’ll receive a custom equalizer preset that can be toggled as needed.

While SoundID allows users to truly customize audio based on their ears, it often doesn’t make much of a difference, as audio frequencies, sound effects, and music vary significantly from different games. In other words, even with SoundID, the end result isn’t much different from the default settings.

Gaming and Music

For most gaming headsets, the Corsair HS80 Max wireless headset is plug-and-play and suitable for both PC and PS5. After plugging in the USB adapter, the headset is automatically recognized and connected.

We primarily tested the headset on PC with games such as Destiny 2, Diablo IV, and Final Fantasy XIV. The default audio for each game sounded excellent, and the HS80 Max includes a license for Dolby Atmos, so players can enjoy enhanced audio fidelity without the need for an additional purchase.

While the HS80 Max wireless headset excels in gaming, it also performs exceptionally well in music playback. Whether playing audio through a 2.4GHz wireless connection or Bluetooth, the headset effortlessly handles various types of music, delivering clear highs and powerful lows.

Audio playback control is also straightforward, as the Bluetooth button serves as a multifunction button. A single press can play and pause media, a double press can skip to the next track, and a triple press can go back to the previous track. You can also customize the volume knob in the iCUE software.

Battery Life

Finally, the battery life of this headset is outstanding. After several hours of testing, the battery level still hadn’t dropped below 80%. If you want to maximize battery life, it’s recommended to disable RGB lighting, which will double the headset’s battery life.

In summary, the Corsair HS80 Max wireless headset is an excellent gaming headset that offers a variety of gaming and audio features. It not only supports multiple platforms but also provides impressive audio quality and exceptional battery performance. While it comes at a higher price point, if you’re a dedicated gamer and music enthusiast who values a high-quality gaming experience, then the HS80 Max is definitely worth considering. Whether in gaming or music enjoyment, it delivers outstanding sound and a comfortable wearing experience.